Talk to any homeowner and you’re bound to hear a laundry list of improvements they would love to make to their home—if they had the time and budget, of course. In fact, a recent survey of homeowners found more than 90% plan on undertaking a home renovation at some point in the future. Even more surprising to some, the majority are doing it to improve their own enjoyment of their home, as opposed to for resale purposes.

Deciding what to renovate can be a fraught decision, a homeowner must balance their personal tastes and needs with the potential resale value of any renovation work that may be done. Not all projects will provide the same return, with kitchens and bathrooms retaining their value best.

We’ve compiled a full list of the best projects for anyone looking to undertake a full home renovation below, and some may surprise you. Additionally, be sure to stick around as we highlight a few simple projects that most homeowners can easily tackle themselves in a weekend or less.

What Projects Can Get Homeowners the Most Bang for Their Buck?

Not all renovations are equal, a variety of factors will impact a homeowner’s decision of what to renovate first. If a primary bathroom is a disaster area, that space should obviously get precedence over any other project.

But what renovation projects are the most remunerative for homeowners? Well, according to a 2019 survey of realtors the renovations that they see getting the most return for their clients includes:

  • Bathroom updates
  • Minor or major kitchen renovations (starting at costs of $15,000, depending on the market)
  • General maintenance (such as replacing a garage door)
  • Roof replacement
  • Upgrades to windows or doors
  • Additional space (such as converting attic space into an additional bedroom.

What Type of Renovations Can Homeowners DIY?

Not every type of renovation project is suitable for the layperson to undertake, anything that touches on electricity should best be left to the professionals, as any mistakes can lead to renovation disasters—or worse!

Window Repair

A baseball through your front window doesn’t have to be a headache. If you can get your hands on a quality glass provider, windowpanes can be a breeze to fix. Most modern windows are modular constructions that can be easily taken apart for glass replacement. Even problems with the surrounding windowsill and sash can often be easily remedied.


In general, giving a room new detailing via a fresh coat of paint can be an easy way to bring vibrancy back into a tired living space. Always be sure to check for lead paint before chipping away at anything that has possibly been on a wall since before 1978—when lead paint was outlawed.

Equipment you’ll Need to DIY Paint:

  • Several high-quality brushes (variety of sizes to match your style and finish)
  • Canvas drop cloth
  •   Painter’s tape
  •   Paint stirrers
  •   Paint (most providers will have sample sizes you can try on your walls)
  •   Paint rollers (and accessories such as trays)


Demoing doesn’t have to be scary, if you can embrace the inevitable mess and the chaos, it can even be kind of fun! Be sure to turn off all electricity and water for the entire house before undertaking any demolition work—you can never be too careful. Having the right equipment can make all the difference for cleaning up afterward, for example, an item like a self-dumping hopper can be invaluable to safety when hauling heavy materials up to a dumpster.

Equipment You’ll Need to DIY Demo:

  • PPE (helmets, safety glasses, steel-toed boots, masks, etc.)
  • Crowbars
  • Sledgehammer
  • Heavy machinery (as needed for your project)
  • A dumpster for debris (most can be rented to haul away)
  • Prybar
  • Jacks
  • Industrial sized trash bags (also known as contractor bags)
  • Shop-vac (for dust)

And, of course, there may be more specialized equipment required for projects such as wallpaper removal.

Energy Efficiency

One easy project that is sure to save any homeowner some money is investing in an energy-efficient home. This can mean replacing tired appliances after their useful life cycle, but it needn’t be anything that expensive. Renting or buying a thermal gun can be a fun and easy way to identify the sources of leaks or drafts that should be plugged. This can even lend to landscaping where native plants are often best suited for what water an area receives.

Know Your Limits

And there you have it, a few of the most worthwhile renovation projects for any homeowner to consider undertaking during their own home renovation. From work on bathrooms and kitchens to painting and window repair, there is something for amateurs and the experienced alike. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the best home renovation projects and that you’ve been inspired to try something new along the way. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and comments and thank you for reading!

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