The roof protects the structural integrity of your entire home, so it must be kept in good condition and carefully maintained. According to Lake Oswego Roofing companies, in addition to the routine checks that should be done by a professional, there are certain things you can and should do to ensure the health of your roof.

Below you will find a list of 5 things you can do to stay on top of any problems that may occur in your roof structure that can damage it as well as the rest of your home.

1. Establish a Routine

Adult life is a busy and hectic one, so it’s easy to forget to do certain things around the house. Although you plan to check the roof, once you get home tired from work, you say forget it, I’ve got time to do that over the weekend.

But over the weekend, you want to relax or go out with friends, and again you say forget it, I’ll check it on Monday after work. The circle goes on and on, and the roof never gets checked. To avoid this, routine is key. It’s better to set a day each month and time when you check your roof for problems, regardless of the circumstances.

2. Verify the Outside of the Roof

The exterior is the most susceptible to damage, as it’s exposed to all external factors that can affect it, such as wind, rain, hail, snow, and even mechanical factors, such as falling branches. For this reason, the first step to checking your roof is to look on the outside to see if there are any visible problems, such as holes or missing shingles. You can use a ladder to get a better view. If, after the inspection, you don’t notice any damage, you can move on to the next step.

3. Check the Attic

Roof problems are best seen from the inside, so the attic is the perfect place to check for damage. Take a flashlight with you and look for either leaks or holes in the roof. If you find a leak or a wetter area, take a picture or note exactly where it is so you can find it later for repair, even when the moisture is gone.

4. Check the Drains

Don’t forget to check the drains. Although it may not seem like it, they play a vital role, and if they are affected, it can lead to serious problems. Look with a flashlight inside to see if they are clogged, either with debris or, in some cases, bird nests. If the water doesn’t drain properly, there can be a build-up of water which can infiltrate through the roof and into the walls, causing mold and a lot of damage which will be quite costly later.

5. Call a Professional

The last and most important step is always to call a professional when you notice a problem, no matter if it seems like a small one that can be left alone. When it comes to roofing, small holes left unfixed turn over time into much larger ones that damage the house’s integrity. Tackle the problem from the beginning and fix it before it becomes a real burden. Also, please don’t take it upon yourself to solve the problem because you might make it worse. Always go to a professional.f

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