Most people remember to water their plants, but have you thought about a great lawn sprinkler for your grassy areas?  Lawn sprinklers are great when you consider that lawn is one of the largest areas of your garden, but can quickly become dry and parched.  To keep your garden looking attractive and your lawn healthy, it’s time to think about water sprinklers!  With summer rolling around it’s time to spend time outdoors with friends and family!  Give your lawn all the TLC it needs with the help of a great yard sprinkler.

Traditional-Home-with-Sprinkler-System-and-Landscape-by-Pro-Green-Irrigation Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options
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There are different choices when it comes to water sprinklers.  The best water sprinkler for you will depend on your garden needs, as well as the size of the areas you wish to cover.  Fixed sprinklers, for example, will be limited to a specific area of your garden, but will often help you to access those hard to reach places.

An oscillating sprinkler is often the best sprinkler for a large lawn.  These sprinklers add a rotating spray of water which ensures all areas of your lawn get equal coverage.  They are also often very much gentler on your flower beds.

If your lawn is large, your grass sprinkler will have a large area to cover.  Travelling types of lawn sprinklers move up and down your garden, ensuring each area of your lawn is given adequate water.  This type is the best sprinkler for large lawn areas.

The very best types of lawn sprinklers have timer settings which make watering your lawn easy.  You will no longer need to worry about when to water your lawn.  Instead, your lawn will be regularly maintained as your lawn sprinkler turns on at a given time. A sprinkler with adjustable nozzles or settings means you will be able to ensure that water is received by areas which need it most (such as sunny areas).

Before buying grass water sprinklers, here are some points worth considering:

Know the types of lawn sprinklers available.

Sprinklers-by-Pro-Green-Irrigation Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsImage source: Pro Green Irrigation

Before you understand the best type of lawn sprinkler for your garden, you will need to know the different types available.  Some are manual sprinklers, while others are portable lawn sprinklers which are great for a large garden.  When choosing, don’t search for cheap sprinklers or simply base your choice on top rated lawn sprinklers.  By getting to know the six types of lawn sprinkler, you will be able to make an informed choice which is right for your garden.

Here is a guide to the six types of sprinklers available:

Fixed or stationary sprinkler

With these lawn sprinklers, you would use a hose and sprinkler together.  This sprinkler type comes with different ranges, but all attach to your hose pipe and will spray water over a specific area in your garden.  You’ll only be able to change the area being watered by manually moving your lawn sprinkler.  This type of sprinkler usually has a range of between 5 and 15 feet.  These sprinkler types are often best for small gardens or small lawn areas.

Oscillating sprinklers

Our-Portfolio-by-Pro-Green-Irrigation Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsImage source: Pro Green Irrigation

These lawn and garden sprinklers have multiple openings which form a semi-circle of spray.  They have a much greater reach than most fixed sprinklers.  Water spray often moves from side to side, so your lawn is able to gradually absorb water without becoming saturated.

Rotating (or rotary) sprinklers

A rotating sprinkler covers a large surface area as the sprinkler rotates a full 360 degrees, spraying water as they go.  A rotary sprinkler often has a single arm which releases a jet of water over a circular area of your lawn.  This arm clicks through a series of phases during circular path.  A rotating sprinkler often has two or more arms, continually spraying the surface area of your lawn to provide moisture during hot days.

Sprinkler hoses

parterre-inspired-veggie-garden-by-Margie-Grace-Grace-Design-Associates Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsImage source: Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates

Sprinkler hoses can be adapted to suit the shape of your garden, following curved flower beds or reaching into difficult areas.  The surface of sprinkler hoses becomes perforated with a series of holes or valves which release water in specified areas of your garden.  These are the best lawn sprinklers when it comes to flexibility and will help you to provide water to hard to reach areas.

Travelling sprinklers

These sprinkler systems travel over your garden on a track, in the same way a lawnmower would, provide water to all areas of your garden. No need to manually move your hose pipe or water sprinkler.  You can program these sprinkler systems to follow a set pattern. These sprinkler systems are suitable for large gardens.

In ground sprinkler systems

Custom-Home-with-Expansive-Backyard-Oasis-by-Pro-Green-Irrigation Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsImage source: Pro Green Irrigation

In ground sprinkler systems have sprayers or pop ups specially designed to reach specific areas of your garden which need water most of all.  These carefully designed sprinkler systems take the guess work out of watering your garden.  Your garden area can often be divided into zones, and your sprinkler system placed on a set timer to give each zone the amount of water it needs.

