Did you ever consider what a prime real estate advantage your attic is? The fortunate among you who have a  generous attic space at their disposal can really do some ‘design magic’ in their homes.

Assuming that you haven’t decided how to proceed with your attic conversion, we gathered few attic bedroom ideas that may help you. Designing a master bedroom in your attic will give you both privacy and an amazing scenery, and will influence the price of your house once it appears on the market.

Ready to turn the attic into master bedroom? Let’s begin with some important steps of your attic makeover:

Is the attic habitable?

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Are attic bedrooms suitable for your lifestyle? Having a dwelling attic certainly sounds fantastic, but you have to be sure that such transition from traditional flooring is actually feasible. It might be a peaceful and comfortable solution, but are you really ready to climb the stairs each time you need some of your personal belongings?

Another thing that could limit this possibility is having small children to whose rooms you need to keep being as close as possible. Still, once the kids are growing up, you may have more space for setting up your own independent space and make possible your loft room idea.

Did you do a professional inspection?

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How sure are you that your attic is fit for people to sleep in? Make sure you’re on the safe side and hire a contractor to inspect your place to evaluate the attic renovation possibilities. He will estimate whether your master bedroom is a good idea, and will provide extra safety advice for installation and improvement of your attic ideas.

What about the bathroom?

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Assuming there is enough space for an attic bathroom, make sure you position it right above another one. Such attic redos plans are much easier to put into practice and more affordable, and it will spare you the effort of installing a new vent stack.

How could you improve the attic?

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Before starting to move valuable furniture in the attic, think whether there is a way to improve the structure and the appearances of the attic design. For the purpose of attic redos, you can eventually hire professional help.

A good way to start the attic remodel is by checking the flooring: You’ll not be looking only for visual improvements, but also for proofing the joists’ strength in order to estimate how much weight they can support. So far, they only held boxes with clothes and old chairs, so you need to make sure they’re good enough to ‘handle’ the master bed and adopt the best solutions in order to put into practice your attic renovation ideas.

Strengthening may increase the overall additional attic renovation cost but is a good idea even when the floors seem absolutely endurable. Those of you who are about to include a bathroom will need a plumber’s help to alter the pipes or to do the installation. Finally, you can do some detailed inspection yourself in order to find suitable places to store stuff or before going to the stage number two, which may be to convert attic to the loft.

Did you consider the stairway?

The best way to secure access to your attic bedroom is to build a permanent stairway. We recommend spiral staircases because they don’t take too much space (approximately 5 feet of the floor), unlike straight stairways that take 10-15 feet, or a double-run stairway with landings that takes the double. Depending on your available space, you may consider creating attic bedrooms with slanted walls.

Will it be warm/cool?

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Before dreaming too far about your attic bedroom ideas, keep in mind that the attic is the part of your home most exposed to weather conditions, meaning that it loses warm/cool air much faster than the other rooms. In a finished attic space, you’ll need a properly installed heating/air conditioning, ventilation ducts, and strong insulation.

Can you afford it? What’s the cost to finish the attic?

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Well, that’s a good question to think about when thinking about finishing an attic. You need to plan finances carefully before you start the room remodels, and to calculate every renovating expense that may arise.

Old attics, for instance, will require more work for the heating system, air conditioning, and ventilating, meaning that there is a lot of installation work to be done. Also, the costs may be significantly high when you plan converting attic to living space in general or building staircase to the attic.

Then, it is up to you to decide whether the investment for implementing your attic room ideas is worth of the comfort you’re about to achieve, having in mind that the attic will increase the price of your home if you decide to sell it. The best way to go in any case is to hire professionals that can estimate the costs of your house attic works.

Do you have an escape plan?

A good idea here would be to consult local building codes and attic designs, which will probably inspire you to comply with the necessity of a standard dormitory window. We hope that you’ll never be in a dangerous situation, but better safe than sorry.  Besides, dormitory windows come with a great advantage: they bring sun inside your attic master bedroom!

Do you have access to natural light?

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Since attics are usually enclosed areas below the roof of your home, bringing natural light inside can really be an issue for many grand attic conversions plans. Some lucky owners have the advantage of a premade skylight, but others should definitely make space for at least one additional window.

You could even install solar tubes in the finished attics in order to enlighten the space and to make you feel more positive and relaxed. You have the height and you have the view-take advantage of it!

What about colors?

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The essential thing to remember when transforming an attic space into a marvelous bedroom or even attic office is to choose a natural color palette. Dark colors have a space-reduction effect, meaning that they enclose the area even more, and make it look small and unfriendly.

Light colors, on the other side, make the converted attic look larger and relaxing. We recommend you to use whites, beiges, yellows, and light grays, as they are the closest imitators of natural light.

What about the ceiling?

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Avoiding dark ceilings in the bedroom is an established design rule that keeps the room fresh, and the mood positive. Dark surfaces above the head look oppressive and make space feel even smaller than it actually is.

Therefore, even if the walls are medium or slightly darker than that or you need specific low ceiling bedroom attic ideas, you will never fail if you go for a light ceiling that will make the room look light and spacious.

What about the bed?

Image source: BOWA

For your attics design for this room, choose the ideal position for the bed, preferably close to the wall and far from the stairways. Make sure that the ceiling above it is not too low; so that you’ll avoid bumping your head on it each time you get out of bed.

