If you want to make your home unique and dreamy, the best course of action is to go out of the classic interior design concept.

The more unexpected your design solutions are, the more fascinating they will be, especially if you decided to employ an idea that you like, and that get everybody aboard the feel train.

This article suggest outdoor beds as one of the coolest home picks, and aims to inspire beach fans and surfers to bring their favorite hobby at home.

The thing that makes outdoor bed mattresses and hanging beds so popular is that every home owner dreamt of flying when he was a child.

Some of us outgrew the idea, and are nowadays satisfied with the 10-days vacation they receive per year, but some decided to take matters in their hand, and ‘float’ in and around their own bedrooms. How does it sound?

Outdoor hanging beds are amazing, and this is why:

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas3 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

Porch swing beds or patio beds in general, are among the coolest and least expensive features that can turn your backyard into a relaxing haven, and can be implemented easily in every setting or décor solution.

With just a little bit of creativity, you can make them look so classy and stylish that they will grab attention easily, and make everybody wish it was their home they’re looking at.

Choosing items that contrast the rest of your décor is also a good idea.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm region, the market will go beyond your serve bar – you’ll get to relax on every porch swing bed you like, or bring a real outside bed to replace a traditional bedroom now and then.

Hanging outside beds is just as perfect for sunbathing as it is for relaxing in the shadows, as these beds can be moved easily whenever necessary.

You can lay down and chat with friends, read a good book, or simply take a nap after work – the best choice is a double, light fabric with a couple of cushions for extra comfort, and few stable hanging points to be 100% sure your bed will sustain the weight and the movement.

Browse the internet, and you will come across numerous cool concepts for your outdoor bed. Another great idea is to put your creativity in action, and to design a unique outdoor bed swing.

World’s top outdoor bed solutions

A Japanese meditating bed

Japanese people design and maintain fabulous gardens exclusively for meditating purposes, and spend as much time meditating on their outdoor beds as possible.

In most case, they hang a red-and-brown rope bed and deep seats to match their traditional décor themes. If you like a cup of green tea and a good book after a stressful day, that’s the way to go.

Roof hideaways

It’s about time to give your unused roof a purpose – once you’ve confirmed it has a strong overhead support; you can use it to hang a unique relaxing swing, ideally an oversized one where you can sleep comfortable and undisturbed.

Romantic flare beds

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas2 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Urrutia Design

Romantic outdoor beds are definitely the design touch all of your friends will envy you about, because they turn outdoor sleeping into an extra comfortable experience.

By romantic, we refer to oversized bedroom-like mattresses, with plenty of soft throws, pillows, and semi-transparent curtains to protect your privacy.

Modern swings that support your décor

The more dramatic swing you choose for your backyard, the more modern and cool it will appear, so give your bold ideas wings, and set up the comfiest wooden post you can find.

It will do miracles for your comfort, especially if you add liveliness with thin linen curtains and trendy colors.

Suspended leisure

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas18 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Straticon

A splendid outdoor longer is a multipurpose yard bed solution, as it works both as a suspended bed and a hammock where you just lean forward, enjoy the adjacent pond view, and have your morning coffee.

An urban daybed

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas17 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Elad Gonen

Living in the city doesn’t have to stop you from having an amazing grass-filled bed for afternoon breaks, as long as you have a small yard or a suitable balcony.

Swing bed ideas

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas10 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Hobbs’ Ink, LLC

The current swing trend implies outdoor dwellers to look for simple wooden foundations where they will just throw few patterned cushion and let go of stress.

The coolest thing about these swings is that they never go out of style, and will fit in regardless of the aesthetics of your backyard.

Shady lounges

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas5 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source:
Touzet Studio

Unless your intention of placing an outdoor bed is to socialize, you can think of a maximally shady framed daybed at the edge of the yard.

This way, you will limit your relaxation area, and you will get a space that can literally be used for a good overnight sleep.

On top of that, you can personalize it with posters, add plugs for your technology appliances, and even install a small table for your books and similar belongings.

Luxurious outdoor beds

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas4 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Susan Lachance Interior Design

With a couple of tufted cushions, you’ll ensure a place where you can crawl in after a tiring day, and let your siesta begin undisturbed.

