Regardless of what part of the house you’re designing, the task is undoubtedly challenging. But decorating your bedroom requires even more consideration. While other areas of your home should be welcoming for your friends – since that’s where you entertain them – the bedroom is only for you. Its intimate nature requires thoughtfulness because this is the space where you begin and end your days. The mood you create in your bedroom can invigorate you in the morning and calm you during the evening.

This space should be your personal gateway. It’s a sanctuary and an extension of your personality. Thus, it should include elements that you love. Decorating a bedroom means balancing function and style, and both are critical aspects to consider when starting such a significant project.

We know how challenging it can be to decorate a bedroom, so we’ve created a guide to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Decide upon a bedroom style

The best way to pick a style for your bedroom is to use a mood board. You can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest, so look through the pictures and pin the bedrooms you like the most. You can also find inspiration in magazines or on Instagram.

You’ll surely find different themes to choose from. And if more styles catch your eye, there’s no need to worry – you can always mix them. In fact, this will give your bedroom a more personal vibe. If it’s your first time decorating a bedroom, chances are, your taste will change in the future. And that’s perfectly fine!

However, if you don’t know your style yet, it’s better not to invest in something that perfectly matches one style. Rather than that, look for affordable ways to bring that design into your bedroom. For instance, you can keep expensive pieces such as the bed rather neutral. By doing this, you ensure they will work with whatever style you choose.

Choose a layout of your bedroom furniture

This is a crucial step in designing a bedroom. Even if you have little flexibility, you should still plan the layout by drawing it on graph paper. When doing this, pay attention to the direction of the natural light.

To decide on the layout, take the position of your bed as the reference point and organise the additional furniture around it. While it’s best to position the bed lengthways in rectangular rooms, in larger ones, you can get more creative and place the bed in the centre of the bedroom. If you have a smaller bedroom, you can save floor space by positioning the bed in a specific room corner.

Next, think about how much space is available for bedroom storage. You should also consider your budget to know what type of furniture you can afford. For instance, fitted bedroom furniture provides effective use of space – particularly in small or loft bedrooms. However, it tends to be pretty expensive.

Pick the ideal bed that matches the room’s design

Since the bed is the dominant feature in your bedroom, you should put some thought into choosing one that perfectly fits the space and matches your needs. Instead of buying a king-sized bed, perhaps you could go for a double bed and save space in your bedroom. Or, if you don’t have enough bedroom storage, a divan that has built-in drawers may be the ideal option.

Consider the bed style as well. You can use it to complement the overall scheme but also dictate it. For instance, if you want a minimalist look for your bedroom, a white-washed wooden bed fits the design perfectly. On the contrary, if you prefer a luxurious look, it’s best to choose a bed that has an upholstered, padded headboard.

Consider flooring

Picking the ideal flooring is essential for making the room warm and comfortable. Carpet is among the most popular choices for bedroom designs, and this is not surprising since it provides softness and creates a quieter space by absorbing sound. Solid wood flooring is also excellent, but it can be pretty costly.

Luckily, there are options for everyone’s budget. Vinyl flooring is perfect for bedrooms because it is easy to install and maintain, durable and sound-absorbing if it has the right underlay. Plus, it offers a warm feeling underfoot. This type of flooring also comes in various designs and colours, so you get both style and functionality. As opposed to solid wood, vinyl is much more inexpensive.

A laminate floor is another affordable option that provides durability. Since they come in a wide range of styles, you can pick one that perfectly suits the overall design of your bedroom. Moreover, laminate flooring is easy to clean due to its moisture-resistant surface.

Find the perfect lighting

When designing your bedroom, you should also consider lighting. Functionality isn’t the only factor that matters – lighting can also add to the room’s design. To choose the ideal lighting, consider how you use various bedroom areas. For instance, a bedside light is a must if you are a reading enthusiast. You’ll probably also want an overhead light for the entire bedroom. And you could also add some lamps to create a stunning glow.

The lighting should be soft and warm, so make sure to choose shades and warm bulbs that will spread the light over the area. For the design, consider whether you want to make lighting a primary feature in the bedroom or if you’d prefer it in the background. Rattan pendants are perfect for a room where lighting is the focal point. On the other hand, subtle wall lights are ideal if you don’t want the lighting to be a key element.

Decorate your bedroom with some artwork

A bedroom is your personal space, so the décor should also reflect your personality. Artwork is an excellent way to design a bedroom., whether it’s a poster of your favourite band or a stunning painting. Gallery walls are still trendy, and they can transform your bedroom, making it look sensational.

Or you may choose just one oversized print and hang it on the main wall. This print will become the basis for the entire bedroom, making the artwork stand out.

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