People often struggle with corner kitchen sink design ideas when they are imagining the layout of their kitchen.

The first thing to do is to think about what kind of sink you want to purchase. Appliance stores have new, innovative sinks that will blow your mind. A sink where you can touch the faucet to turn the water on is a great choice.

A wide range of kitchen skink ideas exist, and you can select from a corner farmhouse sink to small kitchen skinks and under counter corner kitchen sink designs that can accommodate garbage disposal units.  When making your selection, have a look at a range of sink designs until you find the one best suited to your kitchen.

The next thing to do is to think about the design you want for your kitchen countertops. What style is going to stand out and express your kitchen personality? Marble is a great choice but then you have to decide what kind.

Don’t worry, there is help out there. Once you go to a professional, pick out your preference, and it is installed in your home kitchen, what’s the next step?

Every kitchen needs a backsplash to bring out the unique design of your corner kitchen sink. You need to figure out what goes with the marble design of your countertops.

Let’s say you’ve chosen a black marble countertop, then your backsplash could be a blue and white pattern to make the marble standout. Once you have your backsplash, you’re ready to accessorize your corner kitchen sink with professional cooking appliances.

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Image source: Lake Country Builders

A refrigerator, stove, toaster, blender, coffee maker, and a microwave are the basic essentials that you’ll need to make your kitchen like home. There are so many choices out there and if you’re a chef, you’ll need more than that to make your corner kitchen sink design ideas come to life.

A good kitchen faucet is another important tool that can bring an elegant touch to your kitchen. Picking the best one from the start will surely pay off in the long term.

In the end, we all have different ideas for cool corner designs.  You need to create a kitchen that will make you happy to cook and to make memories for years to come.

Corner kitchen sink designs

Installing a kitchen sink in the corner makes your kitchen attractive and modern; you can install a pull-down kitchen faucet there too. Here’s a list of highly-rated faucets on Faucet Post, that you can choose for your corner kitchen sink.

It wouldn’t be wrong at all if the kitchen is referred to as the most important room in a home. It is where food comes from, of which food is like a battery to humans, it is the source of power, thus making the kitchen the heart of the home.

There are several little things that can be done to give the interior of your home a prominent appearance, but utilizing the available space is very important when it comes to the kitchen sink designs.

With floor space being a premium in the majority of contemporary houses and studio apartments, annexing a corner kitchen sink gives numerous advantages. So whether you choose a butterfly sink, a corner bar sink or a stainless steel corner sink, it is worth exploring kitchen corner ideas.


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Image source: Jennifer Brouwer

The kitchen sink is a very important part of the kitchen and its location can cause two things; it either improves efficiency in the kitchen or it could make working in the kitchen much more difficult if it is not well planned.

Due to the fact that it is one of the places in the kitchen that is most frequently used, getting the perfect kitchen sinks ideas can be quite useful.  Corner sink ideas are available through sites like Pinterest, where you can explore a range of cool kitchen sink designs.

Image-3-10-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Lake Country Builders

People usually have difficulties with ideas of corner kitchen sink designs and it can be hard to imagine how the layout of their kitchen would turn out. Choosing the type of sink to be used in your kitchen should be the first step to take.

Consider the size and shape you’ll need for your space.  Which style are you looking for?  Are you looking for a modern corner sink or a corner farmhouse kitchen sink?  Will you be using an all in one kitchen sink and countertop?

Will you use a triangular kitchen sink or will you need to look at a range of oddly shaped kitchen sinks?  These questions will guide your kitchen sink design ideas.

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Image source: Nicholas Moriarty Interiors

Is a Kitchen Corner Sink Right for You?

Although sometimes, kitchen corner sinks can look very awkward and somewhat difficult to work with, nobody can argue with the fact that they look marvelous. They may not give similar benefits as the normal type but they have whole distinctive characteristics which we are going to find out together.

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Image source: Shoshana Gosselin

If the design of your kitchen is awkward or poor, perhaps it doesn’t have a big space or it is lacking in an efficient layout, you should probably consider a corner sink.

Image-6-10-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Filament Lighting & Home

Though this placement can be a way to be efficient, witty and smart in utilizing floor space, it could have some serious disadvantages which you might need to ponder about. Continue reading to find out if this could solve your space problem.

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Image source: West Side Kitchen & Bath Designers

Pros and cons of having a corner kitchen sink

Pro: Saving Floor Space

floor space and therefore make it easier for more than one person to do chores in the kitchen at the same time. Someone working in the sink has to be stationed until the work/chore is done, thus kitchen designs with corner sinks allow movement and enables additional people to carry out tasks in the kitchen such as gather ingredients or attend to the food.

Image-8-10-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Sunstone Interiors

Pro: Storage

The altered wedge-shaped kitchen skink corner cabinet doesn’t only create sufficient space for storing cleaning supplies, kitchen gear, and other things but it also provides more room for plumbing pipes, though you should know that these benefits come with a consideration.

For someone that has a countertop like granite, for instance, it is difficult for a kitchen corner sink cabinet to give the support this might need.

Image-9-10-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Provanti Designs Inc

Pro: Saving Counter Space

The back corners of counters are not utilized at all, underutilized or used as storage in some kitchens. It is perhaps, not common to store ingredients or tools that are often used in a corner as the corner may be too difficult to reach or to clean up. This kitchen sink layout makes this otherwise inefficient area a core part of the design of your kitchen.
Image-10-10-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Parkinson Building Group

Installing a corner sink also allows long stretches of counter space which is valuable for frequent home baking and high quantity cooking. If you cook big batches of lasagna, soup or stew for your freezer, bake bread often or just want a space enough to offload all the grocery bags, long counters are very useful.

