Inspiration can come from so many different places and taking inspiration from some of the top cities in the world is a great way to add a unique twist to your design ideas. Whether you want something that represents your family’s country of origin or a space to remind you of an amazing trip you took, there are so many ways to bring in inspiration from places around the world.

While you can’t enjoy the perks of living in a big town from anywhere you want, at least you can try to catch the vibe! However, the simplest way to incorporate the “Big city vibe” into your home is incorporating a design inspiration from one of the world’s top cities. So, let’s take a look at a few ways you can follow to extract design inspirations from some of the world’s top cities into your home.

New York, America

New York-style can vary from place to place but most of us agree that a true New Yorker lives in an apartment on the smaller side so they’re good at using the space. To give your room a hint of the big apple, use contrasting black and white to give it an edgy feeling and use modern art to make the space look unique. Another New York look is exposed brick and pipes which can easily be recreated with a quick paint job and some faux pipes attached to the ceiling(we won’t tell!).

Paris, France

Elegance, class, and modernism are all great words to describe the decor in Paris. They have taken modernism and minimalism to the perfect level and their home decor is all about being just as beautiful as it is functional. Try and make every piece in your home look just as nice as it works and uses high-quality fabrics to make every space feel luxurious.

London, England

Nobody in London expects the Queen to stop by for tea but that doesn’t mean they can’t make their home look like it’s worthy of it. London home decor is all about making you feel at home while showing off the fantastic architecture inside the home. To give your rooms a UK twist, try displaying some of your older china, crystal, and silver as showpieces on some shelves, or replace your modernized furniture with some overstuffed leather to give it a library look.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is a metro city that is full of hustle and bustle just like New York but it still has its own style. Toronto style is all about working with the space and creating warmth. Look for dark woods, leather, and faux fur and use lots of layering to create a space that feels like a warm sanctuary in a concrete jungle.

Toyko, Japan

Tokyo is very similar to Paris design-wise but it’s usually due to the lack of space that many homes and apartments have compared to western countries. Keep items to a minimum and only display things that have a purpose. Clear out your cluttered counters and desks and use deep reds or dark yellow to add accents to the newly opened spaces.

Cape Town, South Africa

Taking inspiration from a town with gorgeous sandy beaches means that you want to keep your space open and fresh. Use lots of light colors and get rid of your curtains to allow for the natural light to shine through. Cape Town has such fantastic views that many homes have large windows or barn-style sliding doors so they can open them up and lt the natural view become part of the decor.

Mumbai, India

If you are looking for a design idea that incorporates color, comfort, and luxury then look into the amazing interior design ideas from India. Some colors have specific cultural meanings to people in the country and they use them to decorate their homes so take inspiration from that and get bold and bright with your color choices. They also have informal spaces with many areas to relax and many luxurious fabrics all around so try using some of those ideas around your home for a slice of India.

Stockholm, Sweden

People have been using Scandanavian designs for a long time but they have recently become very popular with a rise in minimalism. Choose neutral colors with pops of primary and try to make use of every piece of furniture. Light wood accents, plants, and mirrors are all great ideas to make your space feel like you stepped out of an Ikea catalog.

There are so many amazing cities all around the world that you can take design inspiration from. You can choose to use a bit from each one or go all out and base the theme of your home on the modern amenities of Paris or the bright and bold Mumbai. It’s easy to change a few small things around your home to create a fresh-looking space with a worldwide twist.

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