Light makes a huge difference to how any space feels. Even a small room can be brightened to create a large, airy, and inviting feel. Bright and warm spaces also make you feel more positive, energised, and capable of taking on the world.

While natural light is often considered the best option, there are times when this isn’t viable. Specifically, on dark winter days or when the sun has dropped below the horizon. That’s when you need to rely on the right lighting.

Of course, there are many options available, it can be hard to know which to choose. There are several things worth considering before you buy:

Choose A Good Manufacturer

If you want the highest quality lamps to transform your home then you need to consider who is manufacturing them. It needs to be a business you feel you can trust and one that has your interests at heart. That’s why if you’re looking for unique and stylish lighting options for your home or office, consider checking out Zafferano lamps available on

Zafferano Lamps was started in 2001 by Federico Majo, a Venetian designer. His aim was simple, to create stunning lights that would transform your home while being practical and beautiful.

The company creates simple and sophisticated lamps, as well as those that can be used indoors and out. Most importantly, they are dedicated to high-quality, giving you the best value and durability for your money.

All their lights are designed with the same design philosophy. That’s to create innovative and contemporary lamps using traditional craftsmanship. It’s an approach which works well.

In short, lighting is an essential element of interior design, choosing the right manufacturer, such as Zafferano Lamps, means you’ll get elegance, style, and practicality. That’s regardless of the natural light level

The Location

It’s possible to get lamps for inside and outside your home. However, most interior lamps can’t be used outside. Make sure you choose the right one.

There’s more to a location than being inside or outside. You may have a large and impressive room that needs a matching lighting style. For example, a chandelier to fit the grand dining space.

Equally, a smaller, dimmable, and more intimate light may be better for the bedroom or a living space. A large hanging lamp doesn’t generally look right in a small room. It’s essential to look at the space which needs to be illuminated and choose a matching light.

Use Of the Space

You’ll also need to consider what the space is used for. Bright lamps are perfect for eating areas, food preparation, or when you want to play family games.

Dimmer lamps work best to create a cosy atmosphere, such as in bedrooms and living spaces. Of course, your lamps can also incorporate a dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the light for the occasion.

Alongside this, it’s worth looking at task lighting. That’s dedicated lights at work areas to help you see what you are doing.  You’ll find having several light sources in one space beneficial.

It’s all about what the space is used for.

The Right Lamp

After finding the right manufacturer, you need to choose the perfect lamp. Fortunately, there is no lack of inspiration.

Just take a look at these proposals from Zafferano.

  • Poldina

The Poldina range offers a traditional lamp shade attached to a rod with a square base. It can be used as a floor or table lamp and even as a micro table lamp. The style is simple and functional, yet surprisingly elegant.

The range of lampshades for these lamps is impressive, there are even classic ‘Peanuts’.

  • Ofelia

This range is designed as table lamps and you’ll find them in a range of colours, including black, white, and beige. The lamps offer a similar design style to Poldina but look like they are constructed out of wood.

They’ll make a nice finish to almost any desk or table space.

  • Pina

The Pina is a classic offering from Zafferano. It is designed as a table lamp but can be easily moved around the room thanks to its built-in recharging point. The base is circular and the top appears like a small conical hat.

It’s both contemporary and traditional, making it a great choice.

Summing Up

There is a wide range of lamps on the market, which can make the choice difficult.

However, just think about the use you make of a space and the style of lamp that fits the architecture of your home and your personality. You will quickly find the perfect lighting to transform your home at an affordable price.

Take a look at the Zafferano lamp range and you will discover that choosing a lamp is much easier than you think.

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