A kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time in your day whether it’s cooking or a coffee break. That is why it is important that it also looks good so that you would enjoy every minute of you being in it. If you are not satisfied with your current design do not worry because it is not too hard to create the perfect atmosphere you deserve. Follow this article to learn how to design the kitchen of your dreams.

How can you design the kitchen of your dreams?

Renovations are usually tough and take a lot of time and money, but investing in something that you will enjoy for years to come should not feel like hard work. Right now, you may have a problem with storing things in your kitchen, or you simply do not like how it looks, but you have no clue on what to start with at this moment. So, by all means, you should start thinking about renovations right now. These things will make your kitchen look fabulous and more effective. Here are four tips on how to design the kitchen of your dreams.

1)   Start with the appliances

Getting good kitchen appliances so that everything will work perfectly inside should be your priority. This will make cooking and cleaning up after it much easier and you should always consider getting everything from a good provider. For example, if you are looking for a new espresso machine, click here to find high-quality ones that will fit your kitchen perfectly. Also, make sure that all these things you get look nice as well, meaning that they fit in with the rest of the design, including your furniture, wall paint or wallpaper, and flooring so that nothing will stick out looking ugly. That way you will create a much nicer and wholesome atmosphere in your cooking area that you will be happy to go into every minute of the day no matter what you are planning to do. Here are the essential things you should get in your kitchen:

  • a coffee maker
  • stove with an oven
  • refrigerator
  • sink
  • dishwasher
  • dryer
  • garbage disposal
  • working table
  • extractor fan

2)   Create a picture

Before you start the renovations, you should create a picture depicting exactly what you want your new kitchen to look like. Whether you want a traditional or a more modern look, what kind of appliances need replacement, do you only want to change a couple of things or redesign the whole thing? Everything is up to you, but until you draw out exactly what you want it will be very hard to even get started. You should review even the doors and windows, and then look at how everything else will be arranged. Look at the rest of your house and adjust your kitchen to that as well so that it would not stick out too much.

11-2 4 Tips On How To Design The Kitchen From Your Dreams

After you create a mental picture, it is time to create a couple of sketches with various layouts to see what fits best. It is sometimes better to hire a professional designer to do these things. Once you have chosen the perfect sketch, then you choose the appliances according to the measurements.

3)   Contain the “chaos”

Nobody wants to build a kitchen where there is danger ahead. That is why you should always keep your sink and stove at places where they are protected from the main walkways. Tuck this area away as close to the walls and as far from other things inside the room as possible. On the other hand, you also do not want a kitchen where three is a crowd, so make sure that you place the appliances in a way that nobody will bother the cook while walking by. Also, plan easy access to the outside trash cans so that you would not have trash bags dripping in throughout your house when you are taking it out.

4)   Create a good storage area

To avoid clusters, you should build both fully extended drawers, as well as vertical storage. Drawers are great because they extend to the walls and they are a perfect place for your dishes, mixing bowls, and smaller pans. However, some things are not a good idea for these drawers like a baking sheet, cutting boards, and other things, so they require vertical storage.

22-1 4 Tips On How To Design The Kitchen From Your Dreams

This way, everything will find its perfect space within your kitchen and you will have no problem taking it out anytime you need something. Storage is very important for you to stay organized.

There, now you see that designing a perfect kitchen is not as hard as you thought. Make sure to always get high-quality appliances from good providers, because otherwise you might get left with a mess. Make sure that you have a good layout so make sketches and think of everything before getting started. Also, storage is very important, and consider every type you can build in your kitchen because you’ll need it. Good luck renovating!



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