Bathrooms are in general small spaces and this means that each of us wants to make the most of every change that we do. This also applies to our bathroom vanity. This piece is usually one of the main attractions in your bathroom that means you for sure want to get it right from the start when you choose it.

A diy bathroom vanity doesn’t look like complex furniture so for sure you can build your own if you have the time and patience. Give a look at some of the DIY bathroom vanity ideas we listed here and maybe you will find a source of inspiration that you can use to start your own build.

Styles of Bathroom Vanities

You will find various styles of bathroom vanity plans. Some are rustic, some are vintage, and some can fit any type of bathroom. It really depends on the needs that you have so make sure you check different options before you make your final decision. The most popular ones are the vintage and the contemporary so let’s have a look at their particularities

Contemporary Vanity

  • they have clean lines
  • offer a sleek and simple design
  • don’t have embellishments
  • they are made from wood, metal or stone

Vintage Vanity

  • the edges are generally round and sometimes they feature scrollwork to have a more custom look
  • they might be similar to pieces of furniture because they look similar with tables or bureaus
  • many people build this type of rustic vanities themselves and the cool aspect of this is that you can repaint them or make them suit exactly the design of your bathroom

The Steps to Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

Consider Who Is Going to Be Using It, and How

When choosing the DIY bathroom vanity think about what type of people are going to be using it. If let’s say you are making a new suite for your family and maybe the both of you will need the sink in the morning at the same time, then you should choose a homemade vanity that has a double sink. Particularities like this should be considered before a final choice so really think about who and how is going to use it.

Choose Single vs Double Vanity

The single vanity is for sure a good choice because it can work with all kind of mounting systems and it is the most common one used especially for small spaces. It has a single sink and might be just what you needed for your bathroom vanity plans.

The double one is compatible with a wall-mount and a freestanding style. This option is best to be used for a shared bathroom, a double sink will help a lot in this case.

Look At Potential Obstacles to Determine Placement and Size

When choosing the DIY bathroom vanity you are going to use for your bathroom you need to be really sure when you make your final choice. This is because bathroom designs take quite a lot of time to be changed.

Although this means that you have a more limited space to where you can install your home depot vanity you can still adapt and find the right spot. Make sure you pay attention to the door swing in your bathroom.

Check that if it opens inwards it will not hit the vanity because this option is not going to work on the long term. Will you go for a shower with a door instead of a curtain? This is another option you need to think about when you decide to place your vanity.

Choose a Mounting Type

Continuing the list with DIY bathroom vanity ideas we reached the mounting type that you want yours to have. The freestanding vanities are usually the popular ones because they are always locked insecure to the wall in order to have stability and the weight will be put on the legs that sit on the floor.

If you are wondering how to build a vanity the wall-mounted version can be a fast one to do. This comes directly on the wall and it is usually put wherever you prefer it. The advantage in using this one is that you can adapt it easily and change its position till you find the most comfortable one.

Pick Out Materials

When choosing the materials for your DIY bathroom vanity consider the fact that it will get in contact with a lot of water, makeup or cleaning products and so on. Also, this room is usually more humid than the other ones. The most used materials are ceramic, stone, glass, wood and plastic.

DIY bathroom vanity ideas

Choosing the right vanity plans is also a matter of checking everything from the list of needs that you have. Maybe you follow certain trends or have certain preferences, for sure your bathroom vanity needs to make you happy and make your bathroom a cool place of the house.

Some popular models are the ones that have an open shelf and come with a robust structure. There are also a lot of minimalist models that you can have so again it depends on your preferences.

DIY Double Bathroom Vanity

vanity1 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

In search of DIY bathroom vanity plans that can work for you? Check this double vanity that can be mounted under vessel sinks with no problem. There is a material list made that you can find easily at a bigger store that is specialized in this type of materials. And no worries you also get a tools list together with all the diagrams you need to build your DIY bathroom vanity.

Marble Topped Wooden Vanity

van1 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

If you want to go for a simpler bathroom vanity you need to choose a different material for the top part and marble just might be the right way to do it. It’s quite expensive but it looks amazing and you will not have any problems with it.

Corner Vanity

vanity3-1 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

No matter if your style choices the diy bathroom vanity that you are going to do needs to be done according to the size of your space. This type of vanity fits the small bathrooms and goes well in the corner. It has a sink and faucet together with a mirror.

They also have small storage that is the place where the plumbing can be accessed. This vanity can surely be a good choice especially if you were searching for a simple model to get.

Vintage Style Bathroom Vanity

vanity4 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

This vintage style vanity comes with a minimalist design. It has a lower shelf that can be used to store towels or other bath essentials and it fits easily and medium bathroom size. have a look and see what you think.

Small Bathroom Vanity

van2 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

Indeed, we discovered that a diy bathroom vanity can be most of the times the best choice to go with. However, for a small bathroom you guessed it, you will need a small vanity. This model has turned legs and two cabinet doors that give you the right amount of storage space for your needs.

In order to make it you just need some wood, a saw and a drill. The screws will be the final parts needed and you will be all set.

Modern Bathroom Vanity with Drawers on the Bottom

vanity6 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

Check this vanity plans and create yours. As you can see it has large drawers in the bottom, so this means a lot of storage. It’s quite a good choice for a guest bathroom and for sure you will be able to store in it all the necessities you have.

Custom Drawer Vanity

van7 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

A lot of vanity models are not that big, but this doesn’t mean they have storage potential. Discover how to create plywood vanity drawer compartments that can help you with your bathroom necessities.

There are two types presented here. One is made out of a simple box that can be customized to fit the dimensions you need and the other one has a pull-out that can also be customized. All the building process is explained so check it out and discover the tips included.

Concrete Top Vanity

van3 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

Make your bathroom look cool with this awesome vanity concept. If you use concrete, you will add that industrial vibe and it will look great with silver or other similar colors. Make your own and use the guide explained in here.

Rustic DIY Bathroom Vanity

van4 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

This rustic diy bathroom vanity has that rustic look that maybe some of you want to give to your bathroom. It gives a lot of room so all you have to do is get it!

Wooden Double Bathroom Vanity

van5 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

A double bathroom vanity can be the dream for a couple. This is because it looks cool and it is also a time saver especially for the mornings when the two of you are on the run. Check this bathroom vanity plans and see what you think about them.

Furniture Flip

van6 DIY bathroom vanity ideas and options you can try

It’s really easy to transform an old dresser into a cool DIY bathroom vanity especially if you invest some time in it. With some new paint and new hardware, the change will be complete.

Ending thoughts on a DIY bathroom vanity

As you probably figured it out a DIY bathroom vanity is an important piece for your bathroom, actually, any time of vanity has a big role. It not only helps you by providing some useful space, but it also gives a different vibe to your bathroom. So, pay a lot of attention when choosing yours.

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