Redesigning a room always comes with a lot of considerations and questions. Do you like window blinds? Is blue the right colour for the couches? There are lots of minute details that don’t have a “right” answer, and the perfect room will vary based on your preferences.

However, the key thing to keep in mind when redesigning a room is to make sure it becomes an active part of your home experience. A room that has both function and style will always catch the eye of any guests and will ensure that it wows everybody that gets to see it. So today we’ll go over some key ideas to keep in mind when redesigning your living room in particular, so every guest you have from now on is completely stunned.

Automation never fails

A great way to make sure your room becomes an experience and not just a passive space is to add automation to it. Think about it, you are welcoming a guest for the afternoon and as soon as both of you enter you press a single button and the room itself turns alive to welcome you. How is that not going to turn heads?

Window actuators are a simple upgrade you can install without much hassle; an automatic fireplace is a tried and true upgrade as well, and it doesn’t take much effort to make your lights turn on remotely either. Automating a room is much easier than it looks, and it’s bound to astonish everybody.

The small details matter

While going for bold surprises is a great way to capture the attention of any guests, perfecting the small details is also a simple way to improve the look and feel of your living room. Not all design tips have to be complex, and these are bound to improve the look of your room without demanding much effort.

Mirrors make any space look larger, and this makes first impressions much more favourable. Cleverly placed mirrors lighten up any living room and make sure it feels much more spacious than it truly is. So just one mirror can go a long way to redefine a space.

Another good idea is to add some texture to elements that are already present. Take windows for example, on their own they are just functional elements, but with the right set of shutters, they can gain a lot of aesthetic value. And the best part is that window shutters cost very little, so it’s an affordable change as well.

More isn’t always better

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when redesigning a space: There’s a limit to how much you can add to a room.

There’s no end to all the design ideas you can read up on and grow to love, but there’s a very real limit when it comes to how many you can use in your living room. The idea of design is to build spaces, not to clutter them, and this means that you need to have a clear mental image of the finalized room in your head. Focus on a single idea and improve on it. Don’t mix too many styles and don’t feel the need to change everything. A good redesign focuses on the details instead of turning everything upside down.

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