Every home, at some point in time, faces the issue of excessive clutter. Whether it’s intentional or not, there are times when we tend to ignore the growing mess in our homes until one day we realize we are completely surrounded by clutter. The worst it can ever get is when you see no flat surface in sight that isn’t heaped with things.

Keeping your home clutter-free means less cleaning. Of course, you’ll still have to tidy up every now and then, but the deep cleaning sessions will be more interspersed. You also won’t have a hard time organizing your things and will be able to find whatever you need instantly. A clean home also means that you will prevent over-collecting unwanted things that you either already have or don’t need anymore. This is a great way to save on expenses too since you won’t be unnecessarily spending money by buying things.

Lastly, it’s much more relaxing and comfortable to be in a clean home than a messy one. After a long day of work, you do not want to be coming back to a suffocating and cluttered home. Now that you know about all the right reasons why you should declutter your home, let’s take a look at a few cool ways to do so.

Regular Cleaning

The key to a clean home is consistency. Waiting around for things to get dirty, so that you can do a deep clean every once in a while, will not help you with decluttering. In fact, it will likely lead to more clutter since you don’t expect to clean up after yourself. In the beginning, regular cleaning may seem exhausting, but if you keep up with it and use the right techniques, you will find it to be more bearable. Some even find cleaning to be a relaxing and therapeutic experience. For regular cleaning, be sure to set a routine so you can do things systematically.

Always begin cleaning the upper surfaces and make your way down. You don’t want to clean your tables, and then your ceilings, only for the dust to fall back onto the tables. You should also keep a stock of cleaning supplies so that when you’re in the mood to clean you won’t be discouraged by a lack of supplies. Cleaning with your family or those who live with you also makes the process easier. We recommend decluttering first, then moving on to cleansing, and completing a singular task throughout the space before doing the whole routine room by room.

Storage Units

If you don’t have the option to create more storage space within your home, then using storage units is a great way to reduce the items in your household without having to get rid of them. There are many different types of storage options, such as peer-to-peer storage and storage units. The cost of a storage facility depends on how many things you’re keeping in it and for how long. Things you won’t need on a regular basis but might require later on are to be kept in a storage unit. Extra furniture, seasonal clothes, electronic appliances, etc., can all be shifted into one to maximize space in your home.

Innovative Storage

You’ll be surprised by the amount of storage space you can create within your home by being innovative and strategic. You don’t need to shove stuff in a box and hide it in one corner of your home. The whole concept of innovative and creative storage is to hide things in plain sight. For instance, the kitchen is a space in your home that is highly likely to get very cluttered very quickly. To create extra space in your kitchen, consider installing overhead ceiling cabinets, cabinet space above the fridge, drawers in the extra space between your cabinet ends and the floor, hooks on windowsills, and space inside your kitchen island.

Hire a Professional Organizer

If cleaning just isn’t your thing, or you don’t have the time for it, then consider hiring a professional cleaner and organizer. While it may not be economical to have a cleaner regularly clean your home, a deep clean once in a while is a good idea. But once the house is deep cleaned, make it a point to maintain that neatness. A tidy home is much easier to maintain once you learn to clean up after yourself every time. You can even ask the cleaners for cleaning tips that’ll help your device a routine that works for you.

Before cleaning, however, it’s better to have your space decluttered. If you’re not up for the task or simply don’t know where to start, then think about hiring a professional organizer. Professional organizers know everything there is about strategic storage and balancing aesthetics and function. You can have bedrooms, kitchens, closets, and other spaces professionally organized.

Donate and Sell Stuff You Don’t Need

Another option for decluttering is selling and donating stuff you don’t need anymore. With e-commerce booming, the number of platforms that offer users the option to sell and buy clothes is endless. If you have pricier stuff that you could make a decent amount from, then consider selling them. For instance, furniture and electronic goods can be sold quite easily. You can even take apart electronic goods and sell individual parts. If you have old clothes that are out of trend, then donating them is a good idea. If your clothes are relatively new and you haven’t worn them much, then think about selling them online. You can make a decent amount of money by doing so. If selling seems like too much work, just give away things in your community or conduct donation drives.

dc2 Cool Ways You Can Declutter Your Home And Create More Space

There are many more ways you can declutter your home and make more space, but the above-listed methods are the most efficient. Once you declutter your home, you will get used to the clean space and will find yourself trying your hardest to maintain the neatness. So, the next time you plan on deep cleaning your home, be sure to keep our tips in mind.

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