White furniture can make a room look fresh and inviting. It is essential to ensure that you always choose high-quality furniture which will last for years and hold up well under regular use in a busy home. While white furniture might not be the first choice for many, particularly those with children or pets, white furniture can create a beautiful, bold statement piece for any room.

As well as being a colour that suits almost all colour schemes, white furniture can make a room appear brighter and airier and promote a relaxing, calm environment.

Coffee Table

A white coffee table can make the most of a smaller living room space and can provide excellent contrast for brighter colours throughout the room. You could consider a coffee table with a white top and metal or wooden base and legs to provide a gorgeous contrast. It may help to ensure the coffee table you choose has a wipeable surface for the inevitable spills that happen in a busy home! Coasters are also crucial to prevent watermarks from spoiling the aesthetic.

Dining Table And Chairs

As with the coffee table, you will need to take good care of a white dining table and ensure you use table cloths to prevent staining. That being said, a white dining table can be a beautiful way to show off your cooking skills and provide a gorgeous contrast to the food placed on it.

You could consider leather-covered padding on the dining chairs to make spills easy to wipe up. A white dining table and chairs will add extra light and a spacious feel to your dining space, perfect for summer and winter evening meals alike.


Many people cringe at the thought of the upkeep of a white sofa, but with proper care and attention, a white sofa will be no more challenging to care for than any other colour. A white sofa can also provide the perfect statement piece for a living room.

You could couple the sofa with some white cushions and one or two cushions in a bold colour like red or blue to create a beautiful contrast. If you’re concerned about keeping the sofa clean, you could also invest in some throw blankets to protect it when in regular use.


A white bedframe can make your bedroom feel open and airy, provide plenty of additional light, and set off any colour scheme beautifully. You could capitalise on the style and use bedsheets in a bold colour with throw pillows of crisp white, creating a beautiful contrast. A white bedframe can also look beautiful against a statement wall in a bold colour or highly stylised wallpaper.

Freestanding Cabinets

There are plenty of different types of cabinets that will look amazing in pure, crisp white. An excellent example is a white bookcase, where the white of the shelves will look dramatic against the varying colours of the book spines. You could get white cabinets to set off other white furniture in the room and create an overarching colour scheme. For more inspiration, check out the high-quality range of cabinets and furniture available from White Tree Furniture.


A white rug may not suit every home, as even darker coloured rugs can show signs of heavy footfall, but a white rug can add a feeling of luxury and elegance to any space. You could consider having a white rug for special occasions such as a dinner party or Christmastime. It may also help to take the rug up when not in use and get it professionally cleaned to ensure it keeps its pure white glow.

TV Stand

A white TV stand can create a beautiful contrast to a black TV and electronics. It can look particularly striking against a darker wall colour. You could add to the lux feel by putting LED light strips under the edges to create glowing illumination while watching TV.


Not only do white countertops look visually stunning, but they also are excellent for helping keep the kitchen spotless. Many people opt for dark flecked counters to mask the stains of everyday kitchen use, but this only hides areas that may need cleaning.

It is vital to choose countertops that will be safe to use cleaning products on, as you will find that they will require more intensive upkeep than other shades of countertops. The upside is that white countertops will make cooking and cleaning more straightforward as it is easier to see what you are doing.


White furniture can often get a bad reputation for being challenging to keep clean, but with some extra attention to detail and care, it can be well worth the effort. White furniture can create dramatic contrasts and give a space a roomy, elegant feeling, perfect to help you unwind at the end of the day. The important thing is to choose high-quality furniture that will stand the test of time and, crucially, be easy to maintain.

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