Wet room showers are a great way to bring a feeling of luxury and freedom into your bathroom. But choosing the right size wet room shower tray is essential for creating a space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

This blog post will help you decide what size will best suit your needs and give you the most enjoyable experience.

When it comes to selecting the ideal width or length of a wet room shower tray, there are several factors to consider. How much space do you have available? What kind of style do you want? And how important is ease-of-use?

All these questions can be answered with one simple rule: measure twice, buy once! With careful consideration, you’ll find exactly the right size wet room shower tray for your home.

Measuring Your Space

When it comes to choosing the right size wet room shower tray for your bathroom, there are a few key installation requirements and measurements that must be taken into account.

Before anything else, you’ll want to measure the space where the wet room is going in order to determine what size tray will fit properly. If you don’t do this, you could end up with a tray that’s too big or too small for your needs!

The width and length should always be greater than the space available so that, when installed, water drainage from all areas around the tray can be handled effectively.

That means measuring not only the walls but also any other obstructions within the area, such as door frames or windowsills. Additionally, if you plan on having tiles surround your shower, make sure to factor those in too – they’ll need enough space between them and the edges of your wet room shower tray.

Once you have an accurate idea of how much space is available, selecting an appropriate model becomes easier, as most manufacturers specify these details clearly in their product descriptions.

You can rest assured knowing that with careful consideration and precise measurements, you’ll soon enjoy a beautiful new wet room shower at home!

Choosing A Style

Now that you’ve determined the right size of your wet room shower tray, it’s time to consider what style works best for your space.

Modern styling is always a great option and can add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. With modern styling come cutting-edge waterproofing features, so if you’re looking for something sleek yet practical, then this could be the perfect choice.

When choosing a style for your wet room shower tray, think about how it will fit in with existing fixtures and fittings, but also decide whether or not you want something traditional or more contemporary. There are plenty of options available, depending on both personal preference and budget constraints.

Consider adding some texture or pattern to the tray too – these small details can make all the difference when it comes to creating an inviting atmosphere in your bathroom.

In summary, measure up your space carefully before deciding which size of wet room shower tray is best suited for you, then move on to considering styles that fit within your budget whilst simultaneously offering modern styling with advanced waterproofing features. Don’t forget about introducing some texture into the mix as well! A little bit goes a long way when it comes to designing any space – especially one used by multiple people every day!

Considerations For Ease-Of-Use

When it comes to choosing the right size wet room shower tray, ease of use is an important consideration. In fact, according to a recent survey by Wet Room Design Magazine, almost three quarters of those surveyed said that they prefer a larger shower tray as it allows for greater movement and accessibility options.

As such, selecting a large enough shower tray is key in ensuring that your wet room provides optimum user comfort. It should provide ample space without limiting any movements or stretching – something that can be difficult when you’re using smaller showers with limited access points.

This could involve looking at adjustable trays with removable sections so that users have full freedom of movement within their designated area. In addition, it pays dividends to look into what accessories are available for the chosen model – if you wish to add further features such as grab rails or seating platforms – these often require additional space around them in order to function correctly and enhance safety.

By taking all of these factors into account when deciding on the best size wet room shower tray for your needs, you will ensure that you get the most out of your purchase while also enjoying maximum ease-of-use and accessibility options.

Finding The Right Width

Finding the right width for your wet room shower tray is key to achieving a comfortable and safe space. The correct size will ensure that you have enough room to move around without any restrictions, while also allowing the necessary waterproofing options and drainage solutions.

When it comes to selecting the ideal width of a wet room shower tray, it’s important to remember that this measurement should be taken from wall-to-wall as opposed to corner-to-corner, unless otherwise specified by manufacturer guidelines.

To get an accurate reading of what size shower tray may best fit your space, use measuring tape or a laser measurer—this ensures accuracy when planning out your project in advance.

Given its importance in helping create a secure and pleasant experience in the bathroom, understanding how to accurately measure for the correct width of a wet room shower tray gives homeowners more control over their new installation. With careful consideration prior to purchase, you can rest assured knowing you chose the perfect size for your home.

Determining The Ideal Length

When it comes to choosing the right wet room shower tray, size is of utmost importance. The floor layout and water drainage are key determining factors in selecting a length that will fit perfectly into your bathroom.

After assessing these critical components, you can be sure that your new wet room shower tray will provide both safety and comfort while allowing for maximum freedom within the environment.

No two bathrooms are exactly alike; therefore each individual measurement must be taken before deciding on an appropriate sized wet room shower tray. This process requires precise attention to detail as even just one centimeter off could drastically change the overall aesthetic of the bathroom or worse, cause flooding due to inadequate water drainage.

It’s essential to ensure that all measurements are accurate and up-to-date with any recent changes made in order to avoid costly renovations down the line.

Choosing a wet room shower tray is not something to take lightly; however, when done correctly it can help add value and style to your home for years to come.

With careful consideration given towards floor layout and water drainage capabilities, you should have no trouble finding a perfect match for your space – giving yourself peace of mind knowing that you’ll never have to worry about being left high and dry!


When it comes to choosing the right size wet room shower tray, there are a few key factors to consider.

Measure your space and find the ideal width and length for your needs.

Then, decide on the style that best suits you and ensure ease-of-use with any necessary considerations.

It’s important to keep all these tips in mind when selecting a wet room shower tray – after all, this is an investment worth making!

Coincidentally, you won’t have to worry about compromising on quality or style either; there are plenty of options available that will suit both your budget and taste.

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