When you first move into a new residence, you always have that moment when you stare at your barren walls, pondering how you’ll decorate them and give them character. And, as much fun as shopping in-store for wall art is, we’d like to recommend a different approach to decorate your living room or bedroom walls: DIY artwork.

A room’s finishing touch is wall art, which can bring the entire space together. The installation of wall art creates a focal point, adds texture, provides color, and demonstrates the distinct individuality that makes your room feel like home. Here are some fantastic DIY wall art projects to brighten up your space.

It may appear intimidating, but making DIY paintings, embroidered pieces, and abstract artwork isn’t as difficult as you may think and can help you create a stunning accent wall in your house in Australia. Many of the ideas featured here are from some of our favorite DIY bloggers, which can be completed in a weekend, an afternoon, or even an hour! Handcrafted ideas are also an excellent way to spice up a gallery wall.

Set the Mood

A foyer is the best template to follow if you’re constructing a formal entry but still seems unfussy and comfy. It’s equal parts large and easygoing. When placed over wallpaper, patterned fabrics take center stage, but they also help reduce the lofty ceilings down to a human scale.

DIY Macrame Decor

A Macrame wall hanging is a simple DIY project that can give any area in your house a personal touch. There are a plethora of free guides available online to assist you in making macrame with a variety of intriguing patterns, including spirals and triangles.

Oversized Size Quilt Square Artwork

Any space can benefit from a large piece of painted plywood that adds graphic punch. First, cut a piece of plywood to the appropriate size (our suggestion is four feet square). Design a quilt block (maybe, Twin Star–style) with a pencil on the wood, using just a ruler or painter’s tape for geometric shapes, and then color with acrylic paint. Finish by nailing 1/2-inch trim strips along the borders. Hang or lean it on the wall.

If you are looking for painting kits, ‘paint by numbers Australia’ can be your go-to place!

Wall Art with Texture

To add dimension and intensity to your wall painting, use a variety of textures. Fabric scraps, woven materials, and other intriguing textiles can all be used to make DIY art. Bits of cane material are displayed in frames constructed of plexiglass and wood squares in this wall art arrangement.

Silhouette Wall Art with a Twist

Framed family silhouettes can be used to beautify a dining nook or breakfast area. With sharp black frames and clean white matting, the items stand out against the wall. Put the portraits in a tidy, balanced composition with equal distance between them.

Hanging Flower Vases

Hang some flower vases to add charm to your space. You can observe the plant grow roots by hanging your little DIY nursery in front of a window. You will need some kind of support for your flower vases, such as a piece of furniture, a table, or a window sill.

Consider things in three dimensions

A three-dimensional wall sculpture may breathe new vitality into space. Smartly hang this abstract beauty above the fireplace mantel, where the eye is naturally pulled, and it is shielded from the regularly traveled routes of the area.

Wall Art with Paper Cranes

DIY origami cranes provide a striking visual impression. Mount the cranes on an empty wall with minimal furniture for the best effect. Make origami paper cranes by hand and hang those from the wall.

Shelf made of wood crates

Looking for a one-of-a-kind rustic shelf that isn’t too pricey? This DIY wooden crate shelf has a lot of personalities and can be customized based on the stain color and number of crates you use. It’s ideal for a nursery, an office, a bedroom, or a bathroom!

Wall with Chalkboard

A DIY chalkboard wall can liven up any space. Create a gorgeous range of colors by creating a flower pattern with multicolored chalk.

Frames Pressed with plants and flowers

To transmit the charm of the garden indoors for years to come, press and preserve flowers—or weeds!

For the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to artwork. The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home” and is the most used room in the house. Art can be displayed on countertops or in places above cabinets. Lean toward smaller pieces that complement rather than overpower the area to preserve the details of the art. We prefer prints that make us laugh or are more sociable, as they make our mornings joyful!

For the Bathroom

Another location where art is sometimes overlooked is the bathroom. The artwork you select should go with the atmosphere of the bathroom. If it’s a powder room on the station platform, for example, you should use more colorful and vivid objects. If it’s a master bath, choose an item that is more quiet or peaceful. We like to have a set of two, either side by side or stacked, for bathroom decor. It could be two of the same abstract artworks, one of which is reversed on its side, or two separate pieces with the same topic. Over the bathtub, the toilet, or the towel/robe hooks are all good options.


There are numerous materials and techniques that can be used to create wall art. Try a handful of these ideas if you want to give your home a more personal touch. Tell us about your favorite things and show us your work from Australia! Have fun with your crafts!

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