Timing is everything

When the weather becomes hot and dry, your garden will need as much water as it can get.  At the same time, some areas of your garden may be hot and sunny, while others are cool and shady.

Determining how much water each area of your garden will need, and then programming your timer to deliver enough water each day will help you to ensure your garden gets all the water it needs without using excess resources which saturate your soil surface.  In ground lawn sprinkler systems often have a pre – programmed timer which has been designed around the needs of your garden.

In an above ground water system, look for a flow system which helps to restrict the amount of water which flows through your system.  Travelling sprinklers which shut down after the sprinkler system has completed its set journey through your garden will help you to give your garden the water it needs without waste.

Gabes-Sprinkler-Systems-Sprinkler-System-Installation-Wichita-KS-by-Gabes-Sprinkler-Systems Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsImage source: Gabes Sprinkler Systems

By focusing on these two features, you will be able to water your lawn without using excess water.  You will also be able to feel less anxious about the amount of water being used or the need to shut down your sprinkler system.

What to look for in a garden sprinkler system

  • Above all else, you need to match the size and style of your lawn or garden to your choice of sprinkler. If you have a small garden, a travelling sprinkler system will be ineffective.  In a garden with interesting nooks or organic shapes, the flexibility of a hose sprinkler system will offer a great deal of benefit.
  • A water system which is too large or too powerful for your garden will result in jets which spray your driveway instead of your lawn, or powerful sprayers which damage your flower beds instead of sprinkling your lawn.

Let’s have a look at some of the best lawn sprinklers currently available on the market today:

Webram Lawn

Webram-Lawn Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

Do you have a curved lawn?  A lawn which has an unusual shape?  Would a flexible lawn water sprinkler suit your needs?  This is the best water sprinkler for lawns which are small to medium sized.  You’ll be able to adjust this sprinkler to the shape or size of your lawn.

This budget-friendly choice has a rotating spray.  Three different arms and 12 nozzles will help you get the coverage you need.  You can easily adjust the angels of your sprinklers, giving you a great deal of control over your water reach.  Rotating nozzles will ensure great coverage, while wide angles will ensure no dry spots on your lawn.

Melnor 9550C

Melnor-9550C Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

Pulsating sprinklers are the best sprinklers for lawn areas when range is needed.  These great lawn sprinklers use paddles to ensure your water accesses those hard to reach areas of your lawn.  This nozzle rotates in a circular pattern, and has an 85 foot radius.

You can adjust your nozzle to work anywhere between a 30 degree and a 360 degree angle.  A zinc spike will keep your water sprinkler securely held while it radiates.  There will be no large holes or damage to your lawn while using this great sprinkler system.

My Garden Lawn Sprinkler Automatic:

My-Garden-Lawn-Sprinkler-Automatic Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

If you’re looking for a garden water sprinkler which is budget – friendly, this makes a great choice.  You can use this option for watering a small lawn, or add a number of different sprinklers to ensure a larger lawn are thoroughly watered.  This watering sprinkler will let you cover up to 36000 square feet of grass.

With this outdoor sprinkler, you have the choice of two different settings.  You can choose slow irrigation to allow water to slowly seep into your soil, or you can use a faster setting for dry, parched lawn.  Each sprayer can be adjusted so that you can ensure all areas of your lawn get great reach.  Your sprinklers are made from ABS plastic, guaranteeing you a rust free longevity.

The best news of all is that this company will offer you your money back if you don’t fall in love with your grass sprinkler system.

Melnor 4000 Deluxe

Melnor-4000-Deluxe Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsMany yard water sprinklers release water in a circular pattern, which is great for organic shaped gardens.  However, if you have a lawn which is rectangular shaped, a circular spray pattern will not benefit you.  You will have to choose between dead spots or overlapping areas.  You’ll also waste water as your pathways, walls or even delicate flowers get sprayed along with your lawn.

The oscillating sprinkler head on this water system will give you great angular coverage.  This makes it perfect for rectangular lawns.  18 nozzles (each clog resistant) will ensure that all areas of your lawn are given coverage.  This system can reach up to 4000 square feet.  The back and forward motion of the sprinklers ensures you are not left with dead areas.  Your turbo drive motor is separated from your sprinkler system in order to keep it protected and durable.

