We use the bathroom every day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull, boring, and outdated. Upgrade your bathroom with modern products and accessories and you will increase the value of your home in many ways. Not only will you enjoy a new lifestyle experience, but you will also add market value to your home. Typically, a modernised bathroom can potentially add between 4-5% onto your home’s value. Of course, this varies depending on your design and build. Even if you’re not planning to sell right now, renovating is a good way to invest in your property, plus you end up with a bathroom that your family can enjoy and appreciate every day.

Start your Plan for a Fresh Design

Take some time to walk through your home and imagine what upgrading your WC will do from a lifestyle perspective, as well as the home value investment. Choosing clean, sophisticated design lines adds a contemporary feel and a fresh hygienic look that will bring a touch of luxury as well! Style and substance are key when planning to make a few cosmetic changes or even a complete remodel.

Find the Right Contractor for Refurbishing the Bathroom

As you plan out your vision, the budget, and the timeline, start looking for the best contractor that has references and experience with modernising a tired-looking bathroom. Keep in mind that you are investing in both a short-term project as well as a long-term gain, so do your due diligence right off the bat. A knowledgeable architect, designer, contractor, installer and/or bathroom materials and fittings vendor can offer insights to add clarity around what you want to accomplish. Make the most of their materials and design knowledge as well as their experience.

Choose Bathroom Accessories and Details Wisely to Match your Vision

If you are a homeowner, contractor, or installer working on this project, be sure you are in alignment with the materials and accessories that will make the new bathroom come alive! GROHE products set the standard for cutting edge modern bathroom design collections that are not only beautiful, but also practical, easy to clean and can save water and/or energy with each use. Be sure to check out their innovative basin tap collection with many incorporating GROHE SilkMove technology.

Water Conservation and Money Saving by Choosing the Right Basin Tap

Water is our most precious resource. As a baseline number, each person uses about 142 litres of water each day, meaning that the average household uses 349 litres of water each day. Residential water consumption is typically higher during warmer months and lower in the colder months when grass doesn’t need to be watered and fewer people wash their cars.

When upgrading a bathroom, choose the right water tap for longevity, ease of use, durability, ease of installation, energy consumption and water conservation technology. Make use of today’s innovations for water flow and temperature precision with your basin taps, shower heads, and toilets. Climate change, population growth, and changes in land, rivers and wetlands are teaching us that we must consider how we use water in our homes. You will be glad you invested in today’s water-saving technologies in the years to come.

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