More often than not, lighting is overlooked by many homeowners. This is probably because of the wide range of lighting options out there, which makes things overwhelming.

However, what you should know is that proper lighting can improve your home’s décor. In fact, the right lighting can transform your space and create a great ambiance depending on the type of bulb and light chosen. But to get the best results from your lighting, make sure to hire the best electrician Northern Beaches to properly install the fixtures you go for.

To find the perfect lighting for your home, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Know That Every Room Has Different Lighting Requirements

You have to understand that your entire home can’t have the same kind of light unless you want to make some kind of statement. Remember that certain lights work best for every individual space.

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For example, black panel lights are perfect for your TV lounge or room since they provide a nice glow and don’t interfere as chandeliers would. So if you want to achieve effective lighting in your home, be aware of the different lighting requirements of your rooms.

  1. Determine Your Budget

It’s impossible to start finding the right lighting for your home without knowing how much you’re willing to spend. However, when it comes to lighting, it’s okay to splurge since it’s one of the factors that home buyers consider when purchasing a property. So if you’re planning to sell your house in the future, lighting is a wise investment.

But if you have a tight budget, it’s wise to divide your resources among various elements depending on the most important component for you. For instance, while some prefer something extravagant, others settle for simple lighting fixtures. Once you know your budget, shop for lighting options within that range so you won’t be confused with the other choices available.

  1. Understand Your Lighting’s Purpose

Now that you’ve decided on your budget, it’s time to know the purpose of the lighting. Do you want to install fixtures to brighten up a certain area in your home? Or do you prefer lighting that reflects sophistication?

Depending on your preferences, understanding your lighting’s purpose enables you to make wise shopping decisions. Besides, nobody likes having countless fixtures crowded in a room.

Typically, some homeowners prefer a few options with maximum effects. For example, many choose LED lighting compared to traditional ones because they’re effective when it comes to varying the tone and atmosphere of a particular space.

  1. Select Bulbs Wisely

The light fixtures you want to be installed in your house must not be your only concern. You should also pay attention to the kinds of bulbs you use.

Generally, they come in various types, which include the following:

  • Fluorescent – These are energy-efficient, bright, and cool bulbs for mood or task lighting, and they’re ideal for places that aren’t as essential. Such areas may include minor hallways and basements.
  • Halogen – These bulbs are often used to put a spotlight on artworks in one’s home. Available in white and yellow light, halogen bulbs provide warm light but may get hot to touch. Moreover, these bulbs consume a lot of energy.
  • LED – Even though they’re expensive, LED bulbs last longer and are more energy-efficient compared to others. They also emit bright light with low wattage. In addition, they can make colors look good and don’t cause too much heat. LED bulbs are a great option for any room as they don’t warm up quickly.

Choosing the right bulbs that will fit your home is as important as choosing paint colors. If you have walls with cool tones, consider bulbs that offer a warm glow and vice versa. If you want to illuminate any dark room, you can choose bulbs that emit a cool glow.

  1. Consider Your Home’s Ceiling Height

When finding the perfect lighting for your home, always consider your ceiling height. This is because several lights with cables or rods can be adjusted for the most ideal height and others can’t. With this in mind, you might want to avoid getting stuck with lighting fixtures that are too high or too low. This is especially true in a dining room where the table height should be considered as well.

Knowing your ceiling height will also help you light your house the right way since you’ll be able to determine the best type of lighting you need for your space. If your house has a high ceiling, you may need more lighting than those with a low ceiling.


Overall, finding the perfect lighting for your house isn’t a simple task. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated as you only need a thorough understanding of the purpose of your lighting and what type of fixtures you prefer in your space. Just be wise with your decisions and ensure that the options you choose will suit your home’s décor.

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