Is your garage currently unoccupied? Are you running out of space at home? Have you gotten tired of having to open your garage door manually? Whether you want to optimize your garage for your car, or would prefer to completely redesign it as a new room there should be no end to the possibilities.

Today we’ll go over 6 key conversion ideas that will give your garage new life. This is the ultimate guide to garage conversion Essex and beyond, so pay close attention and choose what suits your interests the most.

Convert it into an office

Do you have a garage without a car to occupy it? Are you lacking a proper space for your work or studies at home? If this is the case then converting your garage into an office room is your best bet. There’s no point in keeping a room for a task it will never fulfill. So convert it into a new functional space for your family and home instead.

Add roller doors

How does your garage open depends a lot on how old it is. But if you are tired of having to exit your car and open it manually, or having to park away because the lifting door can hit your car; just replace them with roller doors. Find the best roller garage doors Essex has to offer and say goodbye to all those pesky details that make opening your garage tiresome.

Make an entertainment room

If you have a double garage then there will be far more practical conversion ideas to consider, and few of them are as fun as a dedicated entertainment room. The extra space makes it easier to set up a home theater, play mats or anything else that your family indulges in. So get the best double garage conversion Essex you can find and transform that empty space into the new heart of your house.

Choose dirt-resistant flooring

For those of you that want to upgrade your garage but avoid a full-blown conversion, you should make the flooring your priority. Most garages have cement flooring for default, which can be rough for any other use beyond parking, and is not the most aesthetic choice either. But nowadays we have heavy-duty tiles that are both functional and have a great design. So this can be a conversion that is both functional and for style.

Control the temperature with insulation

Garages rarely are thought out for constant human use, and in winter this becomes all too apparent. Heating might be cost-prohibitive for your needs, but something that will guarantee a better temperature in your garage is insulation. Insulation is a straightforward process regardless of the age of the structure, and it’s a great quality of life improvement even if you only use your garage to park.

Add motion-sensing lights

Simple and clean, but sometimes that’s all that is needed. Motion-sensor lights ensure you that as soon as you arrive to park you’ll have lights at your disposal. Plus in the long run you’ll likely save money too, and avoid leaving your lights overnight by accident ever again.

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