Noodlehead N111CNoodlehead-N111C Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

Watering your garden can be a hassle.  While you may be able to use an everyday sprinkler to water your lawn, your plants can be very specific.  Some need more water than others.  And your flower beds have different shapes and sizes. There are times when you miss the mark and water your car, walls or paving instead.  If only your water sprinkler could be designed specifically towards your garden’s needs!  Well the Noodlehead N111C can!

This dedicated garden sprinkler system will enable you to tailor your sprinklers to the needs of your garden.  12 fully flexible sprinklers can be adjusted to meet your garden’s needs.  You can customise your water patterns to the shape or needs of your garden.  Your nozzles will be able to water a range of plants without damaging your garden furniture and ornaments.  If you want to save precious water for plants – don’t worry.  This system will enable you to focus on your garden, eliminating surrounding grass from sprinkler patterns.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blossom

Melissa-and-Doug-Sunny-Patch-Blossom Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

If your kids love spending time outside during summer days, we have the sprinkler system for them!  Our quality lawn sprinklers are designed with colourful flower designs.  Each flower will spurt out water for your kids to play in or run through during hot weather.

Better yet, this system has been designed to take the normal amount of force kids exert upon a sprinkler system while playing.  Your hose and body are also pet friendly, strong and durable.  They’ll be able to resist scratches and bites.  So if you’re looking for some family fun for summer days, this is the best lawn sprinkler for you.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer:

Orbit-62100-Yard-Enforcer Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly sprinkler system, this is the best lawn sprinkler for saving water.  The 120-degree motion sensor enables this yard sprinkler system to monitor changes in light.  This means your lawn sprinkler system will turn on or off during a particular time of day, saving you water loss due to evaporation.

You can protect your water sprinkler system from wildlife or roaming pets, as the system is able to detect cats, dogs, squirrels, skunks and even deer.  The sprinkler system will protect itself by showering wildlife with a healthy dose of water.  It can, however, distinguish between animal and plant life, so you won’t have to worry that you’ll waste water by spraying old leaves or tumbleweed.


GARDENA-ZOOMMAXX-OSCILLATING-SPRINKLER Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsThese lawn and gardens sprinklers will enable you to water both your lawn and plants.  16 different nozzles can be adjusted to meet the needs of multiple garden areas.  You can place your water sprinkler anywhere in your garden.  However, this sprinkler system will be affected by low water pressure, and your water coverage will be limited.  Nozzles and filters are easy to clean.  Reviews share the massive impact this water sprinkler system has had upon their lawns.

Pros: This sprinkler system has a filter which is easy to clean. This system is easily adjustable and can be designed to meet your garden’s unique needs.

Cons: The system is easily affected by low water pressure.


GARDENA-POPUP-SPRINKLER Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsHate the appearance of water sprinklers jutting out from your lawn?  The Gardena popup sprinkler is discreet, emerging from your lawn when in use, only to retreat again when your garden is fully watered.  These sprinklers are attached to a buried hose, and can be placed as needed throughout your garden.  You can place them in hard to reach spaces and they will give you great coverage, no matter the shape of your lawn.

Pros: Discreet lawn and garden sprinklers which will give you excellent coverage.

Cons: Installation can take time and effort.


HOZELOCK-RECTANGULAR-SPRINKLER Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

A great water lawn sprinkler for small gardens, this sprinkler will stay in place (no lawn damage) while offering rotation of up to 180 square meters.  15 different jets offer great coverage, but this sprinkler can be tricky to set up initially.  You’ll most certainly end up wet!

Pros: Great coverage for small lawns

Cons: Setting up the sprinkler can leave you drenched.


ORBIT-TRAVELING-SPRINKLER Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

Traveling sprinkler systems are the best type of sprinkler for lawn areas in large gardens.  This great sprinkler system travels slowly so that you get full coverage.  You can design the pattern your system will follow.  You’ll also be able to adjust your speed and diameter settings.

If you use this system, you’ll need to ensure your garden is well maintained.  Large tufts of lawn may hinder your system otherwise, holding it back.  Save energy while ensuring your lawn gets all the coverage it needs by investing in this excellent product.

Pros:  ensures you get great water coverage in a large garden.  Completely adjustable.

