Have you ever noticed that some houses are more vibrant than others? They seem to have that extra that some places don’t. Those houses reflect a personality, and that makes them stand out from the crowd. But what makes them so different?

As you may have noticed, most people have something from their childhood or something they have picked from their travels abroad. These memoirs keep a house feeling alive, brimming with good thoughts and memories. You can add many items that add character to your space and bring in a whole new outlook to your home.

So What Exactly Is Accent Furniture?

Anything that contrasts with the rest of the room’s design or style is referred to as accent furniture. The term “accent” derives from the word “accent,” which implies “stress” or “emphasis.” For instance, if your living room has majorly grey and neutral furniture and one brightly colored chair, the chair is accent furniture.

An accent piece of decor or furniture doesn’t have to be utilitarian in purpose. They just need to catch the eye of people and give your space an added appeal.

Now while choosing accent furniture, you can go all in and splurge, or you can dive into the deep ocean of thrift stores and the local antique bazaars. You can even try your hand at DIYs for a one-of-a-kind look. The motive is to add elements to your home that are bespoke and extra and make people notice.

There are many ways to go about it, and here are some ways.

Foyer Bliss

The foyer is what sets the mood for the entire house. Choose a piece of accent furniture that can speak volumes. You can go for a bombe chest which is an excellent choice. You can choose beautiful vintage mirrors and hang them above the chest to add more character to the place. You can experiment with the lighting to add a little more drama to the accent pieces.

Small Tables

Small tables are an excellent way to include accessories in your decor. These little tables can be painted and have brilliant metallic legs, unique patterns, or unusual materials.

They might be constructed of unusual materials or feature bold colors or lines; the possibilities are infinite. Simply select the table based on its ability to attract attention.

You may utilize these tables in any part of the house, from the living room to the bedroom.

A Chair With Character

Chairs are frequently utilized as highlight pieces in interior design. You might’ve seen vintage chairs with beautiful stark velvet or a floral patterned upholstery, adding an element of oomph to an otherwise plain house.

You can always refurbish your old chairs to make them stand out. Furniture upholstery fabric is available in tons of patterns, finish, and fabric to create your unique stand-out chair. When choosing an accent chair, seek one with a bold profile or a color that takes your breath away.

For even more contrast, it might be in a different style than the rest of your furnishings. We all know that combining two completely distinct types may yield incredible outcomes. For example, try bringing in a contemporary chair if the rest of your furniture is classic or the other way around.


There are many ways you can add flair to your home. Accent pieces just are the right tinge of color to an otherwise plain house. You can browse through magazines for inspiration or make use of the internet. There are endless possibilities when you have your style to showcase, which is very important for adding character to your home. So buckle up and happy sprucing!

We hope this article helps you shortlist the accent furniture piece of your dreams!

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