Who doesn’t love a cozy living room? It can be a great place to relax after a long workday, spend time with the family, and entertain guests. And while the definition of what exactly constitutes “cozy” is somewhat elusive, there are principles that can help make any style of a living room feel a bit cozier. Here are some tips you can apply if you are looking to cozy things up a little.

1 – Get an area rug

Fuzzy and warm are two words that often go hand-in-hand with the idea of “cozy”, and a good area rug can embody all of those concepts. A rug can also work as a focal point for you to organize sitting spaces around, making the whole area feel more organized and inviting. The effects are even greater on winter days when cold floors make carpets and rugs even more inviting.

Just be mindful of size when shopping for an area rug. The bigger they are, the harder they can be to maintain, and a rug that looks dirty and faded can make the entire room look unkempt.

2 – Try a copper lantern

Warm and rustic lighting can go a long way toward making a room feel cozy and intimate. Go shopping for copper lanterns, floor lamps, LED candles, and other types of light that invoke a sense of warmth from stores like Teton Lighting. Bonus points if you can find lights with dimmable settings, as that allows you to find the sweet spot between making the room extra cozy and maintaining a reasonable level of visibility.

You can theoretically get a cozy effect by getting warm LED lamps for your ceiling fixtures. However, floor and wall-mounted light sources are usually best for a cozy effect. Besides, keeping your white ceiling lamps allows you to have two light settings for your living room — use the ceiling light for work and chores, then switch to the warm lamps when it’s time to relax.

It’s worth noting that artificial lights aren’t the only ones that can produce a cozy feeling. If you have big windows or a glass door, letting in more natural light into the room can also have a similar effect.

3 – Fill space with plants

While a room doesn’t have to be cramped to feel cozy, it is still a good idea to find ways to fill dead space around the room. And plants are an excellent choice for that role — whether they be real ones or plastic, plants and flowers can do a lot to make a room feel more welcoming. If any spot around the room feels like it’s missing something, putting a plant there usually solves the issue.

4 – Try cozy curtains

Warm colors and rich textures can do a lot to make a room feel cozier, and a good set of curtains can be a good set of both. Curtains can also be a versatile tool when working with color in a room since they are both big and placed in a prominent location. You can keep the curtain neutral by choosing white or beige for the color, or go with something bolder if you want to add energy to the room. Warm and dark tones like gold, dark red, and browns are all good choices here.

Keep in mind that curtains can also work as a light modifier. Thin curtains can take harsh sunlight and make it softer while also changing its color, creating interesting effects inside the room. And helping you maintain privacy without the need to keep lights on 24/7.

5 – Use a cushy table

A good ottoman can double as a place to rest your feet and a coffee table, all while helping add more of a cozy vibe to the room. Remember: warm and fuzzy are the name of the game here, and replacing your coffee table with an ottoman can help you gain more of both.

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