Vintage solutions

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas16 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: BellaWood Builders

The first idea we all have when speaking of outdoor swings is pastel vintage appearance, and there is a solid reason for that. Nothing can be as cozy and tranquilizing as a vintage setting in a backyard porch.

Understated beds

Understated furniture fans should consider beds with stained frames, in order to allow their comfort zone to blend with the nature in their backyard.

Nest pods

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas7 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Jenny Walker

Collecting several woven bits made of twigs, metals, and recycled timber is the most affordable method to create a private comfort shell, or designing an outdoor sitting area for your friends.

Cabana beds

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas12 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Aitken and Associates

The reason why we’re all considering an outdoor bed is that we want to extend our relaxation hours, or simply love to hide on lazy Sundays.

In such case, we should be thinking of a personal getaway hidden from the world, where we will only occasionally add twinkle lights and play music for a genuine Sweet Water experience.

Transitional beds

The most practical solution is to purchase a simple wheels bed that can be repositioned from the house’s rooms to the lash surroundings, or simply be moved across the backyard to ensure you’ll catch all sunlight during the day.

These beds are quite common in Latin countries, which is why you should consider dressing them with typical Columbian textiles to make the most of their looks.

Party beds

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas13 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Chris Barrett Design

Your snooze pad can easily become a party nook, as long as you set cushions upright, install moderate lighting, and invite the right people for a couple of drinks.

Meditation havens

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas9 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

An oversized outdoor bed will ensure there is no need to leave your home in order to have fun, regardless of whether you want to spend the afternoon hugging your loved one, or playing with your needs.

A complete outdoor bedroom

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas11 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Studio AR+D Architects

If you’re a habitant of a generally warm region, you can afford the luxury to sleep outside most of the time. In cases like these, be brave and transfer all comfort of your bedroom outdoors.

Colorful drapes

Another distinctive advantage of having an outside bed is that you get to lead the game, and decorate it just as brave as you wish you could decorate your major bedroom.

For instance, you can play with amazing drapes in all colors and patterns, and construct a personal getaway where you can relax undisturbed.

Ambience beds

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas8 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes

As we already mentioned, outdoor beds can be constructed as shelters, and are thereof suitable even for urban areas. What matters here is choosing elements for perfect bed equation, and ensuring there will be no noise to obstruct your afternoon naps.

Canopy beds

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas1 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Bernard Andre Photography

Last, but not least, canopy beds are the definition and prototype of outdoor daybeds, and look amazing in every yard that has a couple of trees to support them.

In order to choose the ideal outdoor bed, make the following choices:

  • Will you place it on the porch or in the yard;
  • What is the frame going to be made of;
  • What type of mattress will you need;
  • How many pillows will you need;
  • Will it be suitable for more people and pets?

Personalize it

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas15 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source: Tropical Architecture Group, Inc

There are so many outdoor bed ideas that it is just impossible to estimate which one is the right one for your patio, yard, or balcony.

It may seem like an easy decision, but once time arrives to make a purchase, you will have to take the whole picture into account, and decide on size, shapes, colors, and styles.

In order to define the perfect bed for your needs, think of what you like, and how that bed can be dominant compared to the rest of your décor.

The good part is you’re free to introduce a Mediterranean outdoor solution to an Asian-inspired home, as long as you know how to distinguish between the two.

Once you’ve arrived on the design pattern you’ll follow, lighting, accessories, and fabrics will simply impose themselves.

Ending thoughts

Different-Styles-Of-Outdoor-Beds-Ideas14 Different Styles Of Outdoor Beds IdeasImage source:
European Ceramics

Outdoor beds are an unbeatable relaxation solution for every yard, porch, or vegetation garden, and an excellent way to forget about your busy schedule and to calm down.

Regardless of whether you’ve tied a canopy bed on the tree, or purchased a couple of outdoor poolside beds, you will enjoy your decision, and have a private haven that won’t break the bank with maintenance.

At the same time, these solutions ensure you’ll have the privacy you need, and can be easily made more comfortable with sculptural stools, creative coffee tables, curtains, posters, and many similar accessories.

Reading this, one understands that an enviably beautiful home can be designed without purchasing a single luxurious item, as long as you know how to trigger your creativity flow.

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