Track lighting is no longer just for retro interiors, galleries, or shops. They are now becoming a go-to choice for most homeowners because of their versatility and flexibility. If you’re thinking of putting some track lighting in your home but have no idea where to start, this is the ultimate guide on how to choose the right track lights for your home.

Despite the common connotation that track lights are boring and lack sophistication, there are now a wide variety of LED track lighting choices that would instantly prove that misconception wrong. transform the look of your home with the right set of lights that fit your interiors, your taste, and your purpose.

What are LED Tracking Lights?

As the name suggests, track lights involve a track that is installed into the ceiling, powering a line of independent lights placed along the track.  Each of the light heads can be easily adjusted at various angles to direct light in different directions.

Why Choose LED Track Lighting?

Before we delve into the factors you need to consider to pick the right ones for your home, let’s talk about the benefits of this type of lighting. LED is a common choice for most light fixtures because of its energy efficiency, brightness, and long lifespan. A track lighting system has gained popularity because of its versatility, ease of installation, and customizability.

Things to Consider When Picking Your LED Track Lighting

l2-1 4 Things to Consider When Choosing LED Tracking Lights for Your Home

If you are planning to get LED track lighting fixtures for your home, here are some factors you need to keep in mind.

Location and Purpose

Where you place your LED track lighting is an important factor to consider when choosing your track lighting. These types of light are commonly used in the kitchen, landing, living rooms, galleries, and home offices because of their flexibility and versatility. Track lights are often used to highlight artwork, illuminate a workspace, highlight an architectural feature, or provide an aesthetic ambience. Once you’ve decided where you need or want your track lighting and what it is for, you’ll have a clearer idea of which LED track lighting is right for your space.

Track Railings

Once you know where you’ll put your track light system, deciding on the track type is your next task. Which railing type best suits the space you intend to install it in? The railings can range from half a meter to more than 2 metres long. Consider if a curved track would fit your space or if you need multiple connections or customized length. Consider also that some tracks are non-standard, making it more difficult for you to change your light bulbs and track heads in the future, so consider getting a standard railing that would work with most track lights.

Track Heads

There is a multitude of choices for your track heads or the fixture. Various styles include the step, the round back, the gimbal, the pinhole, or pendant lights. Find the style of track heads that you like that fit your interiors and purpose. When picking your track heads, consider that not all track heads fit every track railing, so ensure your railing and heads are a good match. Secondly, consider the distance between each track head and the number of heads you want for your space. Furthermore, consider the beam angles and flexibility your track heads offer. This will help you narrow down your search in terms of the size and the look of your track heads.

Light Bulb

There are many types of light bulbs for LED track lighting systems. Once again, check the compatibility of your light bulb with your light head and track railing before picking the right one. Some considerations you need to keep in mind include the beam, or whether you want a more diffused lighting or direct lighting, the lamp life and energy efficiency, and colour temperature. For instance, the temperature and colour of the light you use for your kitchen can massively change the ambience of your space.

Key Takeaway

Getting an LED Track lighting system for your home is a smart idea. However, careful consideration is required when choosing the right system for you. It takes some research to find out which railings, fixtures, and bulbs are compatible with each other. And always keep in mind the possibility of you changing your mind in the future. Consider installing the railings that will fit most track heads and bulbs so you can easily change them when you want.

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