Every Unused Garage Is A Lost Opportunity

Need more space to store your things? Want to make room for your fitness activities? Looking to start a hobby but need a workspace for the same? All these problems can be solved if you have a garage. A garage doesn’t only need to be used for parking your car though it would be right to do so. If you don’t own a car but still have a garage in your house, you can design it and enjoy immense opportunities from this extra space.

Though organizing a garage isn’t a one size fit all project, the basics remain the same. Once you have improved the overall look of your garage and got it more organized, you can add elements as per what you intend to do there. Check out the tips that can help you to make your garage more organized and put it to better use.

Declutter First

This is the first step towards organizing your garage. You will need to declutter all the items inside. While you may be tempted to just toss everything in the bin to save yourself some time, that is not a good idea. Some of these items can be salvaged and some can be used in the future. Take some time and sort all your items. You can donate the ones you do not want or even sell them in a garage sale. This way you make some extra money from your junk. If you need to dispose of larger items that are beyond repairs like an old sofa set or an old refrigerator, then you can call for junk removal services. They can help you dispose of those items in an environmentally friendly way.

Prepare For Storage

One of the biggest issues that most people have with their garage is that over time due to dumping so many items, everything around looks cluttered and overwhelming. Once you have cabinets in your garage and other storage units, then you can organize everything that is stored there. You can make these units against the wall or use ceiling-mounted options. With proper storage units in place, you can protect all your seasonal items that are rarely used like artificial Christmas trees and so on.

Let There Be Light

The garage doesn’t have to look like a room right from the horror movies. When you add bright and soft lights to any room, it brings more life to it. Once you have made sure that all your items are stored properly in an organized manner, the next thing to overlook is to set proper lighting. There are many benefits when you do so. If you need to look for something when it’s dark, you will have to go through all the cabinets and mind even end up messing everything you organized. When there is good light, you can easily find what you are looking for without disturbing other items.

Keep It Properly Ventilated

Ventilation plays an important role in your garage. When the ventilation is not proper, the humidity in your garage will be high. This will make it impossible for anyone to spend any time there. Moreover, due to high humidity the walls, boxes, and other surfaces will be affected. This is because the moisture in the air will be high and it will make all the surfaces damp. When this happens on porous surfaces there can be mold formation. This can not only be bad for your health but will damage everything in the garage.

Make A Proper List

The storage in your garage will never really stop. As your kids outgrow the items, you will keep adding them to the storage. One way to keep your garage organized is to make a simple excel list with all the items. Mark all the storage units with numbers that can then be added to the excel file. This way when you are looking for an item, you can easily search on the excel file and can see exactly where it is placed. You will be able to get it without having to go through everything or relying on your memory.

From Impulsive To Sustainable Shopping

22-1 Garage Design: How To Improve Your Garage And Make It More Organized

Cheap and fast-moving products surely attract the attention of everyone who sets their eyes on them. Though it may seem like a great bargain, these low-quality items do not last long and soon will end up in your garage. To make sure it doesn’t get cluttered with so many broken and damaged items, invest in good quality and sustainable items that can last longer and you can enjoy their full worth.

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