Imagine standing in a room where the sheer scale takes your breath away. High ceilings, often a luxury, present a canvas grander than any other. Yet, the beauty of expanses can be intimidating when envisioning a cohesive, warm space. Decorating ideas for high ceilings require a unique approach to elevate and enliven such majestic interiors.

This piece demystifies the art of adorning vertical grandeur. We’ll discuss how the integration of elements like vaulted ceiling enhancement and statement light fixtures can transform an area from lofty to lovely. Discover how layering light and using long, luxe drapery can add an aura of opulence and comfort.

By the close, you’ll wield the knowledge to dress up dizzying heights with confidence. Expect practical tips on maximizing vertical space and adding airy and spacious design flair. So, let’s ascend the ordinary and reach new design dimensions together.

How to decorate high ceilings

Use paintings on tall walls

Image source: International Custom Designs

Paintings are welcomed everywhere and wall ideas are always bringing change into a space, but their contribution to a tall living room is simply indispensable. With a nice painting, your high ceiling living room will look beautiful, lively, and elegant.

Your tall walls will turn into art galleries, instead of simple architectural solutions. The best thing about paintings in rooms with high ceilings is that you can use as many as you want, wherever you want. You can even try having a gallery wall.

Paint a single wall

Image source: E. B. Mahoney Builders, Inc.

Why not painting a single wall, instead of them all? A bold shade for decorating tall walls will certainly go beyond the usual neutral scheme, and it will become the focal point of the room.

Its true-bold colors are adding value and visibility to your wall’s height, but will at the same time decrease the negative effect of height in the case of the other walls. The uniqueness, freshness, and personality of the wall decorating ideas are just a few of the additional benefits.

Attract attention with heavy furniture

Image source: Anne Rue Interiors

The heaviest furniture pieces should be arranged right under the ceiling’s highest point.

It is one of the most successful tactics for dismissing the intimidating and empty effect that high ceilings and a tall wall, in general, can create.

Better yet, large furniture pieces look classy and sophisticated in a high ceilings living room; not a cluttered and bulky living room.

Create an attic floor

Image source: Dewson Construction Company

One of the biggest advantages of a high ceiling house is the possibility to add a cute attic floor. The floor can either be an integral part of your living room or a completely separate and lovely bedroom.

Beams are an incredible addition when it comes to charm and warmth into rooms with high ceilings.

Lavish chandeliers

Image source: Clay Construction Inc.

One of the first suggestions you’d come across when browsing the topic of ‘how to decorate tall ceilings’ is by adding lavish and oversized chandeliers. Having a room with high ceilings means having generous proportions for all lighting fixtures you might have in mind.

While they leave observers overwhelmed and breathless, luxurious chandeliers are an expensive and sensitive lighting solution.

In case you’re cutting your decoration budget, we recommend you to opt for a tracking alternative, and buy moveable lights which you could reposition when redesigning the place of the furniture. There are numerous high ceiling lightning options you can try.

A contrasting color for the molding

Image source: Margaux Interiors

Painting the molding in a color contrasting one of your ceilings is more than art – it is your tool for establishing visual balance at home by decorating tall walls.

High shelves

Image source: Bulhon Design Associates

Did it cross your mind that high ceilings provide incredible storage space?

Instead of cutting out comfort to ensure a spot for your book collection, hang wooden shelves on the edge between your ceiling and your tall walls.

Shelves are both practical and decorative and will go well with every accessory you want to expose. Using them is recommended particularly as large wall decor ideas.

Big windows

Image source: Matt Varnado – Varnado Photography

Another great way to ‘undercover’ height is to ensure you have just equally high windows. Large windows can turn size into an advantage and change completely the high ceiling decor.

The viewers will stay focused on the amazing view; and will feel positive because of the large amount of natural light. The color of the high ceiling curtains can make it an interesting choice too.

Beams on the ceiling

Image source: Dewson Construction Company

Beams provide stability and authenticity and therefore are the favorite element of designers who want a rustic, nature-orientated home.

Thanks to beams (as well as few creative solutions-homespun carpets, unfinished floors, vintage furniture, etc) you can turn an urban apartment into an antique castle or a countryside mansion.