Cons:  Your garden needs to be well maintained to ensure efficient use.


HOZELOCK-ROUND-SPRINKLER-PRO Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsThe best lawn watering sprinklers for those with low water pressure, the Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro will ensure you get great coverage no matter what.  This great system can be placed securely within your lawn and will rotate up to 314 square meters!  You’ll have a choice of nozzles as well as distance settings to ensure you get the coverage you want.  You’ll be able to cover your whole garden, should you wish to.  Alternatively, you can focus on specific areas.

Pros: Great coverage, great with low water pressure, and a secure fit.

Cons: The hose pipe has been known to come lose.

REHAU PULSE SPRINKLERREHAU-PULSE-SPRINKLER Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

One of the most efficient water sprinklers when it comes to distance.  You can alter your pressure to ensure you get the reach you want.  This sprinkler is a budget buy with only one nozzle, but users have been impressed with its reach.  Adjusting the nozzle pressure may decrease coverage, but even while misting, users have been extremely satisfied.  A great cheap sprinkler choice.

Pros: A great budget sprinkler which goes the distance

Cons: Only one nozzle and adjusting pressure may reduce reach.

Gilmour Heavy-Duty

Gilmour-Heavy-Duty Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

Definitely the best lawn sprinkler in the impulse (or circular) category, this excellent model comes with a die case metal base and a sprinkler head made from brass and zinc!  You’ll get heavy duty use out of this quality product.

Many of the sprinkler heads available on the market at the moment have to be connected to a threaded pipe, but the Gilmore Heavy – Duty model will attach directly to your hose pipe, saving you the installation hassles.

The product is high quality and therefore slightly more expensive than many impulse lawn sprinklers.  You may also find the water distribution fades over large distances.  However, this isn’t really a concern as you get great water coverage for thousands of square feet!

You can select the distance you want to cover, the range of your sprayers (from 0 to 360 degrees) and your spray diffusion levels.

Green Thumb Oscillating Sprinkler

Green-Thumb-Oscillating-Sprinkler Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best optionsOur favorite amongst the cheap sprinklers, this sprinkler system will enable you to water a square or rectangular lawn for a few seasons.  The fittings are largely plastic, but it has a curved aluminum spray tube.  This sprinkler rolls backward and forwards, creating great sprays for your children to run through or dodge during hot summer days.

A chunky dial allows you to adjust your water flow and you’ll get 17 jets which don’t get blocked up with dirt easily.  All in all, a great product that comes at a great price.

Irrigator Pro 525054

Irrigator-Pro-525054 Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

A great yard sprinkler which is both silent and trustworthy.  Although it comes with plastic casing, this is a highly reliable yet affordable lawn sprinkler system.  The spray is well controlled, and weights will keep your sprinkler system steady while in operation.  This system is water efficient, shooting out jets of water horizontally.  If your kids love to play in the sprinkler, they won’t have any jets to run into.  However, your garden will get great coverage as your water streams will not be blown around by the wind.

You can adjust your rotation from 30 – 360 degrees.  Your coverage will be between 30 and 40 feet, which makes it a great sprinkler system if you have a small garden.  You can adjust your sprayers to suit irregular shapes or hard to reach places using this lawn sprinkler.  Three sliders allow you to tailor the angle and distance of your water jets.

You’ll get a baffle deflector which ensures you won’t end up spraying water onto your walls or delicate flowers. This water sprinkler depends on good water pressure but will give you a reliable stream of water with flexible coverage.

Nelson 1865 Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler 

Nelson-1865-Raintrain-Traveling-Sprinkler Looking for the best lawn sprinkler?  Here are your best options

This great traveling water sprinkler will give you great coverage for a larger garden.  Set out your hose pipe and your tracks will follow the path, allowing you to reach out of the way areas or difficult to reach spaces.  Two adjustable sprinkler arms will give you great coverage.  This traveling system can move up and down hills, and will cover a distance of 13,500 square feet.  You’ll have three different speeds to choose from, and your sprinkler will shut down once your track pattern has been completed.  This makes it the best above ground sprinkler system you can find.

We have chosen this sprinkler system as our top choice because it is affordable as a traveling sprinkler, durable because of its cast iron body, and it can access a large area of lawn.

The aluminum spray arms cover distances of up to 55 feet, and your sprinkler will shut down once the pattern is complete.

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