Each season is special, but autumn is many people’s favorite. Despite the days getting shorter and temperatures going down, there’s something magical about that dreamy autumnal mood. Autumn is also a great time to switch up your interior decor – just a couple of well-chosen seasonal decorations will be enough to fill your home with warmth and coziness.

Classic autumn decorations include pumpkins, leaf bouquets, harvest wreaths – simple ideas inspired by nature. But the list of great fall decorations doesn’t end there – you can also decorate with custom wall art or photo-printed home accessories. Let’s explore some innovative ways to get your home ready for the upcoming autumn season!

Hang Some Atmospheric Photo Prints

Wall decor is a focal point of any interior – change your wall art and you change the whole mood of the room. And the easiest way to get a living space ready for pumpkin-pie season is to invest in some fall-themed custom prints.

It could be a professional shot of Central Park in October, a phone pic of your dog jumping around in wet leaves, anything you like. These days there are affordable services out there that use premium inks and materials in creating their prints, meaning you can really do justice to the rich colors of those autumn landscapes.

Some failsafe wall art ideas:

  • Canvas prints – the textured fabric surface will give your print a dreamy pastel finish that’s ideal for romantic portraits taken out in nature
  • Poster prints – they’re simple and unfussy, but poster prints offer more than meets the eye. Choose a poster made with premium inks and lab-quality photo paper and you’ll transform your image into classic wall art with a subtle vintage touch
  • Metal prints – this premium option is ideal for anyone with sophisticated tastes. Thanks to their refined structure and high-gloss finish, metal prints get radiant results effortlessly

Canvas prints and poster prints are particularly handy for temporary decor statements, as you can display them without making holes in your walls. Posters can be hung using putty or double-sided tape, while canvas prints can simply be leaned against any vertical surface.

pr2 Are You Ready for Autumn? Easy Ways to Get Seasonal Style at Home

Switch Up Your Home Textiles

It’s a good idea to keep your fall theme running through more than one design element – you can coordinate your wall decor with a couple of matching throws, for example. Just a handful of new statement textile pieces can be enough to create a wonderful autumnal feel.

These days you can find high-quality custom home textiles printed with your own photos, giving you complete control over your home textile design. Cuddly personalized photo blankets and pillows are ideal for autumn – they don’t just look the part, they’ll also keep you warm and cozy out on the porch on an October evening!

If you like to cover your chairs and couch with lots of throws or pillows, we recommend combining photo textiles with regular items in more sober colors/designs. That way, your printed products won’t lose their effect in a confusion of images.

pr3 Are You Ready for Autumn? Easy Ways to Get Seasonal Style at Home

Don’t Forget about Custom Mugs

A mug of steaming coffee is twice as welcome on a chilly fall morning – and a personalized photo mug will make that daily treat even more special.

Photo mugs make perfect seasonal home decorations – affordable, bursting with charm, and undeniably useful too. Whether your hot autumn drink of choice is a classic spiced latte, a gingerbread hot chocolate or a mulled cider, sipping from a fall-themed photo mug is the perfect way to ring in the most atmospheric season!

Seasonal Decoration on a Budget

As September rolls around, it can be tempting to try and get that autumnal feel in every room of your house. But seasonal decorations will only get a few months on display, so many people are cautious about buying brand-new themed prints and home accessories – especially if money’s an issue.

But a seasonal spruce-up doesn’t have to be pricey – choose discount printing companies and you should be able to afford a fresh decor scheme for every season. One of the top picks for budget-savvy American buyers is – a printing provider known for its discounted prices.

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