RVs have been around for decades and remain popular across the world. But, spending time in an RV can make you think about some upgrades to seriously consider, especially if you’re an avid fan of DIY upgrades. If you enjoy several days, weeks, or even months on the road in your RV – these upgrades are for you!

Beyond accessories – instant pots, hammocks, signal boosters, and a new GPS, there are

major upgrades that can transform your experience of your RV, no matter how old it may be.

1.  Upgrade Your Mattress

This is most certainly the first upgrade on the list if you haven’t done it already! WIth some RV’ers even revealing that they’ve used their original hard mattress as the base, most RV’s are not spoiled with sleeping comfort. Investing in a premium mattress is likely to make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. If you’re ready to upgrade your sleeping experience but don’t quite have the budget for an entirely new bed, you could also consider a memory foam topper.

2.  Solar Power

Solar may not be as simple as you may think, with solar charge controllers and inverters being part of the plan too. But, in the long-run, if you’re serious about living off the grid and embracing life on the road, going solar is the way to go! Not only is it quieter, more eco-friendly, and extremely cost-effective over its lifespan, but the panels will also last more than 25 years!

Though it’s difficult to calculate the exact cost of a solar installation, smaller RV solar systems cost from $600 up to $2000. This cost will increase with additional panels, batteries, and storage capabilities. With tax incentives and a drop in price every year, this upgrade is definitely worth the investment.

3.  Personalized Storage Bay Locks

Did you know that around 60% of all RVs have the same universal storage keys and matching locks, the CH751? While you may have felt safe while boondocking or at campgrounds in the past, you likely won’t feel so relaxed knowing this now. But, not to trouble, it’s easily replaced with unique alternatives, like a Combi-Cam Ultra.

After detaching your current cam from your storage compartment door, remove the retention nut and the old lock! Be sure to measure your existing lock for the manufacturer or supplier, ensuring too that you don’t fit the new lock in reverse. Now you can feel at ease going to sleep with your valuables protected.

4.  Replace Carpeting

Most RVs are still furnished with carpets that many believe to lack appeal or taste. As these carpets notoriously trap dirt and make your RV cleaning more difficult, you are likely considering how to replace them. These old-fashioned carpets can be torn out and happily replaced with an easy-cleaning material, like laminate floors. Trust us, you won’t regret the upgrade.

5.  RV-fit TV Set

Are you ready for the ultimate RV upgrade? With expensive running hardware and limited space inside your RV, regular-sized TVs simply won’t work well. But, there are various options on the market that are perfectly customized to your TV watching needs.

Whether you’re fantasizing about watching a big game from your boondocked RV or waiting on the next episode of your favorite series, a sizable TV could be the perfect addition to your vacation. As there are many considerations to make regarding screen size, power consumption, and capabilities, researching through platforms like the folks at is sure to give you the most relevant TV-buying guidance. RV life does not have to come at the price of your TV entertainment, so take a look to find what’s best for you.

6.  LED Lighting

rv2 6 RV Upgrades You Actually Need

Lighting will be a gamechanger; and one that – like solar power – is environmentally friendly and will also save you a lot of money. Luckily you won’t have to wait years for this investment to pay off, as LED lights are not costly at all.

The array of LED lights in demand for RV campers include household bulbs for the interior and exterior 12V LED lights for brighter brake lights, headlights, and other necessary signaling lights. In addition, there are extremely useful weatherproof strip lights with an adhesive backing that you can buy for outdoor use. A few other benefits of choosing to upgrade your lights to LED are that LED lights are able to be dimmed, have an incredible lifespan, and use much less power.

By doing various inexpensive – and some costly – upgrades to your RV, you can enjoy more of the comforts of home living, with the added benefit of being on the road in some of your favorite places in the world. With small customizations, you will most certainly enjoy your camper – and your life!

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