Image source: Maty Cook

Obviously, your large windows will require equally large curtains, sometimes big enough to cover entire walls.

You can use the curtains for high windows lighter hues for classic linen solutions; or bold and heavy drapes for energetic and dramatic appearances. Homely patterns are also welcomed to add coziness and comfort to your tall wall decor.

More shelves

Image source: Laidlaw Schultz architects

Don’t limit your set of shelves to the ones hanging in parallel with the ceilings. This is a bit of useful advice especially for passionate readers, who can ‘defeat’ emptiness with numerous shelves (ideally in different shapes, levels, and positions). The book arrangements can be one of the best living room art ideas.

Textured ceilings

Image source: John McDonald Company

If your skills and budget allow it, carve the ceiling and add some unique and recognizable texture. Texture can also look good on your fabrics, or well-chosen wooden furniture.

This living room with high ceilings decorating ideas successful as they break the monotony of eternally high, neutrally painted rooms.

The power of rugs and cushions

Image source: David Howell Design

One of the most disturbing problems high ceilings can create is the echo. Believe it or not, acoustics can be adjusted with only a few plush rugs, or piles of fluffy cushions to absorb the sound.

Better yet we are discussing accessories whose cuteness never goes out of style.

The problems of your living room ceilings are becoming, in fact,, an invitation to creativity.


Image source: Ruhl Studio Architects

With high ceilings, you’re already halfway to achieving the trendiest living room ceiling ideas design solution of the year: an ‘industrial’ home! The style appeared in the USA during the ‘90s and has been gaining popularity ever since.

Industrial style designers adore high ceilings. In fact, height and tall walls, in general, enable them to underline the importance of airiness and spaciousness, which is exactly why you’d be expected to do in order ‘minimize’ accessorizing efforts: using nothing more than bricks; few advertising posters, and essential pieces of rough-wood furniture. Such solutions suit open ceiling designs as well.

Textured and patterned panels

Image source: Walter Barda Design

Panels act as perfect sound dampeners, but with a proper pattern/texture, they could become attractive decorations for the high ceilings homes. They look best in dual-level apartments since they embellish the lofty proportions, and they are really affordable.

The rule of thirds

Image source: Manhattan Renovations

The rule of thirds (known also as the Golden Selection Rule) says that every wall should be divided into three equal parts (both vertically and horizontally).

As a second step, each part should be given a purpose: for instance, bottom parts can serve as furniture basis; while large paintings can fulfill the middle parts, and can act as a balancing link between the floor and the ceilings. Depending on the size of the painting, the highest parts can remain empty. Such as rule is an invitation for large wall decorating ideas.

Failing to comply with the rule could cause imbalance, and could make even the coziest room look cold and empty. In order to find the best ideas for decorating a wall, you may need the expertise of an interior designer.

French windowing

Image source: Moore Architects, PC

French windowing refers to floor-to-ceiling windows, such that blend interior with nature, adding dramatic brightness to the room. It is a very sophisticated solution, but it works well as long as you have your own garden and you connect it to less private rooms.

A high ceiling design house which uses such a solution will look not only bigger but also as an open space for communication with the environment.

The ‘Don’t try at home’-s


As usual, when it comes to interior design, generalizations are not recommended. Therefore, we cannot set up a proper list of ideas to be avoided when thinking about ceiling ideas for living room, but we could at least recommend you to forget small accessories, low furniture, or small artifacts and artworks.

High ceiling rooms decorating ideas

Why do we love them? We just adore tall rooms and their impact, somehow the same way as we adore long legs: the seems that they never finish, and the ceiling is so so high… that’s why when we talk about high ceilings we talk about tall houses.

But there are not only benefits because such a big space may have some disadvantages and unless you learn how to approach high ceiling houses, but you will also start hating it. A room with high ceilings is very hard to heat and you should expect a bigger heating bill. Another problem is that you must use big chandeliers to light all the rooms, which means you will be paying a fat electricity bill.

The big benefits of owning such a room are that chandeliers are amazing and everyone wants to own at least one. Decorating a high ceiling with one or more will bring that royal appearance because chandeliers cannot remain unnoticed. Especially a chandelier for a high ceiling living room.

