The material used for door finishing has to be checked along with the quality of the construction, door durability, and its price. When there is talk about the value and sturdiness of a door, natural veneer surely comes to mind.

What is Natural Veneer?

A natural veneer is a thin layer/slice of wood that is normally thinner than 3 mm (1/8 inch). Basically, it is glued onto core panels of wood, plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), etc. This produces fine and smooth panels for interior doors,  panels for cabinets, parquet floors, tops, and parts of furniture.

v1 What You Need To Know About Veneer Door Finish

Advantages of Doors with Natural Veneer Finish

There is no denying that natural veneer provides expected results. Here are some of the most alluring benefits of natural veneer doors for you:

Affordable Price

The thin slices of wood are of good quality and come in a reasonable price range. No matter if the quality of the door is average, with natural veneer construction, the quality of the door enhances. Natural veneer doors are more suitable for families who are looking to buy quality doors on a limited budget.

Plush Look

Natural wood surfaces do not look regal and glossy because they are not smooth surfaces. If you want the doors to give a royal and silky look then the answer to your quest is none other than veneer.

Vast Array of Designs and Colors

Wood veneer comes in a variety of designs and colors and this means that you can do plenty of experimentation by matching and mixing veneer with the surface of your door. Veneer makes doors look alive and dynamic.

v2 What You Need To Know About Veneer Door Finish


The lifespan of a door only increases if the used material is of high quality and resilient. When the veneer is applied to the surface of a door, it strengthens the product. Thin layers of high-quality wood are glued to the surface of a door with adhesives and this ensures that the door is resistant to warping and splitting.


Yes, you read it right! It is because one tree is not identical to another. The texture is never the same and this makes your choice of range truly amazing. You can simply choose different slices of wood and make the door look out of this world.


Natural wood veneer is non-toxic and purely environment-friendly. It is ensured that there is no use of formaldehyde base in substrates and adhesives. This makes wood veneer absolutely safe.


It is easy to use wood veneer in so many projects in which expenses tend to go out of hand. You can easily repair the door in case of any mechanical damage. The use of natural veneer on doors is quite easy and practical.

Resistant Nature

Natural veneer has a sturdy nature against variations of humidity and temperature. This nature ensures that the door remains safe from environmental challenges.

All in all, it is fair to say that natural veneer doors have all the traits to provide quality, reliability, and affordability to the users. It all comes down to one question: What are you waiting for? Buy them!

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