Are you thinking of refreshing your living room? Maybe it’s time to add some greenery to your home to bring more beauty and life.

Adding indoor plants is some of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your living room. They don’t only make your space cozy but also help your physical and mental health. In addition, they improve indoor air quality and boost your mood.

Check out a variety of living-room-friendly plants here.

Thanks to social media, such as Instagram and Tiktok, it has become easy to find ideas for decorating your home with plants. As a result, there was a spike in Google search for popular plants in early 2020.

However, before you start ordering online or going to nurseries, there are several things to consider. One of them is your home’s lighting. Choosing plants ideal for your home’s lighting situation would be best, as some plants prefer bright light.

Also, you have to consider your home’s temperature. Some plants grow well in warm temperatures, while others in cold conditions.

If you have pets at home, be sure to choose plants that aren’t toxic to avoid some problems if your pet ingests them.

Here are some attractive indoor plants you can add to your living room to enhance your space:

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

This shrub is known as the “darling of social media” and can be your living room’s focal point. They have broad, leathery leaves and a long, sophisticated stem that can go with any decor style. However, they require more attention and skills to grow. So they aren’t the best choice for beginners.

Fiddle-leaf fig trees love lights; therefore, it is best to place them next to a window or under a skylight. They need watering once a week, and the air must dry.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is perfect for you if your living room has minimal natural light. Also, they can make your living room more attractive with their variegated leaves. And they serve as air purifiers.

You can settle the snake plant anywhere in your living room. Furthermore, let the soil be completely moistureless between watering; inspect it every week.

Peace Lily

The classy look of a peace lily can brighten up your living room. Their spoon-shaped white flowers and glossy green leaves make them very attractive. They’re easy to care for too.

They grow well even with low to moderate light, but it’s best to place them near the window. Also, avoid watering peace lilies on a schedule. Instead, check them every week to see if it needs water.


Pothos or Devil’s Ivy is ideal if you want to hang some plants in your living room. You can suspend them from a ceiling or let their long vines fall down a shelf. This fast-growing plant is excellent for adding some style to your racks or counters.

Photos can grow fine in low, medium, and bright indirect light. Also, water them once a week or whenever they look unhealthy. Avoid overwatering them, as it may cause root rot. Furthermore, all parts are mild to moderately toxic if eaten by children or pets.

Corn Plant

The corn plant is a slow-growing, easy-to-care indoor plant that looks great in your living room. They can grow up to four to six feet tall. And their striped leaves will stand out in your room.

This attractive indoor plant does best in bright, indirect sunlight. Also, they like a high-humidity environment. Therefore, when watering, make sure it is evenly moist.

Quick fact: Dracaena fragrans, the scientific name of corn plant, has nothing to do with edible corn. It’s so-named because its leaves appear like corn stalks. So there’s nothing to worry about growing a cornfield in your living room.

Enhance Your Living Room With Indoor Plants Today!

Adding indoor plants in your living room can make the space feel more welcome and attractive. Fortunately, you can choose from plenty of indoor plants, such as fiddle-leaf fig trees, snake plants, peace lilies, pothos, corn plants, and more. These plants won’t only enhance your house but also your health and lifestyle.

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