When it comes to decorating your home, it’s easy to get lost among the popular trends. Scandi, Edwardian, Modern – each of these styles represent a completely different type of home décor, but all three are massively overpopulated in the current interior landscape. If you’re looking for a home interior that stands out from the rest, get creative with Eclectic Styling.

What is Eclectic Décor?

Eclectic décor is a tricky style to describe. The key emphasis of this interior design trend is its personalisation from home to home, or even room to room. The bold style allows homeowners to play with colour, express their personality and create an abstract environment idea for incorporating some drama into their home.

Playing on the joyful tones, the unique design style often uses deep, rich tones such as midnight blue or a strong sage green. The deep tones create a larger feeling within the room, allowing for a bright pop of colour that accentuates grandeur and elegance.

Accenting these main colours is usually a patterned flair. Leopard print, zebra print or even just block colours can be layered into the room to create a more dynamic space. The layering of shades, fabrics and patterns further adds to the personality of your home to create a totally unique space just for you and your family. It also helps to add that extra layer of comfort. The layered details create a cosy aesthetic perfect for winding down and relaxing at the end of a long day, or in your down time over the weekend.

Statement Lighting

Whether you prefer an antique copper or a polished brass, a warm metal flair can really transform your interior detailing. You can incorporate this through a variety of means. The handles on your drawers, the legs of a lounge chair or a statement curtain pole all subtly add the warm additions to your interior, but nothing achieves the look quite like lighting. Lighting allows you to incorporate a statement look to your interiors – transforming the space with a stunning centrepiece. Check out the Lincoln Pendant Ceiling Light in satin brass. The gorgeous pendant light features a loud, boisterous style like no other. Style this in the centre of your living room, dining room or entryway for a gorgeous, glamorous flair.

lincoln-pendant-ceiling-light-satin-brass-lit-aga Getting Creative with Eclectic Lighting

Accent lighting

Bold statement lighting isn’t the only form of light we would recommend for your eclectic interior; however, you should also incorporate a strong accent light. Accent lighting comes in many forms and is added to a room to accentuate certain features and elements of the décor. For example, a living room floor lamp is perfect for accentuating and pulling focus to a cosy corner or a comfortable reading nook.

Our brand new range of animal themed lighting is ideal for this. The quirky lamps each take on the style of an animal with their adorable detailing. The unique, individual lights each have a signature statement style that would beautifully accentuate areas of your home, such as a living room side table, hallway drawers or anywhere else.

Style some of these gorgeous new lamps throughout your décor for a stunning lighting arrangement that is guaranteed to enhance the eclectic tones.

word-image Getting Creative with Eclectic Lighting

Enjoy your eclectic décor

Now that you know how to get eclectic with lighting, take these tips and incorporate them into your home! Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and get creative. Add as much personality to your décor as you can, and we promise you won’t regret it.

Make sure to shop our full range of lighting on to achieve your perfect lighting style, whether its eclectic décor, mid-century modern or even traditional country chic.

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