Cleaning your house after renovation is not that easy. The reason is that everything and every place seems dirt caused by the materials and other substances during renovation. Moreover, the whole cleaning exercise can be costly and can take some time, especially if doing it yourself. Therefore, it is essential to make arrangements to ensure the cleaning goes on fast and effectively.

There are different environmentally friendly ways you can use to clean your house after renovation. These methods ensure that your home is cleaner and does not harm the environment by cleaning materials or renovation waste. This informative article will discuss some of these ways you can use to clean the renovation waste effectively. Read on for the tips.

Dispose of Toxic Substances Safely

When cleaning your house after renovation, you will come across several plastics, empty containers, and other material pieces which contractors used to renovate the home. When cleaning, it is essential to safely dispose of these materials and other toxic substances, including those you used before the renovation. Safely disposing of these materials ensures that your home is free from these substances and helps conserve the environment.

One of the best ways to dispose of these items is by calling a disposal company. As highlighted by the team behind Bin There Dump That, the disposal companies have trained staff and proper equipment they use to ensure your trash is disposed of in the best way possible. Their staff is trained to handle and dispose of toxic materials correctly. Other methods include taking the substances for recycling, incineration, and underground disposals. Ensure that you follow the set rules and regulations when disposing of these materials.

Hire a Cleaning Company

If you are dealing with a large house or a commercial center, the best way to clean the house and dispose of the waste effectively is by hiring a cleaning company. Many homeowners decide to call a cleaning company after seeing a huge load of garbage and cleaning a larger area that they can’t do independently. Most cleaning companies use modern and effective ways to make your house clean. Besides this, they use greener cleaning materials and also approved methods of disposing of the waste.

Therefore, if you are dealing with a large cleaning area with too much waste and you don’t know how to deal with it effectively, it’s recommended to hire a cleaning company after renovating your house. Besides leaving your home spotlessly clean, they have environmentally friendly ways of disposing of the waste.

Crack Open the Windows

2-8 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Clean After a Home Renovation

Once you are through with renovations, the air quality inside your home will not be the best. In most cases, there will be toxic substances caused by the paints and other items used in renovating your house. Besides this, pet dander, pollen, and other things might have invaded your home while your house was under renovation. When left inside your home, these items can lead to various health issues, such as allergies and asthma.

One better way of cleaning your home air quality is by opening your doors and windows wide to let in fresh air to remove the bad air or other particles. Crack opening your windows and doors is an environmentally friendly way that’s effective compared to using sprays and other methods of making your house smell better.

Use Baking Soda to Clean Surfaces

Most people will use expensive chemicals and other manufactured items to clean their homes after renovation. While you may want your home clean using these chemicals, they might cause more harm and good, especially to the environment. It is, therefore, essential to use some natural or non-toxic cleaning items that will leave your home clean while protecting the environment.

One of the best detergents you can use to clean your home is baking soda. You can use baking soda to clean smelly carpets and other items immediately after renovation. You only need to create a paste, sprinkle it on the dirty surfaces, leave it overnight, and vacuum it the next day.  You can also combine vinegar, baking soda, and lemon in cleaning various surfaces in your home. With these methods, you will have a clean, fresh-smelling home while protecting the environment.

Use Repurposed Dust Bags

When wiping surfaces, most people will use paper towels and other items which are not environmentally friendly. However, you don’t have to go this way when reoccupying your house.  You can consider using the reusable cloth squares that you can use over and over again. Also, you can use old rags and old clothes to wipe your house clean, instead of having to buy other materials when cleaning your home.

The above are some of the ways you can use to clean your home after renovation effectively. As highlighted above, most people use cleaning companies that combine other ways to ensure your house gets cleaned using environmentally friendly practices. You can also create a budget to have a cleaner home and save the environment.

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