Safety should be your biggest priority when exploring self-storage units in Sacramento. You should be confident that your belongings are safe even if you choose to use the unit long-term.

Here are the most important safety features in self-storage units.

1.  A Record of Your Belongings

There should be a clear record of everything you have in the storage unit. The list should include serial numbers and descriptions of each item. It is not only a way to stay organized but also great for when you need to file an insurance claim.

You can go the extra mile and make a map of the storage unit. The most valuable items go to the back of your unit, and those with the lowest value stay at the front. Avoid using obvious labels for collectibles.

2.  Video Surveillance

Nothing improves the security of your self-storage units like a good video surveillance system. It keeps your system safe and gives you a sense of confidence.

Ensure that you have enough cameras and that they are always on. They should be able to record for as long as you need.

Do not settle for basic video surveillance. Having 24/7 surveillance will let you know if the unit is vandalized or stolen. It makes it possible to catch potential criminals on video. Find storage units in Sacramento near you that have video surveillance.

3.  Lighting

Proper lighting is good for your cameras, and it could make your unit safer. Check your self-storage unit after sunset and see if it is well-lit.

Do not attempt to save electricity. Your energy bills will be a lot cheaper than replacing your stolen possessions. Sufficient lighting will help deter criminals.

4.  Disc Locks

Your storage unit needs to be secure. You can achieve this with a strong locking system. Even though the self-storage facility will protect you, it isn’t enough. Disc locks are the most effective locks.

Even though padlocks will save you some money, they aren’t very secure. Even rookie thieves can cut off or pick padlocks. However, they cannot vandalize disc locks.

They are resistant to heavy hammers, picks, and bolt cutters. A thief would waste too much time trying to open them.

Although you will spend a lot more on disc locks than padlocks, they are worthy investments. Most self-storage facilities will sell them to you.

5.  Climate Control

A good self-storage unit should have a climate control feature. This is especially important in areas with high humidity. Climate control prevents the build-up of mold, which could damage your valuables.

Some self-storage facilities have centrally-managed climate control systems. However, others give you some control. You will pay more to have your own thermostat, but it is worth the trouble.

6.  24/7 Access

You should be able to access your self-storage unit whenever you need it. The facility should be available to answer your questions and address your concerns when necessary.

The staff members should be knowledgeable and willing to assist you through the processes of storing and access. Most modern facilities can offer support via email, online chat, and mobile.

The need for extra storage space is always growing. Both individuals and commercial spaces may need additional storage. If you are interested in self-storage units, you have to consider their safety. It would be pointless to keep your valuables in a unit that doesn’t assure you of your safety.

Even though most facilities invest in security, unit security is equally important. Take advantage of features like video surveillance, climate control, disc locks, and lighting. Ensure that you have a record of your belongings and that you can access your unit whenever you need it.

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