If you are out of high ceiling decor ideas don’t panic. You need to think first about your needs, as practical ideas for your high ceilings apartment must be always put first. With a bit of practice and the proper advice, you can transform an entire wall into bookshelves which is something really amazing for homes with high ceilings.

The design should always be fresh without many unnecessary things which contribute to creating cluttered rooms and diminish the dramatic impact of tall ceilings.


FAQs about decorating ideas for high ceilings

How should I light a room with high ceilings?

I can’t get enough of how statement light fixtures become major focal points in high-ceilinged rooms. Consider tiered chandeliers that fill the vertical space or pendant lights in clusters. But hey, don’t forget accent lighting—wall sconces and directional lights for artwork add layers.

What’s the best way to add color to high ceiling spaces?

Hello, drama! A bold accent wall reaching skyward creates an immediate visual treat. Wallpaper can get really playful here, or a splashy paint color. Just balance it out, right? Keep decor grounded so it’s not just a story of the stratosphere.

Can I use regular-sized furniture in rooms with high ceilings?

Sure thing, go ahead. But here’s a trick: boost visual weight with tall bookcases or shelves, kind of like vertical space utilizationOversized art or mirrors also work a treat. This gives a nice balance without leaving furniture looking dinky.

Are there any specific color schemes best suited for high ceilings?

Playing with lighter hues up top and darker shades below can “lower” the ceiling visually—cozier vibes, you know? Airy and spacious interiors can handle cooler colors without feeling chilly, thanks to all that height.

What decorating techniques work well for high ceilings?

It’s all about the vertical. Create lines that guide the eye up—tall, slender furniture pieces, vertical stripes, that sort of thing. Multilevel lighting helps too. Just keep it proportional. Vaulted ceiling enhancement isn’t a one-trick pony; it’s multidimensional.

How do I hang art in a room with high ceilings?

Size matters here. Go big with your art or create a gallery wall that climbs. Large scale artwork is your best friend. The center should still be at eye level, but let the rest soar. Trust me, it’s a conversation starter.

What design features can accentuate high ceilings?

Architectural features are the secret. Exposed beams, or how about those cathedral ceiling inspirations? They’re all about celebrating structural grace. Adding ceiling details like crown molding or a medallion around light fixtures brings elegance right up where it belongs.

Can plants be used as decor in rooms with high ceilings?

Absolutely, and get this—hanging planters or tall indoor trees can be magical here. They bring life to the altitude, bridging the gap between floor and stratosphere. Kind of like a vertical garden, if you will.

What window treatments are suitable for high ceilings?

Go luxurious with those window treatments, think high ceiling curtains flowing floor-to-sky. Automated systems work wonders since, well, nobody’s that tall. Light fabrics add airy and spacious feelings, while thicker materials offer that grandiose touch.

How do I make a high ceiling room feel cozy?

Textures and layering, my friends. Soft rugs, plush cushions—bring home the comfort. Layered light creates a snug ambiance; underplayed warmth with ceiling “highlights”—literally. Remember, furniture and decor can be cozy at any altitude.

What are some ways to improve the acoustics in a high ceiling room?

Use soft textiles like curtains, area rugs, or upholstered furniture to enhance the acoustics in a room with a high ceiling. Additionally, adding wall hangings or artwork helps reduce echoes and absorb sound. Another choice is to add acoustic panels or tiles to the walls or ceiling to absorb sound and make the room comfier and useful.


Wrapping up—our journey through decorating ideas for high ceilings has been a high-flying adventure in aesthetics. We’ve scaled the lofty peaks of design, explored the stratosphere where statement light fixtures and vertical space utilization play stars in our decorative galaxy.

  • Oversized mirrors, they captured our reflections and stretched the horizons within our homes.
  • Layered illumination crafted a cozy upscale loft vibe, even in the airiest of spaces.
  • Those vaulted ceilings? We’ve learned they’re not just about openness but opportunities for crown molding that frames our daily lives.

So there’s your takeoff and landing in the world of high ceilings—bold, beautiful, and brimming with possibilities. Let’s cherish the heights and bring them closer to heart and home, where every glance upwards reminds us, there’s no limit to how high we can soar with creativity.

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