Every homeowner always wants to leave a beautiful first impression on their guests. An outstanding interior design is one thing that will get your guests going wow, ooh, and aah as they admire your home.

Typically, there are many magazines and websites where you can get inspiration to design your home. So, the first step to take if you want to improve your home interior design is to go on home decor websites like Pinterest or other home decor blogs and websites.

This would help you gather the items you need and give you a clear vision of what your home will look like. Next, you need to be able to interpret the ideas you gathered and build upon the inspiration you got from those websites.

Here are four tips on how to improve the interior design of your home.

1.  Color themes: use three colors or shades

Since you have an idea of the style you want for your home interior design, you need to pick a color theme. The color scheme should be three colors or three shades of one color if you decide to go monochrome. You are assigning one color to each primary feature of your home. For example, use one color for your walls, another for couches and chairs, and the third color for small accessories like flowers, pillows, and so on.

Let us assume your three color themes are brown, teal, and tangerine. You could use brown for the walls, teal for your chairs and couches and tangerine for your pillows, and other small accessories.

The combination of three colors or three shades of one color always works magic in the home and gives it a cozy feel. Even if you want an all-white room, three shades of white will be a perfect choice.  Remember that the amount of light coming into your house will always influence the colors you chose. A floor-to-ceiling window is a beautiful option that will allow more light into your home to give the colors a more vibrant look.

2.  Add flowers to every room.

There are a couple of things you can do to get fresh ideas. Go back to the inspiration boards you collected from all of the home decor websites like McCarthy Homes and magazines. Can you see that there are some flowers or plants in almost every room? Yeah! That’s one of the tricks to unlocking the potential of your home interior.

This is a simple tip; however, it can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your home. Consider adding live plants and other natural items like rocks and shells for the final touch.

You can easily buy some easy-care plants for your home from stores around you, and these plants will last many years if properly cared for. If you don’t want flowers or plants, other natural items like twigs or feathers in a large urn will do.

3.  Add texture to your home.

asd2 4 Ways To Improve The Interior Design Of Your House

In interior decor, the texture is just as important as color, especially if you are going for a one-color scheme as described above. You can add texture to your home interior design with fabrics and textiles. If you have an all-white room, you can add draperies, shiny silk cushions, woven baskets, and many more to give it more life.

However, only consider the textiles that fit your lifestyle. You should not go for a light cotton sofa if you have children and dogs. Instead, a mohair sofa or a darker leather will serve you better.

4.  Add a big, statement-furniture piece.

Don’t make the mistake of using too many small pieces in one room. Things like small tables and chairs, with their legs showing and plenty of small knick-knacks in one space can come off as clutter. Instead, go for a mix of large sofas, some club chairs (they can be skirted, so the legs are not visible). Include other things like a slender armchair with beautifully carved legs. How much more big statement furniture you can add to your room is a question of the available space because you don’t want the place to be clustered.

The idea here is that you should mix different furniture sizes and styles in your room to give a sense of balance. It shouldn’t be too bulky, and it should not be too spindly either.

So, no matter how small the room you are trying to decorate is, it is vital to have one big statement piece. Something like a cabinet or large armoire can be the key to having a perfect home interior design.

When it comes to the interior design of your house, you should never be shy to ask for a little help. Then you can confidently go about designing the interior of your home. So whatever style you go for, whether vintage, minimalistic, or rustic, you should follow these tips to work your way around it successfully. You might not even need to hire an interior designer for all of these. A perfect combination of these tips and your ideas or sourced on home decor websites is enough to create the perfect interior design for your house.

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