Lighting plays an important role in the interior of any room, both residential and commercial. Its main task is to provide high-quality light flow.

But besides this, lighting fixtures are also a decorative element, emphasizing the originality, refinement of design of the living room, bedroom, dining room, cafes and restaurants, hotels, and other premises. A large selection of beautiful lighting offers our lighting shop.

1-1 How to create beautiful lighting in the apartment by choosing luxury lighting fixtures

Types of fixtures made of Bohemian crystal from the lighting shop «‎ArtGlass»

The lighting fixtures are represented by a variety of models. This allows you to choose crystal fixtures to create basic lighting, as well as solutions for additional, local lighting of certain areas.


They belong to the popular lighting fixtures, used in both residential, office and other premises. Czech Bohemian crystal chandeliers differ from one another in terms of style (classical, modern models), size, design, color, number of light sources, and light output.

On the basis of the type of design, Bohemian glass chandeliers are divided into two main categories.

  1. Hanging type. Their design consists of a rigid or flexible suspension (string, cord, chain), by which the lamp is mounted to a metal hook built into the ceiling. The height of the chandelier placement can be adjusted by reducing the length of wire or cord, reducing the number of chain links. Such models are suitable for rooms with high ceilings.
  2. Ceiling type. The design consists of a special mounting bar, the lamp is mounted close to the ceiling. Used in the organization of lighting in rooms with standard or low ceilings.

2 How to create beautiful lighting in the apartment by choosing luxury lighting fixtures

Depending on the design, chandeliers can be single (with one lamp), paired or triple, classic type with three or five horns, tiered (suitable for complex interiors, provide the brightest possible light).

Wall lights

They are also called sconces. From the name it is clear that they are mounted on the wall. Due to their compact size, wall lights are in demand when decorating the interior of rooms of small size. They provide the necessary lighting, but do not take up much space.

The frame of wall lamps is made of metal, crystal pendants of different sizes and shapes, of colored or transparent material are used as a decor.


Spotlights are an original solution for lighting arrangement. Spot lighting equipment is used as the main source of light, or as auxiliary lighting fixtures to create additional lighting, local illumination.

Spotlights differ from each other by the way of installation, and are represented by two groups:

  1. Flush-mounted. Their installation is performed in the holes in the ceiling, prepared in advance.
  2. Surface-mounted. Such light fixtures are mounted on the ceiling.

Spotlights are ideal for small rooms where ceilings are low, due to their compact size, as they do not clutter the space. Spotlights can be metal, glass, decorated with crystal pendants.


Table-top lamps are among the popular lighting fixtures. They are used to create additional indoor lighting in apartments and houses, as well as commercial sector premises (hotels, cafes, restaurants, offices, clubs, billiard rooms).

Table lamps are installed on desks in offices, on bedside tables in bedrooms, in recreation areas, on the fireplace in living rooms, in hallways, libraries.


Their other name is floor lamps. They are used both for general lighting in rooms that do not need bright and high-quality light, and are used in the role of additional lighting of a certain area, together with the main lighting device.

Their positive features include convenience, functionality, and practicality. The popularity of these lighting designs won through mobility – they can be moved to another room or another part of the room, if necessary. Floor-standing chandeliers made of Bohemian crystal are decorated with crystal pendants, which create a unique glow due to the special cut of each crystal.

Types of lighting

There are several types of lighting, each of which must be in the apartment, home.

  1. Basic (basic). Provided by a chandelier (one or more), spotlights. In small rooms, the basic light can create floor lamps, sconces. Its function is to fill the room evenly with light.
  2. Accent. Such lighting is also called spot lighting. Accent lighting is needed to highlight certain areas and objects in the room (sculptures, paintings, photographs, other decorative elements). Spot lighting can be used to illuminate the steps of the stairs in the house, the beautiful dishes in the kitchen cabinet, vases in niches.
  3. Local. Provides interior illumination of separate items or zones. Does not carry any functional load, but allows you to make rooms brighter, more attractive and cozy.

It is important to combine and use several types of lighting fixtures in one room for the reason that combining types of lighting of different intensities at different levels will help in creating a comfortable and stylish space to live in.

Properly planned light in the rooms of the apartment helps to visually change the space (increase the area, make the ceilings higher), determines the functionality of the room and the mood of the occupants.

«‎ArtGlass» —  the leader in crystal lighting fixtures

Our company has been specializing in the production of lighting fixtures made of Bohemian crystal for over 25 years. The company offers ceiling and pendant chandeliers, spiral chandeliers, cast brass, Maria Theresia collection, with colored crystals. Online lighting shop offers models with plafonds, lampshades, candlesticks, and others.

The advantage of the company «‎ArtGlass» is individual production of expensive unique and exclusive designer lighting for luxury apartments by customers’ sketches. When developing projects, we cooperate with professional designers.

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