Do you want to give your bathroom a makeover? A bathroom renovation is a great idea to kick things up a notch, revitalizing the visual appeal in one of the most used rooms of your house. You can choose between different looks and aesthetics for the room, from minimalist chic to more luxurious decor. When renovating, always keep in mind the functionality of the space. That way, the bathroom will flourish alongside the newly-upgraded visual appearance.

Bathroom renovations can take form in different ways, such as a simple fix in one area to a complete overhaul. Whatever your intentions are, it is always recommended to plan out your project first before moving ahead with any actions. To do this, keep these six ideas in mind for your bathroom renovation.

1. Bathroom Plumbing

First and foremost, the functionality of your bathroom should always be inspected at the onset. While visual appeal can always be taken into account at any time, you simply can’t paint over a broken pipe! One of the most vital areas to look at first is the plumbing within your space. All renovations should begin by examining the status of your pipes and plumbing fixtures.

For example, take a look at the pipes connecting your sink or your toilets. If any of them seem disconnected, or in poor shape, it might be time to fix it up immediately. Sometimes, these upgrades require just a bit of handiwork on your end. At other times, you’ll need to call in a professional plumber for their services.

2. Remodeling

Renovations, as mentioned previously, can manifest in different ways according to the individual’s intentions. In some scenarios, you may not necessarily be satisfied with how certain apparatuses are placed. You may want the bathtub to be on the opposite side to install another sink in its place.

Remodelling your overall space means that a lot of preplanning will have to be done at the onset. Speak to a reputable company first to get a better sense of how your project can be realized. In some cases, you may have to acquire more real estate in your bathroom by building more space inside!

3. Bathroom Décor

No matter how you decide to go about your renovations, you’ll eventually have to take into account the décor. Modern interior design emphasizes décor, as every space in the home will have to complement one another. The bathroom is no different, and there are unique techniques you can utilize here.

Despite modern design being the most popular at the moment, vintage décor is slowly making a comeback. In this light, your bathtub may be a separate apparatus, surrounded by warmly-coloured accessories and devices. If you have ever wanted to be transported back to the 1950s, now would be your best shot!

4. Colour Scheme

Speaking of colours, the shades you use in and around the bathroom will be one of the more important aspects to consider. In keeping in line with contemporary modern décor, try to shoot for something minimalist. Black and white colours will be able to balance the accessories in your bathroom.

If you really want to experiment, you could shoot for lighter hues of warm colours. Bathrooms that undergo renovations will stand out if the walls are painted in a light blue or green. Just be sure not to go overboard in mixing different colours! You want to ensure the final product is as consistent as possible with its aesthetic.

5. Storage

Renovations in the bathroom could lead to you making conscious decisions on the usual suspects, such as space. However, you’ll also want to think about the often ignored aspects of newer bathrooms. For example, you could add storage space in the form of a wall unit inside your bathroom.

This could house all of your extra towels, in addition to air fresheners and excess toilet paper rolls. The added benefit of using storage within your bathroom is that it frees up space from other parts of your home. When you renovate your bathroom, try to keep efficiency in mind as you go about the process!

6. Lighting

Above all else, your bathroom will require the right amount of lighting sources in and around the space. Now would be as good a time as any to think about which lighting apparatus you will install. These sources of lighting should be LED-powered so that you will use less energy. Plus, they just look a lot better than your usual incandescent types of lighting.

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