The kitchen is the heart of a home. As such, you want it to feel welcoming and cheerful at any time of day. There is nothing worse and less inspiring than a dark kitchen, or a kitchen that doesn’t make you want to walk right in and cook something.

Designing a cheerful kitchen that puts you in a good mood right away is not that hard, but you do need to consider some factors before you pull together your entire design. Things like the size of your space, the light that the room gets each day, and your countertops can all affect the overall mood of your kitchen area.

Visit this page to check out some cheerful and truly gorgeous countertops. This is a great jumping-off place to find the right inspiration to design your kitchen around. Once you have a countertop picked out, the rest of the kitchen will come together in a snap!

Tips for Designing a Cheerful, Uplifting Kitchen

Cheerful and uplifting is mostly about your color choices. This might mean different things to different people, but there are some tried and true color choices that you will need to make if you are aiming for a bright and sunny feel in your kitchen.

This list will give you a good grounding in the key choices that need to be made for you to achieve that happy and bright kitchen space you’ve always dreamed of.

Think About Color

Color has a huge effect on mood and you will want to consider the mood that you are trying to create when you choose colors in your kitchen. Dark colors will always make space look less bright and less inviting, while bright or pastel colors will communicate a more upbeat emotion to space.

Remember that bright primary colors might be delightful and enjoyable as accent walls in more active spaces, but they do tend to add a sense of intense emotion in a kitchen space that is not likely to be cheerful so much as startling.

Good colors for cheerful spaces are light pinks, yellows, light greens, and off whites. If you pick a pink or green, you will want to match your countertop to this theme. Quartz counters are perfect for this kind of theme as they come in any color at all and you can get beautiful light-tones counters to help brighten up your kitchen space.

Consider Adding Some Plants

People often think about adding a touch of outdoor living to the inside of their living rooms or bedrooms, but they forget that the kitchen can be given a sense of life with a few strategically-placed plants as well.

Adding a wall-hanging herb garden can give your kitchen a special sense of life and growth, or you can hang some flowering plants in the windows. The arrangement that you will use for this part of your kitchen pick-me-up has a lot to do with how much light the space gets and with the space that you have.

If you are thinking about having a green theme in your kitchen, or a white theme, plants will fit right in and will create a sense of comforting, peaceful growth. Best of all, plants help clean the air of smells, so a kitchen is a great place to add some greenery.


If you are remodeling your kitchen while you are transforming the colors, this is a great time to think about your storage. If you have lots of your kitchen essentials stacked on the counters, you might need to explore better ways to put things into cabinets.

Clutter makes many people feel anxious, and if there are too many things on the counters, you won’t be able to see the beautiful color choices that you have made for your new kitchen. There is nothing cheery about a mess!

Kitchen cabinets can be rearranged in many different ways to save space, from clever lazy-Susan designs to the addition of a pantry. If you need some space for your cooking utensils and other items, consider spending that extra bit of money to give yourself some more storage.

Update Your Appliances

Appliances come in so many colors and styles these days that it can almost be overwhelming to pick your new fleet of necessities for your kitchen. Chrome or bronze always offers a fresh and bright look, but that may not match your intended kitchen color theme.

If you want to do something truly unique, you can now get many appliances in specific color themes to match your kitchen space! This must be done carefully, as you don’t want a kitchen where every surface is pink, including the fridge. However, if you love the idea of a unique and colorful pop of color coming into your kitchen with your appliances, this choice exists for you now!

Add Some Knick Knacks or Some Flowers

While we just discussed that you should declutter, you can consider adding some clever little touches of personality and color with Knick Knacks. Get a cute little animal cut-out to put on the shelf, or buy a few wooden plaques with sayings on them.

If inanimate things are not your style, consider adding some flowers to your kitchen space. These can be fresh and be changed out regularly, or you can get some really nice faux flowers and put them into some cases that match your cherry kitchen color theme.

Nothing feels homier than personal touches and you might be missing out on that last little bit of icing on the cake by not adding a few personal items to your kitchen space.

A Cheerful Kitchen is a Productive Kitchen

These simple steps will take your kitchen from blah, to voila! If you are tired of a boring, uninspiring kitchen, pick out your perfect countertop and then get designing from there! There are many options for your kitchen remodel and your new and refreshed kitchen will become your favorite place in the whole house!

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