As usual, complement it with a nightstand (or two) and a small table/floor lamp that brings a specific style into the attic.

What about paneling?

Image source: Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Vertical paneling could be your solution for short and limited spaces, especially in the case of a small attic bedroom. Panels heighten the room and make it look much taller than it actually is. Horizontal paneling of the attic rooms, on the other hand, widens space, which means that narrow spaces can really benefit from it.

What about decoration?

Image source: W.A. Bentz Construction, Inc.

If you are wondering how to finish an attic in terms of decorations, feel free to experiment with all sorts of fluffy pillows, soft rugs, scented candles, and admirable three-way mirrors. The place is the one and only area in the house that is genuinely private, so use any item that relaxes you and is creative when it comes to finished attic ideas.

FAQs about attic master bedrooms

1. What are some design ideas for maximizing space in an attic master bedroom?

Utilizing built-in storage, such as shelving or drawers, and adding multipurpose furniture, such a bed with storage drawers underneath, can help an attic master bedroom make the most of its available space. In order to give the impression of more space, light-colored paint or wallpaper can also be used.

2. How can I make my attic master bedroom feel cozy and inviting?

Consider adding soft lighting, warm materials like blankets and rugs, and artistic accessories like throw cushions or artwork to make your attic master bedroom feel comfortable and inviting. An accent wall or a statement piece of furniture can also serve as the room’s focal point.

3. Are there any specific color schemes that work well in attic master bedrooms?

White, gray, and beige color schemes work well in attic master bedrooms since they serve to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. To bring interest and individuality to the space, splashes of color can also be introduced through accent pieces or artwork.

4. How can I incorporate natural light into my attic master bedroom design?

Skylights or dormer windows can be added to attic master bedrooms to add natural light. To prevent overheating during the hot summer months, it’s vital to take into account the direction the windows face and the amount of sunlight the room receives.

5. What are some storage solutions for small attic master bedrooms?

Under-bed storage, built-in wardrobes, and leveraging vertical space with wall-mounted shelving or hanging organizers are all storage options for small loft master bedrooms. By putting in specialized storage units, you can also make use of the area underneath sloping ceilings.

6. Can I add a bathroom to my attic master bedroom, and if so, what are some considerations to keep in mind?

It is conceivable to add a bathroom to an attic master bedroom, but there are a few things to take into account. You must check for sufficient headroom for a shower or bathtub, suitable ventilation, and suitable plumbing. Additionally, to withstand the weight of the new bathroom fixtures, you might need to reinforce the attic floor.

7. What type of flooring works best in attic master bedrooms?

For master bedrooms in attics, hardwood or carpeting are also suitable options. Carpeting can assist absorb sound and provide a nice ambiance, while hardwood flooring gives the room character and warmth. To prevent heat loss during the cooler months, it’s crucial to make sure the flooring is properly insulated.

8. Are there any unique challenges to designing an attic master bedroom, and how can I overcome them?

Designing an attic master bedroom presents particular difficulties because of the room’s unusual shapes, low headroom, and narrow staircases. Custom-made furniture, using under-sloping ceilings for storage or seats, and using the right lighting to give the impression of more space are all ways to get around these problems. It’s crucial to collaborate with a designer or builder with attic conversion experience to make sure the room is secure and useful.

Ending thoughts on attic bedroom ideas

Image source: Des Ewing Residential Architects

When habitable, attics can turn into the most amazing master bedrooms. The attic renovations costs differ of the level of works required and the available infrastructure. The best attic master bedroom ideas can turn this space into a hidden haven, tucked away from everyday fuss, and ideally open to the wonderful outdoor that surrounds your house.

Therefore, think about transforming your forgotten attic into a cozy dormitory, before the youngsters at home decide to use it for the rehearsal of their new rock band. Or maybe make it into an attic loft or an attic master suite with an elegant stylish touch?

An attic bedroom is a private space but offers magnificent scenery at the same time. Imagine sleeping or going to the bedroom with a skylight above, and waking up being caressed by gentle sunbeams? Wouldn’t it be the best way to start your day?

Attic bedroom design inspiration

An attic is a space that is often overlooked or misused. Too many attics space are simply missed opportunities for not being used for something big and specific. Did you know that an attic can become an amazing bedroom full of space and locate in a special place in the home?

This showcase of ideas for interior design for attic bedrooms can help you as you seek to turn that overlooked space into something special. A finished attic can add value to the entire house.

The ideas that are found in this showcase will inspire and motivate as you seek to turn an attic – a space that is usually useless – into something great.

These ideas will give you the inspiration that you need to create a bedroom that is special and unique, a space that anyone will love.

No matter the style that you are going through during the remodeling attic stage, no matter the style that your client loves, the ideas found here will help you as you create a special space.

An attic bedroom takes advantage of the attic spaces that otherwise can be wasted, and you can use the ideas presented here to make that bedroom even better than the average such rooms found on most main floors. The attic space ideas are open to many creative solutions.

Using the inspiration found here for attic remodel ideas, you will be able to create an attic bedroom in any style and with the layout that you want.

Creating an attic bedroom or any other finished attic space is a fun project, and the ideas that are found here will help you as you dream up just how you want to go about the job.

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