Smart TVs play a central role in many Filipino homes. While almost everyone these days has their own mobile devices that they can use to watch their favorite shows and movies, it’s difficult to share this experience with others on such a small screen. Even in the digital age, it’s still a tradition for families to gather in front of the TV so that everyone can watch a movie or show at the same time. However, a smart TV is more than just a tool for viewing shows. A huge upgrade from the previous generation’s digital TV, these devices can access the internet, run digital applications, and even view different types of files. Smart TVs – like an Android TV box – can also be readily used in gaming and as an extension of your computer setup. Without a doubt, this modern iteration of the television is serving as the central entertainment system in many Filipino homes.

If you don’t have a smart TV yet, then you might be interested in purchasing one for your home. Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your current home theater setup and you’re not sure of how the technology behind smart TVs has improved since you bought the model that you now own? No matter, if you’re in the market for a smart TV these days, it’s important to know the following before finalizing your purchase.

Internet Accessibility

If your smart TV, for any reason, can’t access the internet, then it loses its smart quotient. Sure, it can still serve as an extension of your gaming rig or computer, but you’ll miss out on all the other functionalities that the TV model can offer. Before purchasing a smart TV, then, you need to determine how you’re going to connect it to the internet. Many smart TVs can connect to the internet through a dedicated cable or Wi-Fi access, and many Filipino homes subscribe to internet services that offer these types of connections. If you can access Wi-Fi at home, then you won’t have any issues connecting your smart TV to the internet. If most of your household members depend on the Wi-Fi connection, you can use a wired connection to ensure faster and more reliable internet access.

Connectivity Options

Aside from the internet, there are plenty of other things that you can connect to your smart TV to maximize its functionality. For one, you can use a wireless keyboard or mouse so that you can easily browse the internet or look for your favorite shows. If the smart TV will be a part of your home theater system, then you need to find a model that can easily connect with your existing sound system setup. On the other end of the spectrum, you can also program your smart TV to connect with your wireless headphones so that you can enjoy your films and shows without generating a lot of noise and disturbing the other people in your home. It’s an option to link your smart TV to other smart devices like your phone and laptop as well. Check if the model you want to buy will enable you to set up the connections you need.

Concerns About Space

Smart TVs come in all shapes and sizes, so you should choose a model that best fits the available space in your home. In addition to considering the physical dimensions of the television screen, though, it’s also important to think of how much internal storage space your smart TV should have. Many smart TVs can download and store different types of apps and media, so if you’re in the habit of downloading films and shows to watch, then you should look for a smart TV with plenty of internal storage. Alternatively, you can purchase an external memory or offline media library and connect that to your TV. This way, you can take your files with you wherever you need to go and you can purchase a smart TV with limited internal memory without running into issues.

Means to Protect Your Privacy

Some people are concerned that their smart TVs can be hacked and third parties can access the personal information that their smart TV uses to customize their viewing experiences. It’s a reasonable concern, and buyers need to be aware of their smart TV’s security features when they go shopping for a new model. It’s a smart option to check if the TV’s built-in microphone and camera can be disabled by the user when the unit is not in use. Whenever there’s a firmware update, make sure that your unit is updated as well so that it’s not vulnerable to security threats.

Warranty Information

Finally, check your smart TV’s warranty. Excellent brands offer great coverage as proof of their confidence in the quality of the TVs they manufacture. While TVs with a good warranty can cost you extra, think of this as payment for your peace of mind. In case you end up with a dud or your TV encounters issues before it’s supposed to, you can count on the manufacturer to offer you support and keep you from spending more money on purchasing a new model.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for a smart TV and you’ll have an easier time finding a model that checks all the boxes.

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