Is your home looking a little shabby and outdated? Are you sick of living in a place that looks like it was decorated in the 70s? Maybe you’re ready to finally purchase your dream home big enough to start a family and need to get your place ready for sale. Unfortunately, the price of your home starts to go down not long after being built.

Luckily, a remodeling project before selling can help homeowners return up to 50% on average of the remodeling price. And for those debating to buy or remodel their current home, remodeling is the budget-friendly option.

Whether you’re tired of the same old things in your home, things are getting old and desperately need replacing, or you need to upgrade parts of your home so it will perform better on the housing market. Try one of these five high-impact remodeling project ideas to make your home feel brand new.

1. Roof Replacement and Upgrade

Oftentimes, when people think about remodeling their homes their main focus is on the inside of the home. They think about the kitchen, basement, or bathrooms first and completely forget about the outside of their home. And while you should make sure your grass is healthy and green, don’t forget about the things above eye level.

If the roof isn’t leaking and the tiles are in a good condition don’t dismiss the replacing or updating your roof yet, there’s plenty of room for improvement. This has the potential to create a whole new look for your home’s exterior.

You can also lower the annual costs of your electricity bill and have solar panels installed. Not only will you be saving on your bills, but you could earn tax credits. Of course, you’ll also be helping to save the environment, too.

2. A Rustic Fireplace Redo with a Reclaimed Wood Mantle and Electric Fireplace

re2 5 Ideas for High-Impact Remodeling Projects

For a cozy and modern-day feel, spiff up your living room with an electric fireplace. Give it a rustic feel and install a reclaimed wood mantle. The reclaimed wood will bring a sense of character and a touch of extra charm to your living room.

If you already have a traditional fireplace in your home, it might be time to make a change and switch over to a realistic electric fireplace. You’ll have the convenience of turning it on at the touch of a button, so you can cozy up without the mess. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, the convenience and class of an electric fireplace could attract potential buyers.

3.  Installing a Gallery Wall of Fine Art Pieces

re3 5 Ideas for High-Impact Remodeling Projects

Brighten up a whole room on a budget with a gallery wall of fine art pieces. Treat it like an accent wall and add a fresh coat of paint. Adorn it with beautiful frames and unique pieces of carefully curated artwork. Buying fine art should be fun so try to select pieces that reflect your style and personality.

Play around with patterns on the wall. If your art is all the same size, try displaying it in crisp, clean, evenly-spaced lines. Have pieces of various sizes? Go for something more eclectic. Need some functionality? Add a classy mirror to your grid arrangement. Feeling a bit more playful? Mix and match styles and experiment with different frames.

4. Basement to Living Area

If your family is feeling cramped, there’s not enough room for all your guests, or you’re looking to bring some extra fun into your home, renovating your basement into a living area may be the answer you’ve been searching for. The possibilities are endless.

Create a cozy getaway space for the family with a second kitchen and living room combo in the basement. On weekends everyone can enjoy a special family breakfast without the noise of neighbors. It’s the perfect addition for a family staycation.

If things are feeling cramped, then furnish the space for optimum storage and organization. Instead of putting storage racks in the basement, spring for a storage wall. Double up on the functionality of the space and use it as an extra bedroom for guests or a play area for the kids. If you wanted to get really creative, you could even turn your basement into a home theater.

5. Closet Renovation

re4 5 Ideas for High-Impact Remodeling Projects

Not being able to see all of your clothes makes it harder to wear them. And no one likes to spend their time digging for their favorite cardigan or searching for a missing shoe. Not to mention swapping out clothes every season because of limited closet space.

Improve the organization and storage in your closet by expanding your closet or adding special built-in shelving units. While not all of us can have a walk-in closet, these simple changes will increase the functionality of your closet. This means less time stressing about what to wear and more time creating cute outfits from all the stellar pieces you own. Get ready for your day in a pinch with a closet that suits your daily needs.

Get the Most Out of Your Design Efforts

When it comes time to put your remodeling plans into action you want to get the most bang for your buck. It’s important to consider what should go into your home. After all, you want every project to be adding something special so you can create loving memories with your family and host amazing celebrations with your friends.

A remodeling project is more than an investment in your home. It’s an investment in your family and your future. There are so many ways other ways in which you could be spending that money. You could take your family on a vacation or save up for your kids’ college or for retirement. Make sure you’re spending your money wisely.

If you make the right decisions, a home remodel can greatly improve your life. It could bring you closer to family and friends or improve your routine and productivity. And if you’re preparing to sell your home, choosing the right to remodel projects could put a few extra bills in your pocket when you finally sell. No matter what your end goal is, these high-impact remodeling ideas will be super effective.

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