Grandfather clocks have a long history dating back to the late 1600s. And since then, they’ve become the pinnacle of clockmaking artistry while serving as beautiful showpieces in homes all over the globe. Today, you can find a wide selection of grandfather clocks to buy in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that fit any décor. The biggest problem you’ll have in choosing one is figuring out which one you like best. To help, here’s a list of the 5 most beautiful grandfather clocks on the market today.

  1. JH Miller Wood Grandfather Clock

Part of what makes classic grandfather clocks so beautiful is the unparalleled level of detail that goes into their woodwork. And you won’t find a better example of this than in the JH Miller Wood Grandfather Clock.

It’s built from a collection of sixteen different hardwoods, some of which are quite rare. And it features a classic style that’s complete with intricately carved columned sides and stunning beveled glass on its front and sides. The clock’s face is a roman numeral dial made with custom cast corners and moon and arch ornamentation. It even features a custom plate that may be engraved to the owner’s specifications.

It is without a doubt the very image that most people call to mind when they imagine the beautiful grandfather clock they’ve always dreamed of owning.

  1. Diana Grandfather Clock

Even though grandfather clocks come in all shapes and sizes, most people associate them with tall, rectangular cases decorated with complex carvings and hardware. But not all beautiful grandfather clocks fit into that mold. For proof, look no further than the Diana Grandfather Clock. Its elegant curves and light wood tone finish make for an understated yet gorgeous addition to any room.

The clock features carved-leaf accents and an elaborate vine motif framing its pendulum. The look is further complemented by a crystal-cut pendulum disk that draws the eye and adds a bit of artistic flair. It also features a lighted dial face that makes it easy to see and that lights the interior of the cabinet just enough to highlight its contents.

  1. Brenner III Floor Clock

The Diana Grandfather clock is a major departure from the archetypal grandfather clock design, but there’s another entry on our list that goes even further. It’s the Brenner III Floor Clock, which is a stunning modern take on the classic grandfather clock design.

Its gloss black hardwood finish and all-chrome hardware make for an ultra-modern design that’s fairly unique for a grandfather clock. But it doesn’t stop there. It also features a mirrored back and interior cabinet LED lighting. The light level is dimmable to three preset levels, controlled at the touch of the upper right-hand hinge.

With a gloss white dial that includes sleek black roman numerals on its face, this is a clock for the 21st century that’s still firmly rooted in tradition. And it’s proof that beautiful grandfather clocks don’t have to evoke old-school luxury to stand out from the pack.

  1. Howard Miller Cogwheel Floor Clock

Not all grandfather clocks aim to be stately or luxurious. They can be utilitarian, too, and still be just as beautiful. That’s just what the Howard Miller Cogwheel Floor Clock sets out to prove. And it does so magnificently.

For steampunk aficionados, this clock is a dream come true. It features a bare gear design that rotates both counterclockwise and clockwise at the turn of a handwheel. The tower itself is built to evoke an industrial feel, made from black pipe fittings from its four-footed base up to its face. And it completes its retro-future look with an aged off-white clock face with bold two-tone Arabic numerals.

It’s another design that proves that the venerable grandfather clock continues to evolve – even when that evolution takes its look into an imagined past filled with wonder and fantasy.

  1. Polyresin Grandfather Clock

No list of beautiful grandfather clocks would be complete without at least one entry that gives a nod to French-inspired opulent design. And the Polyresin Grandfather Clock does that in grand style. It features a dark brown and gold-toned design that would look right at home in the mirrored halls of the Palace of Versailles or within the salons of Paris.

The thing is – the Polyresin Grandfather Clock isn’t French – although you’d never know it. But it does feature an elaborate display of scrollwork that evokes the look of a French antique at a fraction of the cost of one. For lovers of classical style and elegance, it’s the perfect combination of beauty and grace.

g2 5 Most Beautiful Grandfather Clocks

The Eye of the Beholder

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore every person will have their own concept of what makes for a beautiful grandfather clock. The choices we’ve included here, however, run the gamut of styles – so there’s sure to be something pleasing to your eye. And no matter your preferences, there’s bound to be a grandfather clock for you. And when you find the one that suits your personal taste, you’ll be rewarded with a showpiece that becomes a focal point in your home and beauty that will stand the test of time.