Going to the gym is not always that easy, especially during pandemic times. This is why so many homeowners decided to recreate the gym experience at home. Before we knew it, everybody got a treadmill or a Peloton bike at home.

Would you like to do the same? If so, how to hide exercise equipment in the living room?

At first sight, it seems that our living space can’t afford an actual home gym, but is this the case? We are about to convince you that a well-organized storage system does allow you to bring your fitness equipment home!

How to hide exercise equipment in the living room?

There are many efficient gym equipment storage solutions you can apply. This way, the gear will always be within reach and you will no longer have excuses to skip the daily workout.

Let us tell share some excellent tips and ideas:

Stack gym equipment behind a decorative folding screen

Image source: Elizabeth Gordon

Folding screens are the obvious choice of many homeowners and for a good reason. They can accommodate as many pieces of equipment as you may have, they are easily replaced, and they don’t cost a fortune.

Folding screen panels can also become an intentional focal point in the living room. Visitors will admire them without even knowing there is workout equipment hidden behind them.

A very subtle and tasteful solution would be a carved wood panel large enough to keep your treadmill out of sight. We also recommend the traditional Japanese room dividers. They consist of three double-sided panels and look beautiful on both sides.

Image source: Sara Bengur Interiors

If these panels are too heavy on the budget, consider getting a rice paper, rattan, or bamboo panel. They are very cost-efficient and do an equally good job hiding your yoga mat or stationary bike. Plus, they come in all colors and textures, and you can incorporate them easily in any design scenario.

Last but not least, consider mirrored panels. They will guarantee a wow effect in any living room, and you can easily turn them around and use the mirrors while exercising.

Retro-inspired metal lockers

Image source: Katie Leede & Company Studio

If you are looking for a room divider that is both beautiful and functional, consider buying retro-styled metal lockers. They will successfully hide your exercise space, and provide extra storage for the workout equipment at the same time.

The classic locker design consists of six metal bins where you can store small gym gear, as well as clothes, towels, and drinks. It comes in weathered white and smoky gunmetal tones, so choose the one that works the best with your living space.

Enhance the looks even more with inspirational notes and magnets, and your training will be even more fun.

Create a cozy workout space with boxes and baskets

Image source: The Home Edit

Of course, the first association of the gym is metal and weight racks, but this is not a must. You can make a much more comfortable home gym with boxes and baskets, and keep equipment out of sight.

There are many cute storage items you can get online, and which will look adorable in any living room. The better your home gym looks, the more motivated you will feel to work out daily.

Divide the home gym with curtains and drapes

Image source: IKEA

Beautiful full-length curtains can easily camouflage home gyms and decrease clutter. This is how:

  • Rolling screens with inserted curtains
  • Curtain rods mounted on the ceiling
  • Wall-to-wall bays with bow-shaped curtain rods

Best of all, you will be the only person to know that there is no window behind the curtain. You can easily swing the curtains open when you want to train, and close them again once you are finished. If the drapery is coordinated with the room decor, it can turn into the main focal point of the room.

A caster cart

Image source: Amazon

This great storage system will also help you keep your workout equipment hidden. Mount everything on a rolling cart with casters and store it in the closet. The basket can hide a variety of items, such as towels or resistance bands. You can use the other tiers to enclose weights, sneakers, or even drinks.

Carts with casters have a multi-level sport-friendly design, and they are available in all standard colors. You will also be able to pick the height that works the best with your room, as well as attach additional shelves or bins where you need them.

Traditional room dividers

Image source: IKEA

Hiding towels and weights are not that much of a challenge, but if you are a treadmill owner you have to take storage to the next level.

If none of our options worked, roll up your sleeves and construct your room divider. Alternatively, you can get a bookshelf and enclose the workout area, while also securing some extra storage space.

Image source: IKEA

Check the local home improvement store for panel ideas. You can get your thin wall and decorate it to your wish. Depending on the space you have available, you can add all sorts of features and decorations to the designated area. You can even get a private mini fridge with drinks and refreshments.

Purchase a customized cover for the treadmill

Image source:   Amazon

Sometimes, all you need to keep the treadmill out of sight is a designated cover. These covers are available in all colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. You only need to be creative!

Treadmill and elliptical machine covers hide exercise very successfully. The bonus is, that they also protect it from dampness and dust accumulation. You should have one in any case, if you are storing workout equipment in the basement or the garage.

Image source: Amazon

Next to their beautiful looks and interesting patterns, the covers should be easy to wash and cost-efficient. Note – there are dedicated covers for any machine type, including the exercise bike, elliptical machine, or any other cardio machine.

Portable DIY workout bench with a storage capacity

Image source: Aaron Lichtner

This is what we like to call an all-in-one storage solution! You can create your workout bench that looks adorable, and lets you perform hops, jumps, or bench presses. Such benches are easy to build and can be customized to fit other gear you own.

Image source: Redegg

If you are not a DIY person, research the internet for storage benches. You will discover many interesting and cost-efficient options, depending on the equipment you want to store.

Note – you don’t have to buy a dedicated workout bench. If the bench is sturdy enough, you can use it as part of your home decor and enable some extra seating when guests are around.

