Have you ever wondered; what makes bathrooms ideal for DIY haircuts? I mean, why do most people recommend it and how is it beneficial? Well, it’s all about the convenience, ease, and simplicity that you get.

Yes, I agree. It’s possible to cut hair in other parts of the house e.g. your bedroom or out on the lawn. But, the resulting haircut won’t be as good as the one you’d get if you opted for the bathroom instead. Why? That’s what you are here to find out. Here are a few important things you need to consider – from an expert’s perspective.

1. Mirror Placement

While learning how to cut hair, mirror placement is always a critical aspect of the process. Obviously, you need to see what you are doing to get the best results. In most cases, men often use two mirrors for personal grooming; i.e. one is handheld while the other is wall-mounted. This allows them to see all angles of their heads; including the back.

Now, in a house, where are you likely to find a wall-mounted mirror? The bathroom, right? So, that’s reason #1. And even if you have a mirror in your bedroom, the reasons below still show why a bathroom is your best bet.

2. Access to a Sink

2-3 5 Awesome Features That Make Bathrooms Ideal for Home Haircuts

Yes; you need a sink. Why? Well, unlike professionals, most home barbers don’t have trimming bibs/capes. Therefore, things tend to get messy and out of hand sometimes. The last thing you want is to fill your space with hair clippings, right?

If so, experts recommend self-cutting in rooms that have a sink. Why? Well, aside from acting as a collection pan, a sink also allows you to manage hair clipping disposal efficiently. Hence, making the whole process stress-free, neat, and convenient.

3. Ample Lighting

Arguably, the bathroom is usually one of the best lit rooms in a house. Why? Because ample lighting improves safety and visibility. In this case, your interest should be in the latter.

Get this. In most houses, bathrooms are usually reasonably small. And that means that you get more light intensity than you would in other parts of the house. Therefore, it’s much easier to see what you are doing.

4. Cleaning Convenience

3 5 Awesome Features That Make Bathrooms Ideal for Home Haircuts

We can all agree on one thing – a bathroom is easy to clean; because they are often designed that way. And therefore, it’s the best place for messy tasks such as self-haircuts. Why?

Well, bathrooms have awesome drainage systems, access to water/cleaning utilities, and don’t have carpets. Trust me, it can be very stressful trying to clean hair clippings off carpets or upholstery.

Anyway, aside from the cleaning convenience, you’ll also appreciate how fast it is to clean a bathroom; compared to other parts of the house. Post-haircut cleanup should take you five minutes, at most. This makes bathrooms the ideal place for anyone in a hurry.

5. Access to Your Hair Care and Styling Products

Quick question – where do you keep your toiletries and haircare products? For most men, it’s the bathroom. That’s because this is where many self-groom. Whether it’s brushing teeth, washing your face, styling hair, the bathroom is the best place to do so.

Obviously, after you cut your hair, you’ll want to shampoo, condition, and pomade/style it, right? Therefore, it is more convenient to self-cut within the vicinity of your hair cleaning and styling products. In doing so, the whole trimming process becomes neat and more organized; compared to running all over the house, dropping hair clipping as you look for your pomade or shampoos.

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