New York-based interior designer, David Frazier, hit the nail on the head when he identified ‘personality-driven design’ as one of the hottest trends in design in 2023. The pandemic has led many to reassess not only their values but also their home design, with many seeking to express their experiences and tastes in everything from their layouts to their choice of furniture. Winter is a season in which home life takes on greater importance, since chilly temperatures entice human beings to gather and connect at home. If you wish to express yourself in a new, more intense way, the following trends may inspire you.

Nature-Inspired Architecture and Decor  

Interior design magazines are awash with images of plant-filled homes that are designed in line with the biophilic design concept. The latter espouses the use of natural materials, interior plants and trees, and curved furniture (inspired by the shapes and curves of natural forms such as trees, leaves, caves, waves, and flowers). Biophilic design elements can also be particularly useful when it comes to keeping interiors cheerful during the winter. For instance, you can opt for warm, leaf-hued blankets and throws, large glass windows and sliding doors to flood your home with sunlight, and a wide array of indoor plants. Fill your home with plants and trees of all sizes, using large statement pots, as well as shelf and hanging pots to create different levels of greenery. Science indicates that indoor plants not only purify the air but also enhance the human ability to focus, which is ideal for those who are currently working from home.

Colorful Wallpaper in Restrooms

Restrooms, once one of the most minimal spaces in the home, are now an ideal space in which to let the artist in you run free. Hand-painted murals and wallpaper filled with color and vivid imagery has become a must for sartorial designers with a penchant for maximalism. From wallpaper featuring birds and trees, right through to gilded Japanese designs, a myriad of choices will enable you to experiment with color layering and the use of different patterns on each individual wall.

Sharing One’s Experiences

Eclecticism is trending in home design, with design lovers retreating away from neutral and minimalist styles and embracing cozy spaces that are filled with art, travel mementoes, cherished books, accessories on display, and other features that tell the life story of a home’s inhabitants. So-called ‘clashing patterns’ on walls and floors, contrasting colors in furniture, and maximalist inspirations are just a few trends that are holding sway. This trend is all about adding depth, meaning, and warmth to the most cherished spots of your home.

Eco-Friendly Design

Sustainability has risen to the fore since the onset of the pandemic, with many designers and house dwellers alike prizing eco-friendliness in a more profound way. This winter, sustainability is manifesting itself through the choice of flooring, furniture, and small decorative touches. As such, those who have recently reformed their house to withstand cold winters have opted for elements such as natural wood walls, wooden-beamed ceilings, and reclaimed statement pieces like chairs or coffee tables. They have also chosen to surround themselves with environmentally friendly items such as bamboo partitions, organic throw blankets and bedsheets, and pre-owned vintage and antique pieces.

Winter is the coziest time of the year, but it is also the ideal season for giving your home a new look. Top trends for the season include biophilia, personalized spaces, and artistically designed restrooms. Sustainability is one trend that has become a movement, with designers and dwellers alike revealing a strong interest in reusing, reducing, and recycling.

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