Invincible when it comes to storing all gears from tennis rackets to spare tires, mudroom ideas suit adequately a variety of different purposes, including painting, potting plants, and even doing laundry.

The best thing about mudrooms is that they serve as the ‘transition’ area between the dirty outdoors full of germs, and the clean, freshly dusted and swept indoors.

What is a mudroom used for? The truth is we all have a mudroom, but it never crossed our mind to organize it in the appropriate way.

It is the area we pass in every day, throwing our muddy shoes, hanging our coats, and looking for keys in the piles of randomly tossed bills and letters.

Why not considering some interesting mudroom designs instead, and turning it into a functional and beautiful entryway that makes living smoother for the entire family.

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How to organize a mudroom in order to make most out of it? The first thing to consider for appropriate mudroom plans is whether to rework the ones that are already there, or to repurpose some square footage for a new one.

In mudroom design, it all depends on the family’s needs, so in case there are just two of you who’ll stow a laptop bag and a pair of shoes, go for few simple hooks behind your door.

When kids are around, however, you’ll need additional mudrooms storage units, or an entire mudroom closet that can store their sporting equipment and their school supplies.

What is a mudroom?

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As we already explained, mudrooms are nothing else but regular entryways where we ‘escape’ from the dirtiness of the world, hang shopping bags, and strip off heavy coats, and prevent in such way germs from affecting our clean homes.

How to make a mudroom?

Hanging storage is essential

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Take a look at some mudroom images on the net, or get inspired by your own entryway – you must have several or at least one long row of hangs, as it will prevent the clutter, and help the mudroom look organized even overridden by coats and scarves.

The trendiest solution currently are Nam Dang-Mitchell’s mounted metal hooks organized in pairs, and attached to separate wooden brackets for each member of the family.

Kid-friendly design

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When wondering how to organize your mudroom, decide with children in the first plan. This means that you will need low-hanging hooks, and extended cabinetry where they can place their school bags and their other belongings.

Colorful coat pegs

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In the mudroom case, practical doesn’t always mean serious, so be brave and go for the whimsical look you like.

As designer Sally Armstrong suggests, a contemporary mudroom must mount at least few series of wooden coat pegs, ideally attached at different heights for a playful look.

Must-Have mudroom furniture

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Mudrooms are very narrow in most of the cases, and don’t leave that much room for their owners to experiment with furniture.

Even when the mudroom is larger, homeowners prefer to give it a purpose (laundry, playroom, and so on), instead of implementing the aesthetic touch the space desperately needs.

One thing, however, is compulsory in every mudroom, and that’s the bench.

Luckily, putting a bench in your mudroom won’t be that much of a challenge, because most bench types are practical and easy to install, and serve the same purpose of allowing your visitors to tie their shoes, or store belongings in some of the neat baskets you’ve placed underneath.

Plus, benches make mudrooms look exceptionally cute and handsome, especially when there are few extra drawers to keep odds smartly out of sight.

‘Flowing’ mudrooms

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Flowing mudrooms are based on cottage-décor and rustic design concepts, and intend to bring the real outdoor breeze inside.

The ideal setting for such mudroom is a between-rooms pathway where one can place both indoor and outdoor elements and ease movement as much as possible.

Thereof, flowing mudrooms justify the definition of ‘transitional areas’ which follow the overall styling concept applied in that home, both in the aesthetic and the functional sense.

Woven basket storage

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Is there anything better than a handy wicker basket popping out of the laundry room? Both wicker and rattan remind of a genuinely homey atmosphere, and help organize accessories in a natural and efficient way.

Cabinets with handy countertops

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While it is important to have an eye-appealing mudroom, the focus for making it welcoming is still functionality. What we suggest you to do is to retouch old kitchen cabinetry, and add it to the mudroom’s storage capacity.

It won’t exactly be the most unique mudroom furniture idea ever, but it will still do the job of storing your supplies and keeping the place clean.

The countertops are the biggest bonus in the case, because that’s where you’re going to land mail, groceries, keys, and other stuff you need to pick up in a rush.

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The most distinctive advantage is that there is no need to buy cabinetry for your mudroom.

At the end of the day, the mudroom is only a utilitarian area where you’re supposed to save stuff, so furnish second-hand. Trust us – nobody will notice that!

Work on your multi-purposing skills

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Big and busy families need more than a single cabinet, or a couple of hangers for their coats. Their mudroom has to be fully equipped with shelves, drawers, baskets, and similar storing units.

Boot trays

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No wonder we call it ‘the mudroom’! This room will get muddy and dirty, so pick up few boot trays, and keep dirt away from it.

Plan for functionality

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Defining the function of your mudroom often reminds of repurposing spare guest rooms, which means you have to consider all available options, and make a list of things it needs to store, and objects that could eventually store those belongings.

For some of you, this will be a simple utility draft which lets people and pets inside, but for others it will be the primary impression-creator in their home that must look spotless.

The second thing to consider is seasoning – do you have a pool, and lack the space to store the water toys of your children?

Or does your family enjoy skiing during the season? As you can see, the process will probably take longer than expected!

What is really handy for every mudroom is a cleaning command center, as one will definitely take unnecessary belongings out of your busy kitchens and bathrooms.

Accessorize it

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Believe it or not, decorating a mudroom can still be an exciting experience. It will take some modest amount and some serious creativity input.

How does it go? Grab the cutest umbrella holder from the local thrift shop, or the antique mirror frame you inherited from your grandmother, and place it there.

In case you want to skip spending altogether, throw few cute cushions on the bench, or hang photos of your trips or the drawings of your children.

Plus, nobody restricts the palette you’re allowed to use there, so feel free to go for your favorite color.

Keep it closed and clean

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If the mudroom was supposed to provide free access to your other room, you wouldn’t need it in the first place.

Opt for a traditional, guest-ready mudroom between the entryway and the kitchen, and hang all elements you believe match the rest of your décor.

In case you don’t have a predisposed space for the purpose, use a reclaimed-wood door that slides, and which can keep rooms opened or concealed depending on how you decide.

The key drop zone

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We all tend to misplace phones, keys, and wallets when we get home, so why not solving this problem once and for all?

The perfect place to keep such belongings together is the mudroom, as you can drop them off as you enter, and pick them up easily as you leave.

In the designers’ dictionary, such solutions are called drop zones, and they are usually crafted in a way that they can store bigger items, as for instance briefcases, purses, backpacks, or even suitcases.

Some designers believe drop zones should be technology-friendly, and design them in a way which ensures your car keys won’t scratch the screen of your new phones.

Another handy asset to consider in this aspect are garbage compactors, and recycling bins for less important mail.

Ending thoughts

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Mudrooms certainly don’t have the cutest name in the world, but it is their functionality and freedom of design that makes them so charming.

Thinking of it, they boosted a whole new design concept aiming to ‘re-sophisticate’ strictly utilitarian rooms, and let them be the creativity zone you always wished you had.

It is because of that that mudrooms have become so popular, and we believe this trend is nowhere close to ending.

Clean-Your-House-With-These-Mudroom-Plans18 Clean Your House With These Mudroom PlansImage source: Oak Hill Architects

You may prefer to call them drop spots, or simply entryways, but the name won’t change their function.

They are still the handiest clutter collectors that keep your home germ-free, and the first ‘homey zone’ to arrive to after a busy day.

The location and the size don’t matter either –some people have mudrooms next to their kitchens, others in the garage, while the most creative ones design their mudrooms for scratch, and personalize them more than they did with their bedrooms and living rooms.

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