Whether you’re building a home or renovating an old one, there is a long list of things to consider. Flooring should be on top of that. Why is that so? Not only does flooring largely determine the beauty and comfort of your home, but it also defines the style and vibe you want to deliver. Not just that, it’s also a significant investment that can elevate the value of your home. Therefore, you want it top-flight!

Now that you’re done gathering tips and tricks on how to choose flooring for your home and have fully decided to go with hardwood, the next big decision to make is to pick your flooring manufacturer. Keep in mind that choosing the best flooring company is crucial because the quality and longevity of the floors that you’ll be stepping into for decades depends on the company you hire.

A suitable flooring company offers the best quality products at a reasonable price and ensures top-notch installation with agreeable terms and warranties. When you partner with the best flooring manufacturer, you’ll be confident that they will install your floors to perfection with utmost satisfaction.

Before signing a contract with a flooring company, check out the six things to consider for choosing the right one.

Reviews From Past Customers

Choosing the best amongst the wide variety of options present in the market today can be tricky. However, you can start by creating a list of reputable companies like Hardwood Planet or those near your area. From there, begin to get to know these companies.

You can ask around who has a good reputation. Call your family and friends to refer a company they had worked with before. You can also check the internet for customer reviews. Seeking a referral from realtors and building contractors is also ideal as they indeed have a company they partnered with for their projects.

Work Samples

You can gauge a company’s quality of work by looking at its work portfolio. Established and reliable companies post their finished projects on their website or company social media account. You can also find customer testimonials there.


If you intend to find the best hardwood flooring manufacturer, you need to make sure that they are experts in this field. Those with an updated license and certifications are good qualities that only specialists have. Reputable companies ensure that they have certificates and legal documents such as state licenses, permits, and insurances to back up their competence and credibility.

Expertise In This Field

Always keep in mind that experience brings one closer to perfection. Therefore, the more a company has relevant experiences in that specific field, the better they become at their work.

Knowing the following things will help you identify whether a company is well-experienced or not.

  • Number of years in the industry since the company started
  • Number of projects in hardwood installation that they’ve completed as of the present

These are essential things to note so that you can determine if the company you choose is an expert in installing the flooring material of your choice and can deliver the quality you deserve.

Clear Project Cost And Details

AdobeStock_249936021 6 Things To Look For In A Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer

Now that you’ve narrowed down your list and are close to choosing a suitable flooring manufacturer for you, it’d be best to schedule a consultation to know all the details about how much does hardwood flooring cost.

Make sure to be upfront and ask important details such as:

  • Project costs
  • Installation process
  • Duration of the project
  • Payment terms and schedule

List down all the things you want to clarify, and make sure that there are no hidden charges. Clarify everything up to the smallest detail so that you’ll be able to differentiate the companies that are still on your list.

Agreeable Terms And Warranties

The last key point to determine which one you should choose is the terms and warranties that they will present to you.

It’s of utmost importance to know the contract terms and warranties as this will protect your investment in case of some defects and problems that arise after the installation.

The company must be eager to explain, discuss and answer every question and clarification you have without rushing you to make a commitment and sign a contract. This is undoubtedly a big project which involves a good amount of money. Therefore, assisting you with a full explanation is a must.


Your flooring is indeed a significant part of your home, and doing this project is a significant investment. Therefore, you want it the best!

Partnering with a suitable flooring company is vital as it determines the quality of work they can offer you, which will stay with you for many years. What you want in the best hardwood flooring manufacturer is expertise to ensure that everything is set in place and installed to perfection.

While these things might be daunting, considering the six things stated above will undoubtedly bring you closer to the best hardwood flooring manufacturer that will meet your expectations and deliver you the quality that you deserve.

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