As good and important as light may be, we sometimes need to keep it out of the room. It is maybe because we work night shifts or simply enjoy our afternoon naps, but we all occasionally want to block light outside.

But how to block out the light from a bedroom window? Luckily, there are ways to ensure sound and peaceful sleep even during the day!

How to block out the light from a bedroom window?

We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks for you to get comfortable sleeping even during the day. You can try them in the bedroom and see which one works the best for you.

Attach an awning

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If your bedroom faces direct sunrise, consider installing an awning. This way, you can control the brightness level in the room and not let the sun wake you up on a Sunday morning.

Awnings look elegant and sophisticated, which is why many homeowners use them for their patios and outdoor spaces. Yet, there is no reason for you not to install them over the window for some extra shade and shelter. Better yet, you won’t need to make any adjustments on the inside, as you would do with blackout curtains.

Image source: Pike Awning Company

Keep in mind, however, that awnings require a certain commitment on your side. You will have to clean them and maintain them regularly.

These are the two main factors to consider before you buy an awning:

Climate conditions: The weather in your area will determine the material and quality of your awning. Most of the time, awnings are made of canvas, acrylic, mesh, cotton, or aluminum. You can get a single layer or several ones for efficient waterproofing.

Price: Home improvement stores also offer vinyl awnings for bedroom windows. These are very resistant to humid climate conditions and are way cheaper than their polyester counterparts.

Design style: The style of the awning should match the overall style of your home. Aluminum, for instance, is very sturdy, but it won’t always match the colors and materials used in the building. Canvas or cotton awnings will provide you with more design options.

Use mesh liners

Image source: Kenneth Mitchell Architect, LLC

A mesh liner cannot darken the room completely, but it can block light in a very good way. At the same time, it allows for reasonable airflow, and you can install it within minutes and without professional help.

Mesh fabrics are semi-blackout materials you can install between the window covers. This way, they protect you from direct sunlight but don’t completely block air the way blackout shades do.

How to block out the light from a bedroom window with mesh liners? First, fix the blackout curtains and cut pieces of mesh liners in the exact dimensions. Make sure that the liner is long enough to cover the entire height of the window.

Image source: Annie Santulli Designs

When it comes to width, customize the piece to your needs. A smaller piece may ensure more fresh air in the room, but it may let extra light inside. You need to balance carefully between the window and the liner if you want to optimize the results.

Once cut, the mesh liner pieces should be connected to a curtain rod. If you are only using them for a short period, fix them with tape only. If you need a permanent room cooler, replace the adhesive with hooks and install the pieces as curtains.

Aluminum foil window film 

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Aluminum foil is a win-win solution – it blocks the light out for blackout shade, and it keeps utility bills lower. Remember to adhere the aluminum sheets with painter’s tape, so that you don’t damage the windows.

A single roll of aluminum foil will be enough to cover the window and stop natural light from comings inside. The foil reflects light, and you won’t even need to cool the room during the winter season.

Here’s how you can apply aluminum foil yourself:

  • Cut the foil into squares as big as the windows.
  • Apply the foil squares in the window using tape. We recommend masking tape, as it is easier to remove and it ensures that no paint will reach the window frames.
  • The foil you’re using may not be top quality, so apply a second layer if you think it is necessary.

Block light with privacy window film

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Home improvement stores offer complete blackout film for the windows which blocks both light and unhealthy UV rays. The window film is easy to apply, as we are talking vinyl sheets that stick to the glass. The thicker the layer, the more UV protection and insulation the room will get. This means you will sleep tight and not worry about energy bills. Does it get better than that?

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The vinyl film is easy to cut and position on the window, so you won’t need professional help. The same as with aluminum foil, you can fasten the film with tape and ensure it stays in place. The solution won’t provide complete darkness such as window tint, but it will keep excess light away.

These are the steps to follow:

  • The same as with aluminum foil, take the window dimensions and cut the window film appropriately
  • Push the film tightly against the window. Thanks to its static, it will stick on its own.
  • If there are air bubbles underneath, push them with cardboard or a ruler. You may need to use a hairdryer to help the film stick, but make sure it is set in medium heat, with enough distance from the layer (at least 6 inches).
  • If the vinyl sheet doesn’t stick, use tape.

What makes window film even more awesome is that you can customize it. There are lots of shapes and styles available, and you only need to get creative.

Complete blackout shades

Image source: Window Spaces

It will surprise you how much attention designers dedicate to this topic. They have created the perfect blackout curtain types or blinds for every room. This means you can keep 99% excess light out of the room, and still have a decorative curtain that complements your style.

Here are some bedroom window treatments that deserve attention:

Roller Shades

Image source: Hunter Douglas

Opt for the simple classic shades profile with straight lines. Roller shades fit every window frame, which means there is no chance for light to come inside.

Cellular Shades

Image source: Accent Window Fashions LLC

You can also find them under the name honeycomb shades. They are made of tight rows of collapsible fabric layers and have a double-walled cell design. This means, they don’t only offer thermal insulation, but also completely block sound. With them, you can sleep tight and sound.

Plantation shutters

Image source: Lois Lambkin for JCPenney Window Treatments

If you install plantation shutters correctly, there will be no gaps between the window frames and the treatment. Plantation shutters come with solid and large louvers and block most of the light coming from the outside. They look perfect in vintage and rustical settings.

Get some cordless window shades for a total blackout

Image source: Lois Lambkin for JCPenney Window Treatments

If you want your window treatments to be modern and stylish, install the window shades on the outside. Cordless window shades have a black front and a silver window-facing end, which turns them into powerful reducers of UV rays. Thanks to them, the bedroom will be fully insulated.

Cordless shades designs are also safe, and they provide a very clean and elegant appearance for any window. Maintenance is easy, as you only need to wipe them down with a damp cloth on occasions. There is also a spring system in place, which will make it very easy to raise and lower the shades.

Install some curtain liners on the window glass

Image source: Wheeler Kearns Architects

Here comes another very recommended window treatment for all climates. A blackout curtain liner blocks sunlight with ease and also looks very elegant.

The blackout liner works in the following way: it stops light from coming inside any time you are using the curtains. Simultaneously, it absorbed UV rays and lowers the heat levels in the room.

Image source: Jane Lockhart Design

Almost any curtain liner on the market is thermally insulated, which means it can perform well for a long period. If you spend a bit more, your curtain liner will also block sound, and make sure you are invisible to the outside.

You can easily detach it during winter seasons or when you don’t need it anymore. We recommend you to consider it for other rooms as well, as it will keep appliances safe from overheating.

Cardboard covers for the glass

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Sounds like a no-brainer, but cardboard is an efficient windows tint treatment. At the same time, it is cheap and you can get it in any store you want.

To apply it, tape the cardboard panels directly to the glass using painter’s tape. The cardboard covers will also provide insulation and will preserve the warmth of the room.

Simply cut the cardboard to the desired dimensions, and remove it once it is no longer needed. As you can guess, there is no cleaning or maintenance process involved – once the covers are damaged, replace them with new ones!


Blocking windows with cordless blackout window shades or other materials is a great way to cut utility costs. It helps you block the unwanted sun in the bedroom and guarantees a good night’s sleep.

Now that you know how to block out the light from a bedroom window, you don’t need to hire professional help or buy expensive window treatments. You can turn this into a successful DIY project and get the job done before summer!

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