Building a laneway house is a complicated and huge task. When you are creating the home of your dreams, you don’t want anything to go wrong. However, often at times, we hear people say, “I should have added this” or “I miss calculated the bathroom area,” etc.

Building a laneway house is not like drawing a portrait that you can keep on correcting. It is a once in an all thing; hence, you can’t afford mistakes. Silvercrest Custom Homes are experts at building a Laneway house and know how to plan the house structure based on your space. Even if you have a small space, they will make the most out of it.

Now let’s look into some of the important things you should know before building your laneway house-


First and foremost, decide your budget. Know your finances and how much you can afford in the new house. According to the budget, you can talk to architects and contractors and plan the structure.

Moreover, deciding the budget beforehand does not let you get distracted by unnecessary planning. While deciding the budget, you need to consider the costs of-

  • Construction
  • Material
  • Labor cost
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Furnishing
  • Architect and engineer costs
  • Moving, survey, etc

Plan your laneway house

You have to make a list of all the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and other requirements for the house. Architects call this procedure the program. This is a critical step, so you would want to spend enough time listing everything down.

First, think about how many rooms and bathrooms you want. You can categorize them as bedrooms, workrooms, guest rooms, storerooms, garage, etc. Decide how many of each type you want and their size.

Then comes the kitchen. How big will your kitchen be? What equipment do you want in there? Whether it’s gonna be an open kitchen or a closed one?

Bathrooms are next in the line. How many bathrooms do you want? Do you need to attach bathrooms with each bedroom? Interiors you want in the bathrooms and the like.

Likewise, equal attention needs to be paid to the storage room, guest room, garage, etc.

Do a property survey

Contact a land surveyor to do a property survey. You need to survey before the project begins to plan the construction accordingly. A soil test called borings is also done in the property survey.

Hire a trustworthy and good team

Building a laneway house is not a big life step. Therefore,  don’t compromise on the quality to save a few dollars. Hire a team that is known for its good work and excellence. You also don’t want to fall prey to fraudulent contractors, so do proper background research before opting for one.

Site planning

Site planning is the next thing you have to consider before building a laneway house. If you have your property in a rural area, you must have a large plot. In this case, you need to decide on which part of the plot you want to build the house.

In urban areas, you don’t get such big plots, so the job is a lot easier. Apart from this, there are other technical things as well that you and the construction team will have to check-in site planning.

Pay attention to durability

Of course, you don’t want your walls to rip off or the colors peel off just after a couple of years of construction. Make sure you buy materials that are durable. Here again, don’t choose anything just because it is cheap. Best quality and durable materials are worth the price.

Consider fire protection, mold protection, flood protection, and the like while picking materials for the laneway house.


As a result of the rising climate change, sustainability has taken a toll on everything, including building a laneway house. Even though sustainability may cost you a bit at the initial stage, yet in the long run, it is economical.

Moreover, now is the time to be aware and be responsive towards the environment and do our bit to save it.

Final words

Getting your own laneway home ready is the best feeling after all the hard work and sweat. Therefore, make sure you pay enough attention to each of the aspects.

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