Are you planning on revamping your whole basement? Then, you’re going to want to read this brief list of basement renovation mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1. Ignoring Moisture Problems

If you see any signs of excess moisture or leaks in your basement, you need to factor waterproofing in your renovation plans. You don’t want to invest money and effort into finishing the basement and then have all of that work get sabotaged by water damage. The fresh paint on your walls could chip. Your tiling could get covered with mould. Your wallpaper could peel. It could be disastrous.

So, what can you do? You can call up a basement waterproofing company to help you eliminate moisture problems from the lowest level of your home. Professional waterproofers can fill your foundation cracks, apply vapor barriers, install sump pumps and complete other tasks that will make the entire space water-tight. Adding this practical step to your plans will make sure that all of your improvements don’t go to waste.

Mistake #2. Picking the Wrong Flooring

Since basements are below grade (underground), they will have more fluctuations in humidity and temperature. You need to pick a flooring material that can handle these changes.

Natural wood is not an ideal option for below-grade flooring. This is because it expands and contracts with changes in temperature/humidity. If you really want to have the look of wood flooring, you should choose engineered hardwood as your material because it won’t warp or buckle due to changes in temperature/humidity. Options like ceramic tile, laminate and sheet vinyl are also better adapted to basements.

But before you decide on the flooring material, you should think about subflooring (the material underneath your flooring). The right subflooring can protect your floor materials from absorbing moisture and from getting too cold. A floating subfloor is an excellent option that can address both of these issues.

If you’re especially concerned about your basement getting too cold, you should consider getting a radiant floor heating system installed. What is that? It’s a heating system applied under your flooring so that the heat will rise through the floor and into the room. Look up the best flooring for radiant heat systems to see if your favourite material is a good match for this home improvement plan.

Mistake #3. Forgetting about Storage

All too often, basements become indoor junkyards. You don’t want to make the mistake of putting a ton of work into renovating your basement but then letting it turn into a chaotic space when you’re done. Avoid having a cramped, messy basement by incorporating practical storage opportunities into every room.

Here are some ways that you can accomplish this:

  • Add reach-in closets.
  • Add built-in bookcases and shelving units.
  • Revamp under-used spaces, like underneath the main staircase. There are lots of ways that you add storage under the stairs instead of taking up more floor-space.

Waterproofing, flooring and storage are features that might not sound very exciting when you’re planning your basement renovations, but you don’t want to make the mistake of ignoring them. Once the dust has settled, you’ll be so thankful that you put these steps at the top of your to-do list.

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