Every home should have one perfect spot for family gatherings and special occasions. Most homes usually like to sit around the fireplace for such. However, most homes would ideally spruce up the area with their favorite things or preferred design or theme.

With an array of designs available on the market, you can’t miss out on selecting the best fit for your home. You can even go for electric or old-day wood-stacked fireplaces.

Whichever the case, you’d want to incorporate beauty and design in your home fireplace. If you’re unsure about which one to pick, the best way to go about it is to consider what’s trending at the moment. Thus, here are six design trends you need to keep up with:

  1. TVs Above Fireplace

Your living room is the first place you think about when setting up a fireplace because your family can lounge therein as they watch television. However, it’s not the only room that can accommodate a fireplace. You can also install one in your home office, patio, kitchen, or bathroom. Whatever room you’re looking at, you’d want a fireplace with a mantle space that could hold the TV. It’s now a trend among homeowners, given that many people enjoy warming up as they follow their favorite TV programs.

You must consider the available space, your furniture arrangement, and the general outlook of your house after the setup. The fireplace and TV should form a focal point, meaning the seating arrangement should be such that people face the fireplace. Ensure you have a secure mounting system to prevent the TV from accidentally falling. In addition to that, you should set the TV high enough to avoid the heat from your fireplace.

For extra caution, you can work with a reliable professional who can mount your TV at the safest height per the manufacturer’s directions. Professionals from companies like The Fireplace Store and other similar shops can help you with this and even give extra advice on what works best for your living room.

  1. Large Fireplaces

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If you love fantastic home aesthetics, you must agree that large fireplaces steal the show in a room. They have state-of-the-art features you can’t overlook. Once you set it up, your fireplace will steal your living room show as it automatically becomes a centerpiece. You can go for large hearths that go well with a massive chimney.

You need ample space for a large fireplace. These kinds of setups are common in commercial residences or hospitals. They add comfy vibes to a home and give it a rustic look.

To spice things up, you can fit in mirrors, stonework, or heavy metals, but ensure your design complements the fireplace. You can also pair your dark hearths with light stonework to make a statement.

  1. Four-Sided Glass Fireplaces

Traditionally, you could only build fireplaces from stone and brick. Today, fireplaces can be made from glass. Glass fireplaces add beauty to your home and bring the ambiance of a cozy and modern home. Moreover, glass fireplaces bring light to the room, owing to their see-through nature. Such fireplaces don’t require any other additions for a striking look. Their simplicity carries the day.

  1. Vertical Fireplaces

Vertical fireplaces go from the floor to your ceiling, making them distinct. Such vertical rise helps create the impression of a tall towering house, which is trendy among homeowners. They normally include square or rectangular fireboxes, which you can seal with stylish fire screens for a more sophisticated look.

  1. Space Saver Fireplaces

A fireplace that saves on space is every homeowner’s desire. A good example is the corner unit. Most people prefer it because it’s simple to install and can work perfectly in a small space. Again, corner units offer the much-needed break from the conventional fireplaces, guaranteeing a strong and luxurious look.

Wall-mounted fireplaces are another space saver. They have versatile designs, and some don’t even need chimneys. Additionally, they can be mounted anywhere, making them suitable for tiny houses. You can even install them in rooms that need warming up, such as the bedroom or kitchen.

Consider going for designs that allow you to have chic accessories such as shelves, baskets, hearth rugs, or extensions to hold portraits or picture frames as your goal is to save space.

  1. Double-Sided Fireplaces

You can have one fireplace that simultaneously serves you indoors and outdoors. That’s the true definition of killing two birds with one stone. It saves you the hassle of running room heaters and has a separate system for outdoor heating. It also comes in handy if you’re hosting a night out. It may get cold and chilly, and you don’t want your visitors shivering. With the double-sided fireplace, you’ll have things under control.

Besides, you can customize the double-sided fireplace to your liking. For instance, you can have a modern indoor side fueled by gas while the outdoor one operates on logs.


New inventions continue to pop up to modify traditional fireplaces, making them more versatile. Hence, you have no reason to sulk at your old boring fireplace. However, before making up your mind about a specific one, talk to an expert from a fireplace store. They’ll help you establish what features best suit your home. With the right skills and knowledge, you can bank on their installation to enjoy trendy fits in your house. Furthermore, remember to service the fireplace regularly to enjoy more years of good service.

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