Pro: Appearance

When it comes to appearance, a corner sink kitchen is surely outstanding. The kitchen corner will be remembered. Because of its outstanding or dramatic appearance, it could also be a nice selling point in a house that is for sale. A dramatic appearance doesn’t make something useless and there is nothing wrong with it as long as it is functional. A corner kitchen sink will give a larger area of counter space, which can be quiet useful.

Image-11-8-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Laurie Lile Designs

Pro: Design Flexibility

In small kitchens, every inch has to be utilized wisely and efficiently.  By placing a kitchen sink in the corner, you will be able to provide as much of a work area as possible.

Con: Sink Size

A pair of sinks side to side is preferred to a single, which means the larger kitchen sink has been something that has been trending lately. The angle of the sink removes the possibility of having a large sink in the corner, so it’s more difficult to wash roasting pans and large saucepans easily. Small kitchen sink units aren’t always as efficient as they ought to be, and that’s not a good thing in a good kitchen. You need to have the kitchen be dramatic and functional as well.

Image-12-9-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Tervola Designs

Con: Cleaning

An under sink corner cabinet that is empty may need you to stretch a little to clean but is less demanding compared to the more stressful cleaning needed around a sink. Keeping the corner area behind the sink free from dirt and mold-supporting moisture will mean making a long, awkward reach to clean up many times a day.

Con: Tight Elbow Room

It can be difficult for two people to work side by side at a kitchen sink in the corner. Even if each of you is positioned in opposite ends of the countertop, it is still possible to bump into each other as you hustle for sink space.

Image-13-9-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Venegas and Company

Con: The Dishwasher Challenge

If your dishwasher is placed right beside a corner sink, your access to the sink will be obstructed when you open the door of the dishwasher, thus making it impossible to load dishes while standing at the sink.

You will have enough space to convey the dishes from the sink to the dishwasher without dripping when you place your dishwasher 2-3 feet away from the center-point of the corner sink, but it needs careful measurement so that you have enough space for movement.  Carefully thinking through your kitchen corner sink design is therefore vital.

Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

The kitchen corner is really a great spot to place a kitchen sink because a corner won’t be an obstruction for movement around the kitchen, and also gives backward reaching space for holding utensils and other kitchen products. Due to this, we have created a list of great kitchen corner designs and we hope our findings will give you the inspiration for a kitchen design you have always dreamed about.

Image-14-9-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: David C Bos Homes

Country French Corner Sink

Placing a plate rack at the top of this corner sink will definitely ease putting dishes away. The tap and apron-front sink laud the traditional style of the cabinetry and the beaded-board backsplash.

Stainless Corner Sink

The stainless corner kitchen sink has an exceptional cut and features a strainer on the side. It has a design that is modern, an appearance that is marvelous and a matching finish as well. Brilliant!

Image-15-9-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Michelle Kardolus

The Double Corner Kitchen Sink

This double basin corner sink design is more suitable for those kitchens with large space. It involves installing two medium sized sinks on both sides of the corner nook. So that water can easily get to both sinks, installing a faucet that can be served is not a bad idea. The best thing about this corner sink design is that it creates an extra space in the corner because of the placement of the double corner sinks.

The Wide Basin Corner Sink Design

This kitchen corner design is capable of adding an extra glow or aesthetic to any kitchen design. This wide rectangular basin isn’t that deep but makes up for space through the vertical length. The rich color of the metallic sink is perfectly complemented by the full colored marble counter-top. This style of sink also comes with a far-right sided drain and would look great with a metallic faucet and fixtures.

Image-16-4-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Sander and Sons

Copper Corner Sink

Place a warm, rich copper corner apron sink to a white kitchen and you wouldn’t believe the beauty you will behold. If you add matching cabinet hardware or towel bars to tie the look together, you are sure to have a beautiful kitchen.

The Deep Single Basin Metal Sink

This futuristic sink design is a combination of simplicity and contemporary design. And it’s not just modern, it’s also functional. On one side of this sink is a draining board that has slight sloping into the sink, and also a smooth outer surface.

The deep single basin of the sink boasts zero radius corners. The sink is close to the connected draining board which makes dishwashing easier. It is quite a sight to behold.

Image-17-3-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Brookstone Builders

Granite Countertop Sink

The granite countertop sink has a stainless steel drop which gives it a marvelous look. And being placed against a black granite countertop, coupled with a fancy faucet makes it even more stylish! This sink is beautiful indeed. It also features two taps; a big one and small one.

You can use the space behind the sink for keeping planters or washing accessories and the storage space under the sink can be used to store cleaning accessories and anything else you deem suitable.  This has to be one of the greatest kitchen sink designs out there!

Image-18-3-1 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas
Image source: Showplace Wood Products

The sink is placed between the fridge and the range most times, creating an easy triangular workspace.  However, installing a corner sink saves space. A modified wedge space is formed right under the corner sink which can prove to be very useful for storing different things. It gives flexibility in design.

The corner is usually a dead, unutilized space; however, a corner sink utilizes that space.  Corner kitchen sink designs also provide a long stretch of workspace in the kitchen. After reading this article and seeing our unique kitchen sinks ideas, we hope you can be inspired by them when you finally decide to adopt one for your own kitchen.

Corner kitchen sink inspiration

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Corner-Kitchen-Sink-Design-Ideas-2 Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

Ending thoughts on corner kitchen sink design ideas

Making maximum use of the small spaces is a daunting task, and it is the biggest challenge for homeowners/ homemakers. Decorating a corner space is usually a complicated affair that needs a delicate balance between functionality and form. However, a corner kitchen sink is a perfect idea if you are looking to make the most of the small space in your kitchen

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