Moving into a rental property is a great way of having your own space and making it your own — to an extent. As a tenant, you have to remember that while the property is your home it isn’t owned by you and so there are particular expectations and considerations to think about.

Did you know that the wrong cleaning methods can result in damage to your rental property? It’s likely that your place will have regular inspections and of course when you come to move out any damage could land you with a bill, especially for those uninsured.

To avoid unexpected costs and an unhappy landlord, here are some safe cleaning methods to try.

1.  Use non-abrasive products on laminate flooring

Any kind of hard flooring, such as laminate, can be a blessing. Not only does it look great but it can be much easier to clean particularly if you have children or pets. But, simple methods can often be better when it comes to keeping laminate flooring clean as they can get damaged very easily.

Abrasive cleaners, scrubbing brushes, and oil-based products should be avoided. Instead, for regular sweeping, use a soft bristle brush and gentle cleaning solutions like a vinegar-water mix that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that could cause warping or colour changes.

2.  Use lemon juice to keep your showerhead clean

It’s very easy for your shower to become dirty if you aren’t rinsing it down properly. Soap scum, shower products, water residue, and more can create a dull appearance, particularly on the shower head. Leave that for too long and your landlord might not be happy!

A simple way of removing limescale is to use lemon juice! All you need to do is gently brush the shower head to remove loose dirt and fill a clear bag or bowl with lemon juice and saturate the head for around half an hour. The acidity will cut through the dirt and leave it sparkling!

3.  Maintain a clear drain with baking soda and vinegar

One of the most common problems for landlords is blocked drains. It’s important to keep your drain clean and most of the time you can prevent blockages and bad smells simply by throwing food waste in the bin rather than down the drain as well as disposing of fats and oils elsewhere. Poor habits and cleaning techniques can result in a massive job for landlords especially when the blockage has been accumulating for years!

If you notice signs that your drains are clogged then baking soda and vinegar can cut through the loosen and cut through the waste. Start by pouring boiling water down the drain, add a cup of baking soda, a cup of white vinegar and let it work for around 10 minutes. You may start to see it bubble. Pour boiling water again to flush everything through and your drains should be a lot clearer!

4.  Use anti-mould solutions to protect window frames

Mould is bad for your health and is a huge red flag for landlords during inspections. When mould is not properly controlled it can easily eat away at areas such as window sills causing poor energy efficiency and potentially serious damage to the window if it starts to get loose.

In serious cases, where the damage can be seen from the outside, this may be targeted by thieves.

For those without tenant insurance this could mean finding the money to replace stolen items which is never ideal. Providers such as Duuo can provide ‘content coverage’ which is money towards the replacement cost for your personal belongings. To avoid this, clean mould as soon as you spot it. Most shop bought mould products are very effective but they often contain bleach that might be too strong for walls as it can end up removing the paint! Baking soda and vinegar is a natural alternative that may be a little less potent but still effective.

5.  Be careful when cleaning your sink to avoid scratches

Stainless steel sinks are a popular choice in rental properties as they are durable and pretty low maintenance. However, you still need to be mindful of how you clean the sink as you could end up causing serious scratch marks when the wrong cleaning materials are used.

For a clean and sparkling sink it’s best to use an anti-scratch sponge, a little squirt of washing up liquid or kitchen cleaner to scrub away dirt. You should then rinse with water and use a soft cloth to dry the sink before spraying glass cleaner or something similar on the taps and in the sink — this can be buffed in for a fantastic shine!

You don’t have to be a cleaning expert to get good results. Give the above tips a go to keep your rental property sparkling clean without causing accidental damage!

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