Turn the hall wardrobe into a treadmill cupboard

Image source: Boitier

Treadmills are large, so it is always a good idea to keep them outside our living space. We will suggest a couple of innovative solutions that will help you store the treadmill outside the living room.

Image source: Boitier

Your hall closet, for instance, can be a great temporary hiding place for the treadmill or the stationary bike. You will just need to remove the closet rails and shelves to secure enough space for the gadgets. Note, however, that closets can’t hold heavy gym items and large, professional treadmills.

How to hide workout equipment in plain sight

Image source: Jonestu Studios

If you don’t want your visitors to see the treadmill or the exercise bike, you can achieve this without moving those at all. It will be enough to turn attention in the other direction, by making the surroundings look more attractive.

Image source: Karina Lovemade Handmade

As an example, you can put some beautiful artwork in front of the treadmill or even on top of it. Some homeowners even painted the wall in the same color as the treadmill, so that it can have a chameleon effect and blend in unnoticed.

If you like plants, you can also use the thin treadmill surface to host a small living room garden. Your guests will be impressed!

Turn your home gym project into an art project

Image source: Living with Lolo

This can be a fun process and not a daunting one! Better yet, if you are a passionate gym-goer with some expensive workout equipment, there is no reason to hide that equipment away. Simply decorate it with any piece of art, and the home gym will be complete.

What you will be doing here is celebrating the treadmill’s form and function. A detail as small as this one will show your friends how committed and dedicated you are, and you will inspire them to do the same. You can even use a cure yoga mat instead of a standard rug – the result will be amazing.

FAQs about hiding exercise equipment in the living room

1. What are some creative ways to hide exercise equipment in my living room?

Exercise equipment can be concealed in a living room in a variety of inventive ways, such as by employing room dividers, curtains, or screens. Dumbbells and resistance bands are examples of smaller training equipment that can be stored in attractive baskets, ottomans, or storage benches. Another choice is to make a secret storage space beneath a bookshelf or under a couch.

2. How can I make my exercise equipment blend in with my living room decor?

Consider selecting pieces that complement your existing color scheme and design to help your exercise equipment fit in with the furnishings in your living room. To conceal equipment and create a uniform appearance, you may also utilize cabinets or elegant storage baskets. Another choice is to select furnishings with a modern, streamlined design that matches the style of your living area.

3. Are there any pieces of furniture that can double as exercise equipment storage in a living room?

Several pieces of furniture, such as ottomans, benches, and coffee tables with built-in storage, can serve as additional places to store workout equipment in a living room. Another choice is to keep smaller tools like exercise bands or yoga mats on a console table or bookshelf.

4. How do I keep my living room looking neat and tidy while also keeping exercise equipment easily accessible?

Consider employing storage options that can be simply stored away when not in use to keep your living room appearing tidy and to keep exercise equipment easily accessible. Equipment can be stored and kept organized using beautiful baskets or boxes.

5. What are some tips for hiding large exercise equipment like treadmills or ellipticals in a living room?

When concealing huge exercise apparatus in a living room, such as treadmills or ellipticals, think about utilizing room dividers, curtains, or screens to separate the training space. To hide the equipment and give your living space a more unified look, you may also add ornamental panels or wall hangings.

6. Are there any design tricks that can make exercise equipment less noticeable in a living room?

Using components that complement your current decor, such as a treadmill in a color that complements your sofa, is one design strategy to make exercise equipment in a living room less obvious. Another choice is to make the room’s focal point something that takes focus away from the equipment, like a sizable piece of art or an ornamental rug.

7. How can I create a dedicated workout space in my living room without it looking cluttered?

Consider choosing furniture that can be quickly moved or stored away when not in use, such as folding chairs or tables, to create a distinct training space in your living room without it being cluttered. Decorative screens or room dividers can also be used to separate a training space while maintaining aesthetics.

8. What are some common mistakes to avoid when hiding exercise equipment in a living room?

Avoid using cumbersome storage options that take up too much space or conflict with your existing decor when concealing workout equipment in a living area. Another error is to put equipment in places that are excessively conspicuous, like in the middle of the room or right in front of a window.

9. How can I make sure my living room still looks stylish even with exercise equipment on display?

Consider choosing creative storage options that complement your current decor, like as baskets or cabinets with decorative hardware, to ensure that your living area maintains its attractive appearance even with exercise equipment on show. In order to hide equipment and create a uniform appearance, you can also employ decorative panels or screens.

10. What are some budget-friendly ways to hide exercise equipment in a living room without sacrificing style?

Repurposing existing furniture, such as using a bookshelf or console table to hold equipment, is a cost-effective solution to conceal workout equipment in a living room without sacrificing aesthetics. Equipment can be arranged and stored using stylish storage baskets or boxes. Another choice is to build a DIY storage system out of inexpensive supplies like PVC tubing or wood crates.

In conclusion

Learning how to hide exercise equipment in the living room certainly disclosed some ideas you never thought of. As you saw, the process doesn’t have to be all that difficult – just make the best of your equipment and have fun!

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