If you, like millions of other homeowners in the UK, are looking to make your home more efficient but stylish at the same time, your choice of window dressings will play a large role in it. For instance, drapes can cut heat loss by 25 percent but only if they cut vertical airflow and are snug against the wall. Some choices of window dressings can also cost a pretty pence too, like the £180 to £300 price tag attached to installing window shutters. So, how do you know you are choosing the right window dressing for your new home? Well in addition to your budgetary limitations, here are a few questions to help you make the right choice- for your home, your budget, and your style,

What Room Are You Trying To Choose Window Treatments For?

The room you are choosing window dressings for will heavily influence the kind of dressings you choose. In the kitchen or bathroom, you will want something that can be adjustable to let light in according to your needs. It should also be durable and easy to keep clean. For this reason, Shuttersmith can be a good choice.

However, if you are looking to choose a window dressing for a location close to an entryway, you may want to consider a window dressing that reduces heat loss like thermal blinds. Around 10 percent of heat is lost through the windows of homes. Additionally, if you are looking for added privacy in high visibility areas like these, 3 Day Blinds come with added privacy notches while still allowing light in. Keep in mind that corded mini blinds do not have any thermal insulation suite for tall windows so your dimensions will influence their suitability here.

Are You Going For A Formal Or Informal Atmosphere?

Certain window dressings like floor-length drapes are more suited to formal rooms in the home such as a formal living or dining room. This is because it will not have to withstand the constant opening and closing. The use of the room will also influence this. If you choose to add shutters to your windows or darkening room curtains, it will block out any light. For a bedroom, this can be ideal, particularly in the summer with longer sunlight hours. This is partially why the use of blackout curtains in bedrooms remains popular today.

What Is Your Window Dressing Budget?

Of course, your budget for window dressings will also influence your choice. Some window dressings like curtains can be quite affordable based on the material you choose, other options like installing plantation shutters in your home can get pretty pricey. The cost will also depend on whether you can use off-the-shelf curtains/blinds or need to have them tailor-fitted. For instance, if you are dressing bay windows, roman blinds may be a good choice. However, made to measure roman blinds can get expensive.

Last but not least, consider the design theme of your home- if you have chosen one. If you are going for a modern, contemporary design theme in your home, shutters, frosted glass or sheer curtains can provide privacy and a clean-cut, minimalist style.

Think about the fabric you will be using as well. While some fabrics may be appealing aesthetically, they may not hold up well to wear and tear. In some cases, it pays to speak to a professional to get the right measurements and recommendations for your windows. Spending a bit more time getting the right fit and style for your home is always worth it.

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