The bathroom is a space that often goes overlooked decor-wise, but there are so many opportunities to make this room cute and nicely decorated. Even if you are struggling with a small bathroom’s square footage, we have some tips on how to use the space wisely and still get a decorated look. Let’s use every inch of the room and turn your bathroom from a regular washing room into a home SPA!

Bathroom walls – wallpaper or tile?

A very practical and traditional choice for a bathroom is to tile it – the walls and the floors. Luckily, nowadays there are very pretty and cute tiles available, so you don’t have to settle for blank and boring ones. If you are interested in hanging some wall decor, then a good option is to tile just the areas that might get wet – behind the sink and in the shower or bathtub area. By leaving areas not tiles, you will have space for some frames or other decor.

If you are working with a rented bathroom you want to spruce up, stick and peel wallpaper will be your best friend. Just don’t put it directly in moist areas, if you do so, it will peel off pretty quickly. But if you use the stick-and-peel wallpaper in places where it doesn’t come in contact with water directly, you should be fine! A ventilator or a window in the bathroom will also help the wallpaper to stay up longer since it will help the moisture to evaporate quicker.

Bathroom floors – wood or tile?

The same goes for floors – a tiled floor for a bathroom is practical and ergo – popular. Also for floor tiles, there are many beautiful options that will look amazing and stylish. But if you want to experiment and have a more homey look for your bathroom, you can try wood flooring as well. You just need to make sure it is at least somewhat water resistant and definitely, a good idea would be to use a rug for the moment when you come out of the shower or bathtub.

What about the ceiling?

If you are thinking of leaving the ceiling blank, think again! It is the perfect canvas to explore creativity and show your style and decorating skills. Some options to consider are: painting the ceiling in a corresponding color to walls or floors, putting wallpaper on the ceiling (this will best work in toilet rooms or bathrooms with amazing ventilation), putting tile on the ceiling, because “Why not!”, or going a bit out there and installing mirrors. These are just some ideas, you will definitely have some of your own! Explore and use all the space you have.

Decorating a smaller bathroom

If you are dealing with a small bathroom and have the freedom to renovate it, definitely think about what you will put on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Since in a smaller room you won’t have so many opportunities to decorate with objects (plus we need to remember to leave space for practical items that you will need in the bathroom!), your walls, floor, and ceiling will work as the main decor.

Functionality is key

Let’s remember that bathroom is firstly a practical room. There are certain things we can do just there and the room needs to fulfill that purpose. So, functionality comes first, and decors after that. But! Who said that functional items cannot also be cute? Of course, they can! Here are some of them:

Shelves. Every bathroom needs a good amount of storage and shelves are great for that. It is easy to put stuff on them and easy to grab. But shelves also can be very different. From just boards to glass shelves, natural wood shelves, metal shelves, or even plastic shelves. The shape of the shelf can also differ. It can be concave or straight, or even hexagonal. And even the shelf mounting can be a part of the decoration – for example, suspender shelves have a unique look that instantly looks stylish but still has practical implications.

Baskets and boxes. Woven baskets are perfect for storing towels or even robes. You can have a basket for clean towels and for used ones. Boxes, however, are perfect for smaller items and can work as amazing organisators as well as look cute.

Mirror. Every bathroom needs a mirror, so it is an obligatory item for this room. There are so many amazing mirrors! You can get one in a unique frame or aim for a special shape. You don’t need to settle for a rectangle, explore your opportunities and choose a mirror that goes perfectly with the bathroom style and reflects your personality the best!

Decorating the bathroom

Once you have decided on the big things like the wall coverings, for example, tile or wallpaper, etc, as well as practical items, for example, a mirror, you can get to the fun part, which is decorating!

Custom printed canvas. You are creating a unique bathroom, why settle for mediocre wall decorations everyone can have? Canvas is a great way how to show off your style and have just the right visual image for your space. The canvas size can be big or small, both will look good depending on the size of the room.

If you are considering a canvas print, be sure to check out! They are a print on demand supplier, that offers custom canvas prints as well as other items. Also, if you are thinking of print on demand e-commerce business, they are also a perfect partner for that!

Plants. Yes, most bathrooms don’t have windows and plants need sunlight. But some bathrooms have a beautiful natural light source, if so – explore the possibility of having live plants in the bathroom! However, if that is not an option, no worries, just go for good fake ones. In the bathroom no one will judge you for that choice and the room will look amazing and much more alive.

Other decor items. Add a little vase with dried plants on the shelf where you keep your cosmetics. Use soap as a cute decor as well as a practical item. Rugs are perfect for decorating and being a useful thing in the bathroom. Different smaller items that go on the theme will also be perfect decorations – you can mount them on the wall, put them on shelves, or on the side of the bathtub or sink. Those items can be decor elements like figurines, or vintage items, like an old soap dispenser. Keep your eyes open and decorate the bathroom according to your liking!

In conclusion

The bathroom is firstly a practical room, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be a very cute one as well. Make it your mission to create a bathroom that feels like any other room but still offers the practicality of a washing room! We believe it is possible to feel cozy in a bathroom, you just need to find the right decor that goes the best with your room. Good luck!

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